A short one

Tuesday, July 07, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Mak(Farhana) is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!yeayyyyyyyyyyyy...hehehe.Haven't seen her in a long time..huhu.After almost 2 months since I last met & tutored Naza & E'in,yesterday I met them because I heard they've lots of gossip to tell.lolsss.

Ms.Sal told me about what should I have done when the you know what happened to me, but I guess I was just done with it & I just want to move on.Even Dr.Z was shocked when she found out & same goes to my current classmates who knew me.But shit happens & like Ms.Sal said,take it with a pinch of salt.

I can't wait to follow her & observe a friend of mine teaching in a few days..keh2222.I also can't wait about what will happen in a few more weeks & what I will possibly be doing once I graduate.Here's a toast at looking on the bright side!!

Anyhoo,I'm just sad that everyone's dating nowadays but me.Why??How could you guys do this to me??Why are you guys leaving me alone???lolssss.Kidding!!!

Hearing about all of the different experiences that some of my friends are going through while teaching their students made me laugh until tears came out of my eyes,angry & lots of other things.Good luck to you guys..don't worry it'll end in a few more weeks.Meanwhile I think it's better if I enroll in anger class management this semester before I end up killing my students next semester..ahaha.

Can't believe that the fasting month is only in a few more weeks & then it'll be Raya!!!weeeeeeeeeeeee..

Oh,I loathe people who doesn't appreciate the opportunity that has been given to them.Others would want to be in your position but you just simply throw it away.What a shame...sigh.