Normality & Pacar

Friday, July 17, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

This morning after class I went straight back to Puncak to my family house but bought lunch for them first since my mum wanted KFC for her & the brothers..Got suddenly eco-conscious & bought the green grocery bag at Giant instead of using the plastic bag for the bottles of Pepsi, which is my mum & brothers fave drink(not me since I've fear of diabetes which runs in my dad's side of the family)

Oh,when I go to class during weekdays,I stay at my grandma’s house(which has been in Shah Alam before I was born,before there was any mall in Shah Alam..hehe).I always anticipate going back every weekend because I love the long drive takes 40 minutes for me to reach my parents house from Shah Alam.

I will burn a new cd of songs every week(my cd's are weird & have been ridiculed by my friends because it's a mash of lots of songs from different languages..even Cantonese,Hokkien,Korean,Japanese,Spanish & lots more) when I’ve to go home because 40 minutes is almost equivalent to 1 cd of songs.Thus,that’s why I’ve more than 50 cd’s that I’ve burn for long drives..hehehe.Plus,I always have my trusty Eclipse mints--my fave super powerful mint to keep me awake in class & while driving.

Yesterday finally,finally managed to hang out with Izza for more than an hour(like we did last week) & it was great catching up(the last thing we did together was going to Pak Wan's wedding).I miss that chick since she's so busy changing the world..'one kid at a time--that's a tagline that I created for her!haha.

Had Mamak & then McD & both of us(okay find,I was doing it way more than she did) was ogling 2 different guys(since our taste in guys are WAAAAAAAAAAAYYY different...lolsss) while waiting in line at McD.We laugh when the guy that I was ogling was being very self conscious & kept looking over at us(like if it's in a movie,his head will make a fast swishing,swishing sound..haha)...but he's pretty cute..ehehe.I love being a girl!ahaha

Hearing Izza's side of the story about her practicum just really inspired me..A LOT & actually made me excited.Learned so much last night & laugh out loud many2 times & like Izza said,I'm hot &I love kids(her words,not mine!haha),so hopefully I'll be okay..hopefully.Although I'm still in denial over her remark of the top,toppest of the toppest(ape ntah lagi ayat die yg bapak pjg) of my list of wants at the moment...hahahahahahaha..T_T...

I told her that she will make a great mother because she has so much love for the kids that she's teaching eventhough they're like straight out of a triad group movie or something(sheeesssh!)& a colorful bunch.I'm so effing curious to see what they look like that I'll probably use her school for my AE subject..hurm...AE..sigh....That's another hurdle that's I've yet to even halfway complete...:P

Kerna(tetibe nk ckp Indon kat cni eventhough I'm not Indonesian) ramai rakan2 saya sedang berpacaran(I'm genuinely happy for u guys!!) & atau mengenali seseorang dengan lebih mendalam....

Something to remind myself when I feel the 'urge' to have a boyfriend:

You may WANT a boyfriend,
But you certainly don't NEED a boyfriend.
WANTING & NEEDING are 2 totally different things altogether..Please Liyana,remember that..:P

Though at certain times,wishing I have a boyfriend is completely normal right?But I do like someone though.:P

This is something that only Izza & my closest friends will understand--If Izza has a boyfriend,mark my words,that means that I'm doomed!DOOMED!!!Izza please focus on your students jer okay??If not nanti habis la aq....T_T