Resort 2010--blazers/menswear inspired

Monday, July 06, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I haven't done this in awhile probably because I haven't peruse lately.But looking at the Resort 2010 collection was amazing.I'm stocking on menswear lately because of the whole boyfriend look.I love it!I love wearing baggy Levi's when I'm not going to class & I wear it so often that its ripped at the knees & believe it or not,when I showed it to my mum(in hopes of getting a new pair of Levi's) she was like...isn't that a style nowadays..-_-...

I've swipe 2 of my dad's shirt--It's very big & long on me but I'm gonna rock it with a big belt,bought a cool blazer-I'll wear it over a dress too instead with the normal pants &,I got a pair of my late grandfather black leather oxfords akin to these pink pair below..

*Moschino Cheap & Chic Resort 2010

Lately I really love looking at Rachel Bilson style--who now has her own column in InStyle!How cool is that????She has been writing for the mag since the May issue.

I also love love Kate Beckinsale & Camilla Belle style.Both are such fashion maven.I love the fact that Kate Beckinsale & Rachel has long flowing hair.Kate has amazing hair & I have this article in InStyle about her look & she likes to wear this neon green Marc Jacobs Stam bag when she goes out which I find so bold & cool!huhu.

Moschino Cheap & Chic Resort 2010 collection

I love this collection.It looked so cool & chic(pun intended).But I've to say no to the newsboy cap,I just don't like wearing hats.

Giorgio Armani Resort 2010 Collection

Gorgeous!The blazer,the red bag...drools.I love how cute the white dress when it was paired with a flat shoe

GUCCI Resort 2010 Collection

Menswear-chic dominates this collection too although there were a few dresses here & there.The long wavy hair makes the whole menswear look more the sunnies as well..I think I need a new pair..hehe.When I looked at the oversize blue/white stripe button down shirt(pic 3),it reminded me of the blue that I took from my dad & I'm gonna wear it with a big belt as well.