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Last Saturday I went to the wedding of one of my senior that has long graduated with Izza at Bukit Tinggi,Klang.Both of them,Izwan & Ernisa,are my former TESL seniors & I want to say a big congratulations to them & thanks for inviting me(pictures of the lovely couple are in Izza’s camera & she has yet to upload em’).It’s very scary because there has been quite a few of my seniors getting married but god knows when that’ll be me..It’ll be waaaaayyyy later in my life, I hope... because I’m so not ready to settle down.hahaha.

The question of where I’ll end up once I graduate sprung in my mind too when I was at the wedding.So when I got home,I cracked open the What Should I Do With My Life by Po Bronson,a book about stories on how more than 55 people whom Po got to know & interview for the book,shared their experiences on what they did with their life when they were at crossroads & how they learn from their mistakes & many more interesting stories.

It’s true that we can plan but sometimes fate might lead us into a different direction.I have an inclination of what I want to do after I graduate & I even dream of doing many things but unfortunately I’m not truly a jack of all trades,though I wish I was one.I wonder what will happen in the years to come....

I baked lots of big chocolate chip cookies for Father's Day which I gave to some of my friends too.Glad that they love it!!:)I baked mine with macadamia nuts since I love em' in my cookies..hehe.Can't baked all the cookies with it since it's expensive.hehe...Oh,I mixed 2 type of chocolate chips for the cookies,Hershey's Semi-Sweet choc chips & Hershey's Milk Chocolate choc chips.Yummmaahh!Went out to lunch with the whole family at Sunway for Father's Day & eat,eat,eat.Now I'm fasting to get rid of the calories...lolsss

Oh,I’m so loving the local tv series,GHOST.As the series is about to end,the episodes are getting more & more intriguing..oohhh..I love that show!Cheryl Samad is getting better & better as an actress.I thought that the story between her & Fariz is akin to real life,how guys do cheat sometimes but it's more complicated than that,as Fariz does love Eza & he stabbed himself for her.
Below is a picture of my favorite celeb couple,Lindsay Price & Josh Radnor..awwwww.They're so cute together!!Lindsay is of course from the Lipstick Jungle & Josh is from my favorite current sitcom,How I Met Your Mother.
Recently I watched the movie The Women & I love it because the movie is the first one that I’ve watch where there’s no men in it & the focal point is about the women in it.It’s a good watch & I recommend you guys to watch it.The cast is amazing too because it stars Meg Ryan,Annette Benning,Jada Pinkett,Debra Messing,Bette Midler & Eva Mendes.

Book Reviews

One Fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell

Reading this book is like going into the lives of NY’s rich & famous. It’s brimming with juicy details of what they do with their lives & sometimes I wonder if Candance is referring to any real life characters living in NY because they could easily be someone well known. I thought that the book is pretty good & the character Lola Fabrikant is so freaking annoying but her type does exist in this world, the gold digger who uses sex/beauty as a weapon.

Dress Rehearsal by Jennifer O’Connell

As I read this book,I can imagine it being made into a movie,akin to Because I Said So since the main character,Lauren Gallagher is an owner of a cake boutique named Lauren’s Luscious Licks.The interesting thing about Lauren is that she thinks that she can predict whether one’s couple marriage will last or not depending on what cake they choose..haha.It’s a good quick read filled with cakes!:)

The Tea House on Mulberry Street by Sharon Owens

This book reminds me of movies like Love Actually & Feast of Love.It’s about a married couple who runs a tea house in Belfast,Ireland & the stories of the customers that comes in & out of their tea house.Some of the stories are hilarious & some are very touching.I love this book because the characters are just so colourful.A great read on a rainy day,on your comfy bed.

The Palace Diaries by Sarah Goodall & Nicholas Monson

Sarah spent 12 years working for Prince Charles as a Lady Clerk from 1988-2000.Thus the book has many juicy bits about the prince & of course,Lady Diana.Although I know Lady Diana is not as nice & innocent as she looks,the stories that Sarah wrote in this book definitely shocks me.And of course how Camilla was jealous over her closeness with Prince Charles.Of course,this book is not really a literary gem as Sarah mentioned in the prologue that one of the reason why she wrote the book is to make money,thus,sometimes her writing can be a wee bit annoying.


on the women: but jada pinkett smith macam slack sket kan? tak berapa sesuai la watak dia..mcm buat2 sgt.

on the wedding: yeah...it was...great. haha

on the photos: i'll upload them when i finally abid to fighting the long hours of waiting :p

on life and plans: screw plans. the only plans im making is this f$^$%#g LESSON PLAN. geez. you gotta thank Him man.

LIYANA said...

agak la..jada mcm..sket2 moody & lesbian yg tough kunun..hahaha

izza,hang in there..hopefully u'll be able to go to urbanscapes..
i hope i'll be able to learn a lot from what u guys are going through now..:)