Down memory lane & 17 again

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I watched 17 Again last night and I’ve to make a confession..I was Zac Efron’s fan back when he was in Summerland.Remember Summerland?It was shown on NTV7 eons ago and back then if I remembered correctly,Zac played this so cute character who’s Kay Panabaker’s on and off boyfriend.It didn’t matter that they were little was just so cute watching him and I loved the show because they live by the beach!How perfect is that?
I always love living by the beach..the smell of the ocean air..Back when I was little, our family spent a lot of time in Langkawi because my mum’s former employee owned a beach resort there..everything was paid for so it was just super relaxing and an ultimate vacation spot for me.I love waking up by the beach.Sigh.I wish I could go back there one of these days though the resort has been sold a long time ago.:(

Oh,17 Again made me laugh many times and I’ve to confess again,when Zac came to the school for the 3rd time in his brand new car & that white-t +leather jacket+ rayban aviator combo...*faints*.He looked so damn hot!Oh,Malaysian guys,you can totally replicate that look by buying a black jacket that’s NOT leather since wearing leather in our weather would MELT you.haha..The weather is uber hot now & because I drive around a lot,I get bad burns on both of my arms that SO doesn’t match my face.

And why the heck is Zac Efron with that always getting naked Hudgen’s girl who’s latest set of naked pics ‘leaked’ on the internet..Can’t she keep her clothes on for God’s sake??But seriously,I wouldn’t mind a boyfriend who dresses as well as Efron..;)Or have that nice head of hair..oh a tip for guys who want a hairstyle like that—keep the look clean like Efron..the dishevelled look isn’t for everyone.

The bad thing about the movie is that there’s some cringe/eww moments because of the whole young Mike with Scar thing..although technically that’s his wife, it’s still sort of gross.Or when his own daughter came on to him..ewwwwwwwwww

Oh,I looked through some old pics that dated like 3 years ago with Izza last night because I finally,after 1 year of abandoning it,opened my Friendster account.ahakzz.I deleted my MySpace account years ago because of crazy perverts..ewww.But I couldn’t bring myself to delete my Friendster account because there’s many great pictures & memories there.

Yesterday I opened it & there were sooo many messages in my inbox—even a former highschool friend wedding invitation that I missed!She was so busy that she send invites via FS & I miss it..though I went to her engagement ceremony a year ago.But it’s great that she has met the one at the age of 22!I have yet to find mine..T_T

So,I browse thru all the old,old pics.I realized that I love to wear red nail polish back then..refer to pics below.But I don’t anymore,cos’ I’ve become lazy to paint my nails..I still prefer red nail polish though. I’ve worn dark plum(which my parents hated because it looked black & dirty..but they never say anything when I wear red..huhuu),lavender,hot pink,pale pink,sparkly pink,bronze & many more.

My mum was even more daring in her polish color choice because I remembered that she wore bright ORANGE back when I was in primary school.haha.I actually want to try deep navy blue but haven’t found the right shade..I saw CHANEL one’s in InStyle but that’s just uber expensive for something that I’ll wear once in awhile.

Back to the guffaws and our self loathing when we looked at our past photos.Izza was questioning some of her outfit choices & expression.I was just appalled at my swollen aka ‘tembam’ & round face back then. Freshman 15 anyone??sigh.Looking back at the pictures brought back many great memories.I remembered looking like crap & wearing the wrong outfit while taking a picture with Dominic Lau aka VJ Dom. Yes, he’s SUPER HOT in real life,nice & really tall.*swoon* And he put his arms around me(same like Zizan Nin did a year ago...lolss)..*faints*.

What I looked then(in my defense,being next to sum1 as hot as Dom,makes any1 looks fugly)

What I look now

Below:At Harith's old show--Thursday Nite Live & with Jit Murad at Full Of Jit!! Below:My seniors final semester grooming seminar which I took part it to 'model' for em'..lolss

Below:Perdana Discourse..amazing experience!

Below:Drama Class during part 3!
Oooh,to all gossip girl fans,the SEASON 3 teaser vids are out!!!!!!!!!!!!Watch it HERE!!!!!!OMGGGGGGGGG......Blair & Chuck--can't wait to see how they're doing together--finally!!!