Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Finally I got the chance to watch the movie tonight at the cinema.Just like what my fellow Teslian,Nazri blog about the movie HERE,I've to give the movie 4 out 5 too.It was better than I dare say,all of the Harry Potter movies.I watched the movie with Izza & 3 of my seniors were there to watch the movie too.

Because of the fact that I've long forgotten over what I've read,it took me like halfway through the movie for the memory of reading the book years ago to come back.Since I didn't get the chance to read the book again before watching the movie since I lent the books to Moja for Ethos Book Club.But I've got to say that the color palette of the movie,although at times there was green here and there,it was like a continuation from the previous movie,dark & gloomy.

But the exceptional cast did a good job.Lavender Brown character just makes me nauseous..Can you believe her nick for Ron?ewwwwwwww.Luna Lovegood is just so funny!There are funny moments,sad moments,chilling moments & many more in the movie.

I love,love,love although this bit was just tiny...when Harry actually stood up from the table(unlike all the other guys) when Ginny entered Slughorn's room during their dinner thingy..It was soooo gentlemanly of him & I guess the director must be a gentleman too for putting it in the movie...Sigh...Wish I could have a gentleman like that too...:(

The thing that bothered me actually had nothing to do with the movie.Keep your eyes peeled for it!I don't know if anyone notice but I guess being a TESLian,it bugs me when during one of the pivotal moments in the movie,I saw a GOD AWFUL translation in BM which translated 'It has to be drunk'(Ia harus diminum) to 'Ia mabuk' or something like that....
Goodness gracious!Who the heck did the translation??????tsk2...And the government wonders why many students fail to get good marks in English???These little things matter because they can lead to confusion.You better just give the translation job to me man!haha

Now I need to take my Deathly Hallows book from Moja & read it again before the movie comes out..Hopefully the current cast will stay & act in the 2 last movies,since the Deathly Hallows will be split into 2 parts.I read that part 1 of the movie will be release on November 2010 & part 2 will be out in July 2011