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Wednesday, July 29, 2009 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

Yesterday I made crepes filled with nutella & banana slices after reading about a flogger experience eating it on the streets of France. I thought it sounded delicious & I wanted to make it for my family. Yeah, the 1 week semester break is being push earlier due to the pandemic of H1N1.Thus, I’m back at home sweet home but the lull of my super comfy bed is making it hard for me to do my assignments or cracking my thesis.hehe.Damnzzz.Oh,here’s a picture of me making the crepes with nutella & banana slices. The crepe recipe can be found in one of my old post with the name Sweet Crespelle.
This picture below is something that I concocted last week because lately I love eating red capsicum. Probably because my family has been eating the new Pizza Hut Mediterranean Chicken pizza a few times& they put red capsicum on top(usually they use green capsicum on their pizzas)which got me addicted to it. So now, I love oven roasted red peppers in everything & put them in my bowl of Mee Sedap. The red peppers are sautéed with button mushrooms & chopped onions with a lil’ bit of salt & mix with the prepared Mee Sedap Mi Goreng Biasa(I could eat it every week, I know, that’s bad!) with strips of omelette. Yummah!

This my fave candy bar...Reese’s Nutrageous..Peanut butter+caramel+chocolate+peanuts=candy bomb goodness in the mouth..I’ve refrain myself from eating them for months because I don’t trust myself around it.I’ve successfully manage to finish 1 Nutrageous in 1 & ½ days & not a few hours..Yeah!(the trick is putting it in the fridge & breaking it into pieces instead of carrying the whole thing around because you may just finish the whole thing!

Talking about candy,I remembered about this old post on Serious Eats that I read a month ago that made me so envious & day dreaming that I could go to THIS candy expo...WALAHWEI(a disbelief expression)!!!!!The array of candy was just amazing!I wish there was a store like Dylan’s Candy Bar(in NY & there’s many more across the States) would open one in Malaysia..sigh.

Weird thing about Liyana...

I know so poyo why I’ve to put that tiny title on top but I thought I would just share something with the readers about me.Most of my friends & acquaintances who only know the ‘outside’ me,as in what they see on the surface or when I go to class or special events,might look at me as being such a girly girl & I’m not gonna deny that..but actually,I’m pretty tomboyish ever since I was little but became girlier(much more shoes,makeup & toiletries & salon trips) as I grew olderbut I still dress like a boy at times.Probably because I’m always surrounded withboys.ehehe

I do love all the girly things & I love dressing up & being a girl but actually,when I go shopping with my family or my close friends & doing everyday things,I’m much more comfortable in my baggy Levi’s jeans with a ripped on the right knee,paired with a t-shirt& flip flops(or gladiators or as my dad told my mum..Liyana’s sandals looked like something the Romans would wear..duh!!) if I don’t feel so lazy) & don’t wear makeup & my hair pulled back with a headband.Hello,I’m not a celeb thus I don’t feel the need to look good all the time & put on heels everday! Although I’ve a collection of beautiful heels that’s growing & growing,much to the dismay of my parents...:P

**Pop Culture
--Camilla Belle dump Joe Jonas..hahaha..She should soo get back together with her ex,Robert Pattinson!!!woootttt


DuRRDuRR said...

wahhh! yummmy!!! can i have some??? hehe.

acad the jonas said...

Camille Belle,
that witch!
evil evil witch!

Liyana said...

durrah..buley..amek la kat cni..hehehe

acad..she's not a witch!!!!!!!!!!!!!
she's a style maven & i just bought the perfume that she's a model for..Vera Wang Princess...yeaysss