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Sunday, July 12, 2009 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

Went to Mak’s(Farhana) school,SM Sains Puteri with Ms.Sal,who’s her supervisor.That school was just so serene & quiet,what with it being a girl boarding school after all.The students in Mak class was just bloody brilliant & since most of them are debaters,they’re very fluent in English & very cooperative.Even Ms.Sal said that in her 5 years of supervising,this is the best school so far.The students are very very well-behaved which makes Mak's lesson easier to execute.

Oh,a certain mean lecturer,has resigned from my faculty.Thank God.When I went to Mak’s school,I heard about her story from a friend who’s dad was the Dean at a university that the mean lecturer used to work at.Her dad told her a few months ago that that lecturer has always been like that & if only her dad had known the said lecturer was teaching at our faculty sooner,I wouldn’t have taken her class at all!sigh.But I guess that’s just something that I’ve to go through.Still I wish she had made an exit last semester instead of now after ruining other people’s chances.

Celebrated Hani’s birthday on Friday night after much scheming & lying which of course,was planned by the mastermind,Hanna.It was hard though for me & Mak(Farhana) to lie to her & drag her to Sunway & refrain her from having dinner while we were there.God it was hard lying to her!hahaha.But her expression when she saw the surprise birthday cake with candles was priceless.She really had no idea!But the pictures are in Izlin’s & Hafriz’s hp.Thus,I’m not able to upload them here.But I’m sure they’ll upload em’ at Facebook soon.

The semester has only started for a week & yet,I’ve eaten many types of fast food.aiyaaakk..How the heck am I going to lose weight like this??Had Dominos last Sunday, doughnuts from Big Apple, Mc D with Naza & E’in,KFC during Hani’s b’day surprise & Pizza Hut with the family yesterday(we just love the Mediterranean pizza).
I’ve told my parents about my dream car which I recently fall in love with like 2 weeks ago.I told them that I’m going to start saving for it as soon as I get my first paycheck & my dad said that’s good because I never aspire ever,to save any money.hahaha.My dream car my dear readers is BMW X5....sigh.I absolutely love it.

I love big sturdy cars.I guess it stemmed from driving the Unser SE for months & up until now. I love the feeling of driving a big car & the X5 is just the perfect balance..or probably it’s easier being a road bully in a big car...lolsss

I saw quite a few people driving it in Shah Alam & funnily,one day while I was otw to my faculty,I saw a shiny red one near my faculty,like literally outside & a dude was driving it.What a lucky bastard!hahaha.But my dad said an BMW X3 is quite okay because his friend drives it & I think it’s because he knows how much an X5 cost(half a mil!!) & that an X3 would be more within my reach(ceh wahh..konon jer but hey,in a couple of years,it’s not impossible!).

My dad keeps nagging me about buying too many shoes--I tried to hide my recent purchase,a red patent ballet flats at my friends house,but I forgot that I wore them on Thursday & left it in the Unser & my dad saw it today & pointed it out..eheh.Kantoi...

Although I’m a shoe & clothes horse(I‘ve finally sort out my wardrobe & manage to separate a huge bag of clothes that I’m going to sell),I find it hard to find a bag that I truly like & I’ve been searching for quite sometime for a bag that I can wear for the whole semester & tadaaaa...I’ve bought it yesterday!!!It’s beautiful &practical.I love it & can’t wait to wear it soon.

I baked some Foccacia or Pizza Bianco(in Italy) last week.It was yummy.I baked it using the recipe from a book that I blogged about HERE(Sharon Boorstin) & made half sprinkled with fresh rosemary from my mum's vegetable/herb garden(in the garden we have oregano,basil,french beans,ladyfingers,tapioca,lemongrass,screwpine leaves,spring onions,daun kesum,lemons,limes & many's a big garden!) & the other half with caramelized onions.I baked it because I am reading Alan Epstein’s book & he wrote about how Italians would queue & wait long just for a slice of Pizza Bianco at this tiny bakery in Rome.


Yaya said...

wow..what an awesom week Li.

I had a boring life though..but that's okay, life goes on even if u are alone.

anyway, I thought that was an art book picture, never occur to me, it is a pizza bianco! lol