World's Within

Monday, July 13, 2009 Liyana Hanim 5 Comments

*Hyun Bin=Hotness personified*I just absolutely adore Hyun Bin.A Korean actor whose tv series I could watch over & over & over again.Thanks to Yaya,who gave me the complete set of his recent tv series,World’s Within for my 22nd birthday,my collection of all of his popular tv series is complete(along with My lovely kim sam soon & snow queen).
*Hyun Bin at the Breast Cancer Awareness thoughtful & cute!!*

He starred along Song Hye Gyo(of Full House) in the series & I absolutely love it.Though I don’t really like Song Hye Gyo hair cut as I prefer her hair like the one in All In or Full House.But love her style in the series since it’s more chic & the fact that she wore a masculine silver tank watch like mine!!ahakzz

The series is not cliché like most Korean series in the sense that most of their love story is filled with tears & heartaches & melodrama.World’s Within strikes to me as a series that’s peppered with incidents that happens in real life.The series revolves around people working behind the scene in creating hit Korean drama’s.Thus the series is a drama in a drama.haha.

The series shows that there are times when a couple break up over the most trivial of reasons & at times it’s even inexplicable.Some of my favourite scenes is of course when Jung Ji Oh(Hyun Bin’s character) cleaned up Joong Yun’s place.It was just utterly romantic when he fold her clothes,do her laundry & cleaned up her dishes.

Guys,you want to know why girls swoon when a guy does that(ok fine,maybe me)?Well,when a guy cooks for you,or fold your clothes,he’s doing things that usually a woman does in a house & it shows that he's going out of his comfort masculine zone to do something nice for you(I mean,he doesn’t even have to do it right?..but he does it anyway...awwwww) that it just make you melt faster than a stick of butter under a hot sun..:P

There are many cute moments in the series & I’ve to confess that since I’m watching a dvd,I skipped all the boring parts( in other words,other characters other than Hyun Bin & Song Hye Gyo) & focus on the cute parts between both main characters.God I would totally marry Hyun Bin in a heartbeat..ehehehehe.;)Watch this series people as it’s aired on 8TV currently but I think it’s only during the weekend.

Hyun Bin is HOT!!!! And he knows it...:)



Yaya said...

welcome Li,

Anyway, ade lagi satu drama series die yg ko xde, Ireland, pernah dgr?

aq pon x penah tgk..huhu.

Hyun Bin, is purfectxx guyz~hoyeahh!

bareessence said...


i loike him,too!

Liyana said...

tu laaaaaaaaaa

he is 'biting my fist with my whole mouth' hot...hahahahaha

nak boyfriend exactly mcm die!!!nk jugak!!!
die hanya 26 tahun kot!4 tahun jer tua...
imej rambut pendek die sgt clean-cut..i loiikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

nk hug die puas2!!!!!!!!!

bareessence said...

nak jugak!!!!


Liyana said...

mane bley..ko kene dgn mamat yg muke mcm Farid Kamil kan???muahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Hyun Bin is mine!!MINE!