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Wednesday, July 29, 2009 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

Yesterday I made crepes filled with nutella & banana slices after reading about a flogger experience eating it on the streets of France. I thought it sounded delicious & I wanted to make it for my family. Yeah, the 1 week semester break is being push earlier due to the pandemic of H1N1.Thus, I’m back at home sweet home but the lull of my super comfy bed is making it hard for me to do my assignments or cracking my thesis.hehe.Damnzzz.Oh,here’s a picture of me making the crepes with nutella & banana slices. The crepe recipe can be found in one of my old post with the name Sweet Crespelle.
This picture below is something that I concocted last week because lately I love eating red capsicum. Probably because my family has been eating the new Pizza Hut Mediterranean Chicken pizza a few times& they put red capsicum on top(usually they use green capsicum on their pizzas)which got me addicted to it. So now, I love oven roasted red peppers in everything & put them in my bowl of Mee Sedap. The red peppers are sautéed with button mushrooms & chopped onions with a lil’ bit of salt & mix with the prepared Mee Sedap Mi Goreng Biasa(I could eat it every week, I know, that’s bad!) with strips of omelette. Yummah!

This my fave candy bar...Reese’s Nutrageous..Peanut butter+caramel+chocolate+peanuts=candy bomb goodness in the mouth..I’ve refrain myself from eating them for months because I don’t trust myself around it.I’ve successfully manage to finish 1 Nutrageous in 1 & ½ days & not a few hours..Yeah!(the trick is putting it in the fridge & breaking it into pieces instead of carrying the whole thing around because you may just finish the whole thing!

Talking about candy,I remembered about this old post on Serious Eats that I read a month ago that made me so envious & day dreaming that I could go to THIS candy expo...WALAHWEI(a disbelief expression)!!!!!The array of candy was just amazing!I wish there was a store like Dylan’s Candy Bar(in NY & there’s many more across the States) would open one in Malaysia..sigh.

Weird thing about Liyana...

I know so poyo why I’ve to put that tiny title on top but I thought I would just share something with the readers about me.Most of my friends & acquaintances who only know the ‘outside’ me,as in what they see on the surface or when I go to class or special events,might look at me as being such a girly girl & I’m not gonna deny that..but actually,I’m pretty tomboyish ever since I was little but became girlier(much more shoes,makeup & toiletries & salon trips) as I grew olderbut I still dress like a boy at times.Probably because I’m always surrounded withboys.ehehe

I do love all the girly things & I love dressing up & being a girl but actually,when I go shopping with my family or my close friends & doing everyday things,I’m much more comfortable in my baggy Levi’s jeans with a ripped on the right knee,paired with a t-shirt& flip flops(or gladiators or as my dad told my mum..Liyana’s sandals looked like something the Romans would wear..duh!!) if I don’t feel so lazy) & don’t wear makeup & my hair pulled back with a headband.Hello,I’m not a celeb thus I don’t feel the need to look good all the time & put on heels everday! Although I’ve a collection of beautiful heels that’s growing & growing,much to the dismay of my parents...:P

**Pop Culture
--Camilla Belle dump Joe Jonas..hahaha..She should soo get back together with her ex,Robert Pattinson!!!woootttt


Awesome time

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This will be a short post because it's 4 am & I just got back from an awesome party with newfound friends.Thanks to Yat who picked me up & send me back to SA eventhough his house is in KJ.huhu.Meet a lot lot of cool people who have great sense of humour & even a celeb who's an ex to a certain actress was at our party.Things I would not forget is Kent 'mentibang' timun & senjata zuriat joke..LOLSSS..Stalking the 'ugly naked guy'(he was wearing a thong & nothing else) across the town house.Lounging under the 'genie in a bottle'(as Tina & Ida puts it) with the other peeps.Dancing to the apparently,Fitness First dance routine until sweating.

Teasing Acap & Zul because they're always together..hehehe.Oh,because Ida pointed out that Acap looks like Iqram Dinzly which annoys him.While I pointed out that Ida looks EXACTLY like Aleeza Kasim.Like exactly..hehe.While she said that I look like the actress who's ex of the celeb who came to the long(alah,he's a faymes fitness instructor).My eye contacts(the left one) fell of in the bathroom at the start of the party & thankfully there was a huge bottle of solution nearby the sink..but my eyes got red for awhile(but it was okay afterwards..thank god I always bring the specially prescribed eye drops) & Yat was making a fuss out of it..ceh.Rileks la.huhu.

My eyes are fine now.yeay!Our group won during charades..woot!!!Didn;t manage to eat much,only nachos with chili because was busy talking & mingling.Ooh,Happy Birthday to Ida who's birthday was exactly at 12 just now & everyone sang to her while I was in the bathroom again..huhu.Other cool people that I met was Zila,Khavin,Hannam,Es,Salman,Kyra,Maria--who's from Guatemala,her first time in Malaysia & she entertained us with her belly dance & tomorrow she'll be going to New York..she can dance ballet & flamenco & many other dance too..she was like..'it's my last night here & I'm spending it with all you new people..awwww.Oh,I guess it's not such a short post after all..hehehe.Nite(or morning) people!


Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Finally I got the chance to watch the movie tonight at the cinema.Just like what my fellow Teslian,Nazri blog about the movie HERE,I've to give the movie 4 out 5 too.It was better than I dare say,all of the Harry Potter movies.I watched the movie with Izza & 3 of my seniors were there to watch the movie too.

Because of the fact that I've long forgotten over what I've read,it took me like halfway through the movie for the memory of reading the book years ago to come back.Since I didn't get the chance to read the book again before watching the movie since I lent the books to Moja for Ethos Book Club.But I've got to say that the color palette of the movie,although at times there was green here and there,it was like a continuation from the previous movie,dark & gloomy.

But the exceptional cast did a good job.Lavender Brown character just makes me nauseous..Can you believe her nick for Ron?ewwwwwwww.Luna Lovegood is just so funny!There are funny moments,sad moments,chilling moments & many more in the movie.

I love,love,love although this bit was just tiny...when Harry actually stood up from the table(unlike all the other guys) when Ginny entered Slughorn's room during their dinner thingy..It was soooo gentlemanly of him & I guess the director must be a gentleman too for putting it in the movie...Sigh...Wish I could have a gentleman like that too...:(

The thing that bothered me actually had nothing to do with the movie.Keep your eyes peeled for it!I don't know if anyone notice but I guess being a TESLian,it bugs me when during one of the pivotal moments in the movie,I saw a GOD AWFUL translation in BM which translated 'It has to be drunk'(Ia harus diminum) to 'Ia mabuk' or something like that....
Goodness gracious!Who the heck did the translation??????tsk2...And the government wonders why many students fail to get good marks in English???These little things matter because they can lead to confusion.You better just give the translation job to me man!haha

Now I need to take my Deathly Hallows book from Moja & read it again before the movie comes out..Hopefully the current cast will stay & act in the 2 last movies,since the Deathly Hallows will be split into 2 parts.I read that part 1 of the movie will be release on November 2010 & part 2 will be out in July 2011


Strawberry Swing

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I'm loving Twitter more & more!The advantage of Twitter is when you get to 'follow' awesome bands like Coldplay,& get to watch their new Strawberry Swing video which was just out a few hours ago!!!wooohoooo!Only the trailer is out on YouTube but if you want to see their full vid,follow them on Twitter & click on the link on their latest update!You won't be dissapointed because the vid is amazing(for an avid Coldplay fan like me..).Watch it NOW!


APM 2009--sux

Monday, July 20, 2009 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

I knew they shouldn't have done it in Indonesia..sigh.Did you guys watch APM???This is the first time in many years since APM(Anugerah Planet Muzik) was first created that it is held in Jakarta,Indonesia.Before this it'll always be in Singapore or Malaysia.

Now I know why---the Indonesian crowd sux to the max!They were like standing there & great applause or anything when contestants from other country won or gracious!The reason I watch APM is of course,to watch Faizal Tahir's performance.But seriously,the crowd suxxxxxx.It's like,just enjoy the music please & show how fun you guys are on live tv!

Even Shout Awards crowd was waaaaaaaaayyy more fun than APM.Please never do it in Indonesia again!I've no idea why they hate us so much when in fact Malaysia has open so many doors for them job-wise & celeb opportunity-wise.


Khas Untuk Yaya

Sunday, July 19, 2009 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

How old are you?
22 years old..T_T

Are you single?
Yup..most of the time I love it..sometime not so much..especially when I hear my close friends love stories or see cute people walking together..damnzzzz

At what age do you think you’ll get married?
27 or 28??My mum said I'll probably get married by then(thank God they've lower the age--before this,my dad said I can only get married when I'm 30!!)

Do you think you’ll be marrying the person you are with now?
I've no one right now laaa

If not, who do you want to marry?
Hyun Bin--that's just a dream la...T_T

Who will be your bridesmaid or your best man?
No idea since it'll be yearsssssss later

Do you want a garden/beach or traditional wedding?
A traditional one for relatives,a beach one for close friends

Where do you plan to go for honeymoon?
Rome,Italy or somewhere where there's a beautiful beach,as long as we're together,it'll be fun anyway..woohooo..;)

Will that include your exes?
Aq rase org yg soklan ni xbtol...

How many layers of cake do you want?

When do you want to get married? Morning or evening?
The akad of course during daylight.The adat bersanding at night la...I don't want the guests to get all sweaty!

Name the song/tune you would like to play at your wedding?
Gosh....apa ya???The song during Nathan & Hayley's wedding--More than anyone by Gavin DeGraw

Do you prefer fine dining or just normal spoon/fork/ knife?
Oooh..I want Malay Kampung food ala' Ning Baizura's!There has to be Putu Bambu for dessert!

Champagne or red wine?

Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
Depends on how tired we will be after the ceremony...

Money or household items?
Money because I don't want to end up with 3 toasters or blender..Why la Malaysia have no wedding registry like in the US??People can go to Parkson/Jusco,check our list & buy from there..easy peasy...haih

How many kids would you like to have?
As many as we can handle(right,my body can handle la kan?) but realistically,4 maximum..I'll adopt more so that our family can be the one like in Yours,Mine & Ours.:P

Will you record your honeymoon in DVD and CD?
What????Maybe for our private collection??kidding...hahah


Which one?

Sunday, July 19, 2009 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

Thinking of buying a new dress for an event..which one people??
Oooh,today is Chace Crawford(Nate of Gossip Girl) 24th birthday!!Happy Birthday pretty boy...:)))That means he's a Cancerian....
Along with another favorite Cancerian of mine,Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohammad..Cancerian people rocks!!!hehehe


Hamas vs Hummus(Bruno)

Saturday, July 18, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I soooooooooooo want to watch Bruno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!argggh..But I know it'll probably won't be shown here in Malaysia...shuckss...Ever since I watch the trailer on iTunes,I just really want to watch it because it's so effing funny & vulgar...

"It's Dolce & Gabbana..Hello?"

"That's such a Samantha thing to say"

"I swapped him for an Ipod"...hehehe

Hamas vs Hummus

'Isn't Pita Bread the real enemy?'ROFL!!!!!!!!

Bruno Ask Parents what their babies...

The Trailer


Ultimate Shout Award!

Saturday, July 18, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Woot,Bunkface won 3 awards at lastnight Shout! Awards.The Rockstar,Breakthrough & the best is of course the Ultimate Shout award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I still remember when I actually met,talked,starred in their Situasi vid clip in THIS past blog post thanks because of their nice manager who texted me about it..huhuhu.They were a bunch of humble,crazy,fun & friendly people & they serve us mee hoon & sarsi...hahahaha.

I like Paan eventhough he’s so tiny & cute(actually,all of them are but meeting them in the flesh,the skinniest has to be Paan & Sam), because when he perform on stage he likes to make this crazy faces & his shoes(during Situasi taping) was uber cool!

Glad to see that they’re becoming more and more well known now what with last night award,Channel V thing & singing the song for Star Movies..I still remember back when I watch their cute Silly Lily video clip & laughed out loud & I was like..these guys are fun!:)I hope they’ll stay the same & be as crazy & humble people that they are towards their fans..

Their performance that night was so cute because of the 3 kids& Paan made his 'tiger'(something that happened during Situasi taping) face while performing...hehehe.I miss watching them perform live..haih....Been missing out on a lot of Bunkface gigs although the friends/ultimate Bunkface fans that I met during the taping of Situasi have been going to all of their gigs(dieorg mmg gigih giler!) & asking to come here & there but something always clash with it..sighhh

My hp has been fixed & now I can finally cam whore again!!!Below,trying out a subtle cat's eye look..ehehe.Yes my lips are that small..T_T but it's highly prize in China back in the olden days...hahaha.


Normality & Pacar

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This morning after class I went straight back to Puncak to my family house but bought lunch for them first since my mum wanted KFC for her & the brothers..Got suddenly eco-conscious & bought the green grocery bag at Giant instead of using the plastic bag for the bottles of Pepsi, which is my mum & brothers fave drink(not me since I've fear of diabetes which runs in my dad's side of the family)

Oh,when I go to class during weekdays,I stay at my grandma’s house(which has been in Shah Alam before I was born,before there was any mall in Shah Alam..hehe).I always anticipate going back every weekend because I love the long drive takes 40 minutes for me to reach my parents house from Shah Alam.

I will burn a new cd of songs every week(my cd's are weird & have been ridiculed by my friends because it's a mash of lots of songs from different languages..even Cantonese,Hokkien,Korean,Japanese,Spanish & lots more) when I’ve to go home because 40 minutes is almost equivalent to 1 cd of songs.Thus,that’s why I’ve more than 50 cd’s that I’ve burn for long drives..hehehe.Plus,I always have my trusty Eclipse mints--my fave super powerful mint to keep me awake in class & while driving.

Yesterday finally,finally managed to hang out with Izza for more than an hour(like we did last week) & it was great catching up(the last thing we did together was going to Pak Wan's wedding).I miss that chick since she's so busy changing the world..'one kid at a time--that's a tagline that I created for her!haha.

Had Mamak & then McD & both of us(okay find,I was doing it way more than she did) was ogling 2 different guys(since our taste in guys are WAAAAAAAAAAAYYY different...lolsss) while waiting in line at McD.We laugh when the guy that I was ogling was being very self conscious & kept looking over at us(like if it's in a movie,his head will make a fast swishing,swishing sound..haha)...but he's pretty cute..ehehe.I love being a girl!ahaha

Hearing Izza's side of the story about her practicum just really inspired me..A LOT & actually made me excited.Learned so much last night & laugh out loud many2 times & like Izza said,I'm hot &I love kids(her words,not mine!haha),so hopefully I'll be okay..hopefully.Although I'm still in denial over her remark of the top,toppest of the toppest(ape ntah lagi ayat die yg bapak pjg) of my list of wants at the moment...hahahahahahaha..T_T...

I told her that she will make a great mother because she has so much love for the kids that she's teaching eventhough they're like straight out of a triad group movie or something(sheeesssh!)& a colorful bunch.I'm so effing curious to see what they look like that I'll probably use her school for my AE subject..hurm...AE..sigh....That's another hurdle that's I've yet to even halfway complete...:P

Kerna(tetibe nk ckp Indon kat cni eventhough I'm not Indonesian) ramai rakan2 saya sedang berpacaran(I'm genuinely happy for u guys!!) & atau mengenali seseorang dengan lebih mendalam....

Something to remind myself when I feel the 'urge' to have a boyfriend:

You may WANT a boyfriend,
But you certainly don't NEED a boyfriend.
WANTING & NEEDING are 2 totally different things altogether..Please Liyana,remember that..:P

Though at certain times,wishing I have a boyfriend is completely normal right?But I do like someone though.:P

This is something that only Izza & my closest friends will understand--If Izza has a boyfriend,mark my words,that means that I'm doomed!DOOMED!!!Izza please focus on your students jer okay??If not nanti habis la aq....T_T



Thursday, July 16, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Yesterday I heard a chilling,sad and awful news from my aunt.A friend of my cousin,who's a primary school student of SRK Seksyen 9 Shah Alam(my former primary school) was kidnapped in broad daylight by a guy who drove a black Estima.Because people thought that the guy who took her was her uncle.The sad & worse thing was the kid has diabetes and she carries a pack in her backpack so that she can inject herself with insulin during school hours,BUT the monster of the kidnapper,snatch her & her backpack fell to the ground,the one that contained the insulin.Not only is she in the danger of of being in the hands of a bunch of kidnapper but she could also die because she needs those insulin injection.

My family have lived in Shah Alam for a long time & I've never heard of kidnapping cases happening near our neighbourhood(sek 11,10,9 & etc).This is just disturbing.It was so sad when the mother of the girl who's suppose to pick her up,search for her frantically only to find her backpack on the sidewalk,with the insulin pack in them.She was only a few minutes late & her child has been kidnapped.WHAT HAS THE WORLD BECOME?Let us all pray that the girl will be found soon.


World's Within

Monday, July 13, 2009 Liyana Hanim 5 Comments

*Hyun Bin=Hotness personified*I just absolutely adore Hyun Bin.A Korean actor whose tv series I could watch over & over & over again.Thanks to Yaya,who gave me the complete set of his recent tv series,World’s Within for my 22nd birthday,my collection of all of his popular tv series is complete(along with My lovely kim sam soon & snow queen).
*Hyun Bin at the Breast Cancer Awareness thoughtful & cute!!*

He starred along Song Hye Gyo(of Full House) in the series & I absolutely love it.Though I don’t really like Song Hye Gyo hair cut as I prefer her hair like the one in All In or Full House.But love her style in the series since it’s more chic & the fact that she wore a masculine silver tank watch like mine!!ahakzz

The series is not cliché like most Korean series in the sense that most of their love story is filled with tears & heartaches & melodrama.World’s Within strikes to me as a series that’s peppered with incidents that happens in real life.The series revolves around people working behind the scene in creating hit Korean drama’s.Thus the series is a drama in a drama.haha.

The series shows that there are times when a couple break up over the most trivial of reasons & at times it’s even inexplicable.Some of my favourite scenes is of course when Jung Ji Oh(Hyun Bin’s character) cleaned up Joong Yun’s place.It was just utterly romantic when he fold her clothes,do her laundry & cleaned up her dishes.

Guys,you want to know why girls swoon when a guy does that(ok fine,maybe me)?Well,when a guy cooks for you,or fold your clothes,he’s doing things that usually a woman does in a house & it shows that he's going out of his comfort masculine zone to do something nice for you(I mean,he doesn’t even have to do it right?..but he does it anyway...awwwww) that it just make you melt faster than a stick of butter under a hot sun..:P

There are many cute moments in the series & I’ve to confess that since I’m watching a dvd,I skipped all the boring parts( in other words,other characters other than Hyun Bin & Song Hye Gyo) & focus on the cute parts between both main characters.God I would totally marry Hyun Bin in a heartbeat..ehehehehe.;)Watch this series people as it’s aired on 8TV currently but I think it’s only during the weekend.

Hyun Bin is HOT!!!! And he knows it...:)



This week...

Sunday, July 12, 2009 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

Went to Mak’s(Farhana) school,SM Sains Puteri with Ms.Sal,who’s her supervisor.That school was just so serene & quiet,what with it being a girl boarding school after all.The students in Mak class was just bloody brilliant & since most of them are debaters,they’re very fluent in English & very cooperative.Even Ms.Sal said that in her 5 years of supervising,this is the best school so far.The students are very very well-behaved which makes Mak's lesson easier to execute.

Oh,a certain mean lecturer,has resigned from my faculty.Thank God.When I went to Mak’s school,I heard about her story from a friend who’s dad was the Dean at a university that the mean lecturer used to work at.Her dad told her a few months ago that that lecturer has always been like that & if only her dad had known the said lecturer was teaching at our faculty sooner,I wouldn’t have taken her class at all!sigh.But I guess that’s just something that I’ve to go through.Still I wish she had made an exit last semester instead of now after ruining other people’s chances.

Celebrated Hani’s birthday on Friday night after much scheming & lying which of course,was planned by the mastermind,Hanna.It was hard though for me & Mak(Farhana) to lie to her & drag her to Sunway & refrain her from having dinner while we were there.God it was hard lying to her!hahaha.But her expression when she saw the surprise birthday cake with candles was priceless.She really had no idea!But the pictures are in Izlin’s & Hafriz’s hp.Thus,I’m not able to upload them here.But I’m sure they’ll upload em’ at Facebook soon.

The semester has only started for a week & yet,I’ve eaten many types of fast food.aiyaaakk..How the heck am I going to lose weight like this??Had Dominos last Sunday, doughnuts from Big Apple, Mc D with Naza & E’in,KFC during Hani’s b’day surprise & Pizza Hut with the family yesterday(we just love the Mediterranean pizza).
I’ve told my parents about my dream car which I recently fall in love with like 2 weeks ago.I told them that I’m going to start saving for it as soon as I get my first paycheck & my dad said that’s good because I never aspire ever,to save any money.hahaha.My dream car my dear readers is BMW X5....sigh.I absolutely love it.

I love big sturdy cars.I guess it stemmed from driving the Unser SE for months & up until now. I love the feeling of driving a big car & the X5 is just the perfect balance..or probably it’s easier being a road bully in a big car...lolsss

I saw quite a few people driving it in Shah Alam & funnily,one day while I was otw to my faculty,I saw a shiny red one near my faculty,like literally outside & a dude was driving it.What a lucky bastard!hahaha.But my dad said an BMW X3 is quite okay because his friend drives it & I think it’s because he knows how much an X5 cost(half a mil!!) & that an X3 would be more within my reach(ceh wahh..konon jer but hey,in a couple of years,it’s not impossible!).

My dad keeps nagging me about buying too many shoes--I tried to hide my recent purchase,a red patent ballet flats at my friends house,but I forgot that I wore them on Thursday & left it in the Unser & my dad saw it today & pointed it out..eheh.Kantoi...

Although I’m a shoe & clothes horse(I‘ve finally sort out my wardrobe & manage to separate a huge bag of clothes that I’m going to sell),I find it hard to find a bag that I truly like & I’ve been searching for quite sometime for a bag that I can wear for the whole semester & tadaaaa...I’ve bought it yesterday!!!It’s beautiful &practical.I love it & can’t wait to wear it soon.

I baked some Foccacia or Pizza Bianco(in Italy) last week.It was yummy.I baked it using the recipe from a book that I blogged about HERE(Sharon Boorstin) & made half sprinkled with fresh rosemary from my mum's vegetable/herb garden(in the garden we have oregano,basil,french beans,ladyfingers,tapioca,lemongrass,screwpine leaves,spring onions,daun kesum,lemons,limes & many's a big garden!) & the other half with caramelized onions.I baked it because I am reading Alan Epstein’s book & he wrote about how Italians would queue & wait long just for a slice of Pizza Bianco at this tiny bakery in Rome.


Apple Pie Recipe

Sunday, July 12, 2009 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

A friend of mine,Najwa(wawa) asked for the recipe of the apple pie that I baked a few weeks ago.The recipe was actually a combination of 2 recipes from 2 different cookbooks.The pie dough recipe is taken from the SuperCookery Chocolate & Baking cookbook & it’s called One Rolled Fruit Pie.I borrowed this cookbook from a lecturer of mine & I’ve tried quite a lot of the recipes with success.

Of course although a lot of the recipes involves chocolate,there is other non-chocolate recipes as well.I just love this cookbook & there’s 5 sections altogether which are Cakes & Gateaux,Small Cakes & Biscuits,Pudding & Desserts,Breads & Savouries,Sweets & Drinks.

The apple pie filling was taken from a cookbook that my mum had for ages,which incidentally,Izza’s mum have as well(saw it in their library when I came to their house).The cookbook is The Good Food Cookbook by Margo Oliver.The recipe is called The Wagon Wheel Apple Pie.I just used this recipe for the filling & not the crust because the SuperCookery pie dough recipe was much simpler & easier.

The pie dough recipe

175g/6oz/1 ½ cups plain(all-purpose flour)
100g/3 ½ oz/1/3 cup butter,cut into small pieces(chill it first& then cut)
1 tbsp water
1 egg, separated

How to:
1. Place the flour & butter in a mixing bowl & rub in the butter with your fingers.
2. Add the water & work the mixture together until a soft pastry (pie dough) has formed.
3. Wrap with cling wrap & leave to chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
4. After chilling, roll out the pastry & transfer to a pan & cut to fit it(if it’s too big).

The apple pie filling

5 cups of peeled, slice apples (granny smith apple is the best, the green one)
1 cup sugar (I actually liked to use brown sugar instead of plain sugar, but you can choose not to)
3 tablespoon flour
2 tablespoon butter
¼ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon cinnamon (if you don’t have powder, just use a stick of cinnamon instead)
1/8 teaspoon nutmeg (optional)
2/3 cup water

How to:
1. Combine sugar, flour, salt, cinnamon & nutmeg in saucepan.
2. Stir in water & cook over moderate heat until boiling, thickened & smooth, stirring constantly.
3. Remove from heat & stir in butter & apples.
4.Pour into pastry lined pan & bake in a preheated 200 Celsius/400 Fahrenheit/ Gas Mark 6 oven for 35 minutes,or until golden brown.


The what could have been

Thursday, July 09, 2009 Liyana Hanim 5 Comments

I hate the 'what could have been' moments in my life.Absolutely hate it.Because it makes me second guess the decisions and paths that I've taken in the past.What could have been is like wondering if you'd be happy as a clam like the girl that your ex is happily with if you choose to stay with him or wondering if the decision that you made in the past would have lead to a totally different outcome now.I hate being in the 'what could have been' mode.Thankfully,Hani is here next to me to here me rant.ahaha.


This melted my cold heart

Wednesday, July 08, 2009 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

I'm not a big fan of Micheal Jackson(he hates being called Jacko btw..).Though of course,when I was little I watched many of his video clip & I still remember Allahyarham Sudirman & Noor Kumalasari parody of the song Beat It which they changed to Eat It & the video clip involved of course,food.The point is,while having dinner with Hanna & Hani just now,Hanna mentioned about MJ's daughter,Paris,just gave a speech about him & she wanted to watch it to which I replied.."So?"...
But when I got back to their place,I saw the picture on Yahoo News & decided to check it was so sad.Very very sad that I almost cried...:(Watch the vid below.


A short one

Tuesday, July 07, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Mak(Farhana) is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!yeayyyyyyyyyyyy...hehehe.Haven't seen her in a long time..huhu.After almost 2 months since I last met & tutored Naza & E'in,yesterday I met them because I heard they've lots of gossip to tell.lolsss.

Ms.Sal told me about what should I have done when the you know what happened to me, but I guess I was just done with it & I just want to move on.Even Dr.Z was shocked when she found out & same goes to my current classmates who knew me.But shit happens & like Ms.Sal said,take it with a pinch of salt.

I can't wait to follow her & observe a friend of mine teaching in a few days..keh2222.I also can't wait about what will happen in a few more weeks & what I will possibly be doing once I graduate.Here's a toast at looking on the bright side!!

Anyhoo,I'm just sad that everyone's dating nowadays but me.Why??How could you guys do this to me??Why are you guys leaving me alone???lolssss.Kidding!!!

Hearing about all of the different experiences that some of my friends are going through while teaching their students made me laugh until tears came out of my eyes,angry & lots of other things.Good luck to you guys..don't worry it'll end in a few more weeks.Meanwhile I think it's better if I enroll in anger class management this semester before I end up killing my students next semester..ahaha.

Can't believe that the fasting month is only in a few more weeks & then it'll be Raya!!!weeeeeeeeeeeee..

Oh,I loathe people who doesn't appreciate the opportunity that has been given to them.Others would want to be in your position but you just simply throw it away.What a shame...sigh.


Resort 2010--blazers/menswear inspired

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I haven't done this in awhile probably because I haven't peruse lately.But looking at the Resort 2010 collection was amazing.I'm stocking on menswear lately because of the whole boyfriend look.I love it!I love wearing baggy Levi's when I'm not going to class & I wear it so often that its ripped at the knees & believe it or not,when I showed it to my mum(in hopes of getting a new pair of Levi's) she was like...isn't that a style nowadays..-_-...

I've swipe 2 of my dad's shirt--It's very big & long on me but I'm gonna rock it with a big belt,bought a cool blazer-I'll wear it over a dress too instead with the normal pants &,I got a pair of my late grandfather black leather oxfords akin to these pink pair below..

*Moschino Cheap & Chic Resort 2010

Lately I really love looking at Rachel Bilson style--who now has her own column in InStyle!How cool is that????She has been writing for the mag since the May issue.

I also love love Kate Beckinsale & Camilla Belle style.Both are such fashion maven.I love the fact that Kate Beckinsale & Rachel has long flowing hair.Kate has amazing hair & I have this article in InStyle about her look & she likes to wear this neon green Marc Jacobs Stam bag when she goes out which I find so bold & cool!huhu.

Moschino Cheap & Chic Resort 2010 collection

I love this collection.It looked so cool & chic(pun intended).But I've to say no to the newsboy cap,I just don't like wearing hats.

Giorgio Armani Resort 2010 Collection

Gorgeous!The blazer,the red bag...drools.I love how cute the white dress when it was paired with a flat shoe

GUCCI Resort 2010 Collection

Menswear-chic dominates this collection too although there were a few dresses here & there.The long wavy hair makes the whole menswear look more the sunnies as well..I think I need a new pair..hehe.When I looked at the oversize blue/white stripe button down shirt(pic 3),it reminded me of the blue that I took from my dad & I'm gonna wear it with a big belt as well.


Former alma mater---Part 1

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This proves that RAIN(who's same b'day as mine)is so HOT!!!!!!!MEGAN FOX wants to DATE him but he REJECTED her...woooot!!!Read it HERE.

Ooh,before that,I want to wish happy 14th birthday to my lil’ brother,Mohd Raffiq,who’s birthday was last Sunday.Yes,his birthday is just 3 days after mine.Although he’s a pain in the ass sometimes& very rude/temperemental at times,I know that he loves me because he keeps the Mr.Bean teddy bear that I gave him years ago beside his bed..awwwwwwww.

Went flea market-ing on Sunday with the family before having a big birthday lunch for my brother & my mum & I bought this cute cookie tins to fill with the choc chip cookies that I’ll be baking soon.The stall that we went sold this adorable cookies & cake tins.Some had picture of cupcakes,polkadots,stripes,hearts & they were just so cute!

In the car,my parents( I don’t remember how it came about) lectured me on being more thrifty & not spend all my money at once(which I do all the time & which even my friends have advise me against..hehehe).My dad said the amount of shoes that I have is turning me into Imelda Marcos to which I replied, she has thousands of shoes & I don’t!

Funny story,Raffiq & my dad watched my Shopaholic dvd & love it.He said that he hoped I won’t be turning into her.I’m loving my current watch,which I got from my dad,it’s gorgeous & totally stylo.It’s silver,shiny & big.I love it! _______________________________________________________________
As I had just turned 22 recently, I’m overwhelmed with nostalgia .One night I couldn’t sleep because it just come to my realization that most of my closest college friends still keep in touch with their high school friends & actually make the time to hang out once in month or so.It makes me feel kinda bad because,I haven’t done that in a long time.It’s not like I was anti-social in high school,I was far from it actually.

The fact of the matter is,out of 5 years of high school,I went to 4 different school & it’s hard keeping in touch through snail mail(back then internet wasn’t really big & handphones either).But that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss or remember them.A few of them are in Shah Alam.As I’ve been to schools in Penang & Seremban,I’ve no idea where those friends are since nowadays it’s all about Facebook & that’s how I’m able to keep in touch with my Primary school friends(cos’ they’re Shah Alam-ians).

Thus,I’m going to list down the names of my friends according to the schools that I’d been & some of the experiences that I remembered from it.

1st Primary School: Standard 1-4 at SRK Seksyen 6 Shah Alam

Sadly,I don’t really remember the names of my friends throughout 4 years being in that school except for Hezriq Ong(cos’ his name is unique),Azuwa, Johan(who’s 2 years older than me,we took the same school van & calls me ‘montok’..perv!haha..I wonder where u r..huhu) Syaza Sorfina(who’s in my Friendster but my account has been dormant for a loooong time) & Syafiq Kamarul(he’s on my FB & changed to the same school as I did,SRK Sek 9). I was a prefect in standard 3 & 4.

I remembered a teacher that made an impact over me,my BI teacher,Pn.Maiza.I don’t know where she is now though.She did taught me briefly again at my new school,SRK Seksyen 9 Shah Alam.She was just enthusiastic & I remembered that she made my standard 4 Ros(I think it was 4 Ros)class enter a singing competition I think,& sang the song “That’s what friends are for”.hahaha.

I also remembered during Talentime,my group singing performance with Dalila,Zahirah(she’s in India now,if I’m not mistaken) & Raja Hazwani( is in UiTM,taking Acc)..hahaha.We sang,don’t laugh...’Manisnya Senyumanmu’ by Elite!LOLSSSS.In my defense,they were big back then!:P
My late grandmother on my dad’s side was an Ustazah at this school & I was always getting special treatments(like eating food from teacher’s plate while the other kids got the plastic ones..hehe) & if a teacher knows that he/she will be teaching a class that I’m in,they’ll come in & be like“Siapa cucu Ustazah _____?”.hahaha.

After standard 4,I moved to SRK Seksyen 9 because it was a new school & the students at SRK Seksyen 6 were divided & the ones who live near Seksyen 9(at that time I live in Sek 11), had to go to school there.

2nd Primary School:Standard 5&6 at SRK Seksyen 9 Shah Alam

My friends & I were the 1st batch of UPSR students for that school & we had a reunion last year but because it clashed with something that happened at uni,I wasn’t able to go.:(..There were many fun memories at this school.I hung out a lot during recess with Leez(Izreen Marleeza),Aida Farina, Zizi(Zuliana),Lubna ( she’s in my Friendster )Aqilah & Nazurah.I was close to Raja Hazwani Shafawati(she use the nick Shasha now),Nani & Tasya( she was the 1st MyStarz LG Winner!) too. I still remember the embarrassing (at that time we thought we were cool) breakdancing(yes,me breakdancing at the age of 12) for Teacher’s Day which was choreographed by Tasya & we dance to...’Get Down’ by The Backtsreet Boys.lolsssss.

Also,I started blow drying my hair when I turned 12,every morning before I went to school(yup,I started very early!) & I had this weird phase whereby I would style my hair differently everyday & one day,I accidentally SHAVED all the baby hairs behind my neck!That got lots of laugh from my friends!Oh,the prefect uniform was very horrible back then—green skirt with tail at the back,green vest =,green tie & white shirt=VERY HOT(as in making u sweat!).I wonder if they’ve change it now..

I met Aida during my pre-degree for TESL because she was in INTEC.One of my 6 Berlian classmate,Mustaqim was at INTEC too so I met him there too(he’s in France right now).Leez is a Law student at UiTM & I met her cos she used to debate for awhile & I met Zizi because her ex was an INTEC student(her blog is on my blog list).Most of them are either on Friendster or Facebook so atleast I know where they are & they’re doing well. Shah Alamians are easy to meet because we always end up coming back here..haha.

1st High School:Form 1 at SMK Senawang 2,Seremban.
It was a new school & we were the 1st batch of students.But I was there for only 9 months before my dad got transferred to the Penang Airport.I remembered that I was in the 1st class which was 1 UM & some of my classmates were Feeza(who’s at UiTM Puncak Perdana),Saiful(or epul..the rich boy who was always causing me trouble!!haha.We called him Mongolia because his eyebrows connected together...lolss...),Efty,Izzati,Nini & others I don’t remember.Funnily,a friend from the 2nd class,1 UKM,was in the same pre-degree as me,Emy Shafika & is taking degree here too.

I was a student librarian in the school & even man the coop during recess(yes I was a geek!!).Though my friends thought I was cool since I memorized a Sugar Ray song & sang it to em’( I remembered Efty being impressed cos’ she thought they sang the song too fast & she couldn’t understand the words).I bought LIME mags to school so that my friends could read em’ & I still remembered the delicious nasi lemak that had salty fish in them that Efty sold to us at school.Yum!

My English teacher was Pn.Fadzillah,whom I was very closed with & when she found out that I would be moving to Penang,she gave me rm50 because I was good student of hers(ceh wah!).I loved her method of teaching English because every week,she would ask either me or the class monitor to pick up a big plastic box filled with English books.Each of the student in our class has to pick one book & read them in 2 week & after that,she would ask questions about the book to ensure that we read them.I guess a lot of my English teachers throughout primary & secondary really gave an impact on me..:)

2nd High School:Form 2 at SMK St.George Penang.

It was very muhibbah living in Penang because I had Indian & Chinese friends as well.I remembered my friend,Sharon, speaking in fluent Penang Malay with the Penang accent.Everybody spoke Penang Malay.When Deepavali came,my friend Vinothini & Dharmini would give me super sweet Indian sweets.They were so many varieties &because of them,until today,I love coconut candy. My best friend at that time was Suhaila.I’ve no idea where she is now & hopefully,she’ll stumble upon this blog post.

Living in Penang is akin like living in Miami Beach(hehehe) because there’s always so many things to do during the weekend.My family would visit all of the touristy places & we’d stayed at the hotels.Like my mum said,our family has probably stayed at all of the hotels in Batu Ferringhi.

During this time,I dabbled in debate & I remembered I went up against students from Pendita Zaaba school & I remembered this one girl from the team,believe it or not,wore black leather ankle boots with her baju kurung to school(she’s a prefect).It was so cool & daring too!
The food in Penang was just superb.Everything was delicious..I haven’t been there in ages!Hopefully I’ll go back to visit soon..:)


WG opening for the Jonas!!

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I'm obsessed with the Wonder Girls!!!They are currently the opening act for Jonas Brother's concert tour in the States!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm kind of jealous,but it's such an amazing feat since they came all the way from Korea.Here's some vid clips from Youtube of 2 of their performance at the Jonas Brother's concert in Portland(heard they'll be in Illinois next!).