APM 2009--sux

Monday, July 20, 2009 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

I knew they shouldn't have done it in Indonesia..sigh.Did you guys watch APM???This is the first time in many years since APM(Anugerah Planet Muzik) was first created that it is held in Jakarta,Indonesia.Before this it'll always be in Singapore or Malaysia.

Now I know why---the Indonesian crowd sux to the max!They were like standing there & motionless...no great applause or anything when contestants from other country won or performed..wtf???Goodness gracious!The reason I watch APM is of course,to watch Faizal Tahir's performance.But seriously,the crowd suxxxxxx.It's like,just enjoy the music please & show how fun you guys are on live tv!

Even Shout Awards crowd was waaaaaaaaayyy more fun than APM.Please never do it in Indonesia again!I've no idea why they hate us so much when in fact Malaysia has open so many doors for them job-wise & celeb opportunity-wise.


bareessence said...

eh chup...
mane g tudung ikon itu??
adakah kerna ia dibuat d indon maka tudung nya tiada???

OR aku salah pandang kot...