1st day of puasa

Monday, August 24, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Haven't blog in awhile because procrastination has taken it's toll...hahaha.Baked some choc chip cookies that friends ordered...I'm also currently reading Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy because Martha Stewart said it's one of her fave & I have to watch Martha every night before I go to bed when it's on the tv...yeah,pretty weird.

Oh, I freakin' left my pendrive back at my parents house...shitzzz...Hopefully tomorrow they'll come & bring it here as I've 3 assignments to complete this week & send...haih...I wish everyday is a holiday...

Look at the picture below---consumerism at its finest..hahaha.Because there’s 6 of us in the family & everyone has different taste in food..you get the drift..:)

The menu + name of people who consumed it..:P
Nasi briyani(mama & ayah)
Mee goreng(mama & syafiq)
Mee kari(syafiq)
Pak tong ko/crullers/chakoi(the brothers & ayah)
Sate ayam(haziq)
Murtabak(ayah & me)
Kuih-muih(me,mama& ayah)
Roti jala(syafiq)
Sup tulang(haziq)
Nasi ayam(raffiq)
Stir fried spinach( made by mama for me)
Assortment of dadih(me,syafiq&ayah)
Kerabu mangga(made by mama for ayah & her)
Air tebu

We tend to buy food rather than cook it because it’s the 1st day & everyone is here.Plus my brother went back to Johor yesterday & my mum prefer to buy than cook because she has this philosophy that if you can buy it why go over the fuss to make it..which I guess in a way, I’m a ‘rebel’ since I like to make food from scratch..hehehe.

Back to boring assignments..though judging from a friend post who's currently working..I should really appreciate college life before I jumped into the boring & routine of working life..yikes!So not looking forward to that.