Ultimate Shout Award!

Saturday, July 18, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Woot,Bunkface won 3 awards at lastnight Shout! Awards.The Rockstar,Breakthrough & the best is of course the Ultimate Shout award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I still remember when I actually met,talked,starred in their Situasi vid clip in THIS past blog post thanks because of their nice manager who texted me about it..huhuhu.They were a bunch of humble,crazy,fun & friendly people & they serve us mee hoon & sarsi...hahahaha.

I like Paan eventhough he’s so tiny & cute(actually,all of them are but meeting them in the flesh,the skinniest has to be Paan & Sam), because when he perform on stage he likes to make this crazy faces & his shoes(during Situasi taping) was uber cool!

Glad to see that they’re becoming more and more well known now what with last night award,Channel V thing & singing the song for Star Movies..I still remember back when I watch their cute Silly Lily video clip & laughed out loud & I was like..these guys are fun!:)I hope they’ll stay the same & be as crazy & humble people that they are towards their fans..

Their performance that night was so cute because of the 3 kids& Paan made his 'tiger'(something that happened during Situasi taping) face while performing...hehehe.I miss watching them perform live..haih....Been missing out on a lot of Bunkface gigs although the friends/ultimate Bunkface fans that I met during the taping of Situasi have been going to all of their gigs(dieorg mmg gigih giler!) & asking to come here & there but something always clash with it..sighhh

My hp has been fixed & now I can finally cam whore again!!!Below,trying out a subtle cat's eye look..ehehe.Yes my lips are that small..T_T but it's highly prize in China back in the olden days...hahaha.