Awesome time

Sunday, July 26, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

This will be a short post because it's 4 am & I just got back from an awesome party with newfound friends.Thanks to Yat who picked me up & send me back to SA eventhough his house is in KJ.huhu.Meet a lot lot of cool people who have great sense of humour & even a celeb who's an ex to a certain actress was at our party.Things I would not forget is Kent 'mentibang' timun & senjata zuriat joke..LOLSSS..Stalking the 'ugly naked guy'(he was wearing a thong & nothing else) across the town house.Lounging under the 'genie in a bottle'(as Tina & Ida puts it) with the other peeps.Dancing to the apparently,Fitness First dance routine until sweating.

Teasing Acap & Zul because they're always together..hehehe.Oh,because Ida pointed out that Acap looks like Iqram Dinzly which annoys him.While I pointed out that Ida looks EXACTLY like Aleeza Kasim.Like exactly..hehe.While she said that I look like the actress who's ex of the celeb who came to the long(alah,he's a faymes fitness instructor).My eye contacts(the left one) fell of in the bathroom at the start of the party & thankfully there was a huge bottle of solution nearby the sink..but my eyes got red for awhile(but it was okay afterwards..thank god I always bring the specially prescribed eye drops) & Yat was making a fuss out of it..ceh.Rileks la.huhu.

My eyes are fine now.yeay!Our group won during charades..woot!!!Didn;t manage to eat much,only nachos with chili because was busy talking & mingling.Ooh,Happy Birthday to Ida who's birthday was exactly at 12 just now & everyone sang to her while I was in the bathroom again..huhu.Other cool people that I met was Zila,Khavin,Hannam,Es,Salman,Kyra,Maria--who's from Guatemala,her first time in Malaysia & she entertained us with her belly dance & tomorrow she'll be going to New York..she can dance ballet & flamenco & many other dance too..she was like..'it's my last night here & I'm spending it with all you new people..awwww.Oh,I guess it's not such a short post after all..hehehe.Nite(or morning) people!