Former alma mater---Part 1

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Ooh,before that,I want to wish happy 14th birthday to my lil’ brother,Mohd Raffiq,who’s birthday was last Sunday.Yes,his birthday is just 3 days after mine.Although he’s a pain in the ass sometimes& very rude/temperemental at times,I know that he loves me because he keeps the Mr.Bean teddy bear that I gave him years ago beside his bed..awwwwwwww.

Went flea market-ing on Sunday with the family before having a big birthday lunch for my brother & my mum & I bought this cute cookie tins to fill with the choc chip cookies that I’ll be baking soon.The stall that we went sold this adorable cookies & cake tins.Some had picture of cupcakes,polkadots,stripes,hearts & they were just so cute!

In the car,my parents( I don’t remember how it came about) lectured me on being more thrifty & not spend all my money at once(which I do all the time & which even my friends have advise me against..hehehe).My dad said the amount of shoes that I have is turning me into Imelda Marcos to which I replied, she has thousands of shoes & I don’t!

Funny story,Raffiq & my dad watched my Shopaholic dvd & love it.He said that he hoped I won’t be turning into her.I’m loving my current watch,which I got from my dad,it’s gorgeous & totally stylo.It’s silver,shiny & big.I love it! _______________________________________________________________
As I had just turned 22 recently, I’m overwhelmed with nostalgia .One night I couldn’t sleep because it just come to my realization that most of my closest college friends still keep in touch with their high school friends & actually make the time to hang out once in month or so.It makes me feel kinda bad because,I haven’t done that in a long time.It’s not like I was anti-social in high school,I was far from it actually.

The fact of the matter is,out of 5 years of high school,I went to 4 different school & it’s hard keeping in touch through snail mail(back then internet wasn’t really big & handphones either).But that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss or remember them.A few of them are in Shah Alam.As I’ve been to schools in Penang & Seremban,I’ve no idea where those friends are since nowadays it’s all about Facebook & that’s how I’m able to keep in touch with my Primary school friends(cos’ they’re Shah Alam-ians).

Thus,I’m going to list down the names of my friends according to the schools that I’d been & some of the experiences that I remembered from it.

1st Primary School: Standard 1-4 at SRK Seksyen 6 Shah Alam

Sadly,I don’t really remember the names of my friends throughout 4 years being in that school except for Hezriq Ong(cos’ his name is unique),Azuwa, Johan(who’s 2 years older than me,we took the same school van & calls me ‘montok’..perv!haha..I wonder where u r..huhu) Syaza Sorfina(who’s in my Friendster but my account has been dormant for a loooong time) & Syafiq Kamarul(he’s on my FB & changed to the same school as I did,SRK Sek 9). I was a prefect in standard 3 & 4.

I remembered a teacher that made an impact over me,my BI teacher,Pn.Maiza.I don’t know where she is now though.She did taught me briefly again at my new school,SRK Seksyen 9 Shah Alam.She was just enthusiastic & I remembered that she made my standard 4 Ros(I think it was 4 Ros)class enter a singing competition I think,& sang the song “That’s what friends are for”.hahaha.

I also remembered during Talentime,my group singing performance with Dalila,Zahirah(she’s in India now,if I’m not mistaken) & Raja Hazwani( is in UiTM,taking Acc)..hahaha.We sang,don’t laugh...’Manisnya Senyumanmu’ by Elite!LOLSSSS.In my defense,they were big back then!:P
My late grandmother on my dad’s side was an Ustazah at this school & I was always getting special treatments(like eating food from teacher’s plate while the other kids got the plastic ones..hehe) & if a teacher knows that he/she will be teaching a class that I’m in,they’ll come in & be like“Siapa cucu Ustazah _____?”.hahaha.

After standard 4,I moved to SRK Seksyen 9 because it was a new school & the students at SRK Seksyen 6 were divided & the ones who live near Seksyen 9(at that time I live in Sek 11), had to go to school there.

2nd Primary School:Standard 5&6 at SRK Seksyen 9 Shah Alam

My friends & I were the 1st batch of UPSR students for that school & we had a reunion last year but because it clashed with something that happened at uni,I wasn’t able to go.:(..There were many fun memories at this school.I hung out a lot during recess with Leez(Izreen Marleeza),Aida Farina, Zizi(Zuliana),Lubna ( she’s in my Friendster )Aqilah & Nazurah.I was close to Raja Hazwani Shafawati(she use the nick Shasha now),Nani & Tasya( she was the 1st MyStarz LG Winner!) too. I still remember the embarrassing (at that time we thought we were cool) breakdancing(yes,me breakdancing at the age of 12) for Teacher’s Day which was choreographed by Tasya & we dance to...’Get Down’ by The Backtsreet Boys.lolsssss.

Also,I started blow drying my hair when I turned 12,every morning before I went to school(yup,I started very early!) & I had this weird phase whereby I would style my hair differently everyday & one day,I accidentally SHAVED all the baby hairs behind my neck!That got lots of laugh from my friends!Oh,the prefect uniform was very horrible back then—green skirt with tail at the back,green vest =,green tie & white shirt=VERY HOT(as in making u sweat!).I wonder if they’ve change it now..

I met Aida during my pre-degree for TESL because she was in INTEC.One of my 6 Berlian classmate,Mustaqim was at INTEC too so I met him there too(he’s in France right now).Leez is a Law student at UiTM & I met her cos she used to debate for awhile & I met Zizi because her ex was an INTEC student(her blog is on my blog list).Most of them are either on Friendster or Facebook so atleast I know where they are & they’re doing well. Shah Alamians are easy to meet because we always end up coming back here..haha.

1st High School:Form 1 at SMK Senawang 2,Seremban.
It was a new school & we were the 1st batch of students.But I was there for only 9 months before my dad got transferred to the Penang Airport.I remembered that I was in the 1st class which was 1 UM & some of my classmates were Feeza(who’s at UiTM Puncak Perdana),Saiful(or epul..the rich boy who was always causing me trouble!!haha.We called him Mongolia because his eyebrows connected together...lolss...),Efty,Izzati,Nini & others I don’t remember.Funnily,a friend from the 2nd class,1 UKM,was in the same pre-degree as me,Emy Shafika & is taking degree here too.

I was a student librarian in the school & even man the coop during recess(yes I was a geek!!).Though my friends thought I was cool since I memorized a Sugar Ray song & sang it to em’( I remembered Efty being impressed cos’ she thought they sang the song too fast & she couldn’t understand the words).I bought LIME mags to school so that my friends could read em’ & I still remembered the delicious nasi lemak that had salty fish in them that Efty sold to us at school.Yum!

My English teacher was Pn.Fadzillah,whom I was very closed with & when she found out that I would be moving to Penang,she gave me rm50 because I was good student of hers(ceh wah!).I loved her method of teaching English because every week,she would ask either me or the class monitor to pick up a big plastic box filled with English books.Each of the student in our class has to pick one book & read them in 2 week & after that,she would ask questions about the book to ensure that we read them.I guess a lot of my English teachers throughout primary & secondary really gave an impact on me..:)

2nd High School:Form 2 at SMK St.George Penang.

It was very muhibbah living in Penang because I had Indian & Chinese friends as well.I remembered my friend,Sharon, speaking in fluent Penang Malay with the Penang accent.Everybody spoke Penang Malay.When Deepavali came,my friend Vinothini & Dharmini would give me super sweet Indian sweets.They were so many varieties &because of them,until today,I love coconut candy. My best friend at that time was Suhaila.I’ve no idea where she is now & hopefully,she’ll stumble upon this blog post.

Living in Penang is akin like living in Miami Beach(hehehe) because there’s always so many things to do during the weekend.My family would visit all of the touristy places & we’d stayed at the hotels.Like my mum said,our family has probably stayed at all of the hotels in Batu Ferringhi.

During this time,I dabbled in debate & I remembered I went up against students from Pendita Zaaba school & I remembered this one girl from the team,believe it or not,wore black leather ankle boots with her baju kurung to school(she’s a prefect).It was so cool & daring too!
The food in Penang was just superb.Everything was delicious..I haven’t been there in ages!Hopefully I’ll go back to visit soon..:)


Nina Alyssa said...

OMG! u were in st george's? hehe i was in convent green lane! & i totally agree with u, living in penang mcm kat miami & the food is awesome! i miss penang!

LIYANA said...

haah babe..u did tell me & u know hasif right?he went to Penang Free school..huhuh

yes Penang is so awesome!pity the beach i heard is getting dirtier..the best durian & laksa is in penang(balik pulau)..I heard the biggest F21 store is at Queensbay..I so need to go back!

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