An epiphany

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 Liyana Hanim 7 Comments

I miss these girls!!Managed to hung out for a bit at their house,went for dinner,and then a bit of window shopping.Girls,we so need to plan a getaway!!weeeee

But today I read something that kinda snapped something inside of me,in a good way...which is this... “Lelaki yang baik adalah untuk perempuan yang baik”. *Disclaimer:this entry is solely about me.So no offense to anyone in particular!*

So true & probably why I’ve been thinking why I’m always attracting guys who are very nice towards me BUT they do things that are considered ‘haram’ in my religion. I’m sorry if I offend them here, but it’s true. There has been 3 guys whom I’ve dated who unfortunately does things that I’m not really a fan of which I can’t say here.

I know some people will argue that if he treats you right then why not you just can’t accept him? The problem is, I just want someone who knows his limits & that can make me a better person, not the other way around. I want a good guy.period.

Then I realized that maybe He wants me to realize that I haven’t been a good Muslim all this while,by showing the pattern of guys that I’ve attracted & I should be more diligent in improving that aspect in my life.Although I’m not a bad person,as I am a good daughter to my parents(eceh22) because I always go back every weekend to see them,I actually like spending time with them & I prefer staying at home(unless there’s somewhere or an event that I have to go) than going out.

I don’t drink or smoke,I’m still a virgin,never truly been in a serious relationship either,BUT being a good person doesn’t mean that I’m a good Muslim.Thus, the saying “Lelaki baik adalah untuk perempuan yang baik”(Good guys are for good girls) just keeps haunting me.I need to be a ‘perempuan baik’ and hopefully I’ll meet a ‘lelaki baik’.

But like Hanna said,it can be change & I hope that I will.:)


Anonymous said...

wow. a thought-provoking post from you here and i actually did some kind of 'soul-searching' after reading it. honest to be told, i don't quite agree with the saying. how many good women out there who are married to monsters--gamblers, drunkard, etc even though they are really, really good women? i don't think that i have the right to opine here but perhaps people's path in life are different from each other in which there will be many obstacles and tests from the Almighty.

i'm not religious too but i believe by being a good person is a big step toward becoming one. but really, feel a lil' bit skeptical of the perception of religious person = angelic person. i mean what's the point if that individual loves to judge, deems others who are "bad" as 'doomed' or talking bad of others just because he/she perceives himself/herself as a religious person that will surely gain a place in Heaven? my view of being religious is our sincerity in doing our obligation to Him and helping others without expecting some kind of afterlife rewards.

been facing the same problem too. a nice guy but unfortunately... can't write it down here but still i'm hoping. how stupid. hey, i'm sure you'll find a great guy who is meant for you soon!


Liyana said...

kak love ur comment because it's true..there are good women out there who unfortunately have really bad husband & i guess,it's just a way for God to test their faith right?I'm sure they'll get a better place in the afterlife for being strong in enduring it or,like the movie Provoked,a person who's stronger than them(because not every1 is strong mentally) will help them like the way Radha & her sisters helped Kiran.

and yes,i agree that there are people out there who,just because they know more about religion than others,they feel the need to belittle others who are less than them.
There are people who have no idea how to give advice but luckily my friends although they are waay better Muslims than I am,knows how to advice me & I can definitely take their advice & not feel like I'm being judged by them.
Sincerity is definitely the key,like what we discussed in class yesterday kn??When giving advice,we've to be sincere &not make it sound like we r right & u r wrong..huhuhu

I blog about this because I read a post about a religious matter & the post touched me deeply & 'sentap' me in a good way..:)

I hope both of us will find a good guy..:)

Yaya said...

Ak cam tau jek sape org diatas..surely he is a pilot and is his name start with 'A' kan?

anyway aq suke entry ko nie, membuatkan aq berfikir. Ak brpendapat, bukan semua boleh dpt jodoh yg baik and sesuai ngan die. cam kak saha ckp, ramai je perempuan yg baik dapt lelaki yg x baik.tapi x semua perempuan yg baik dapat lelaki yg x baikkn?

tapi kalo kite berusaha utk jadi perempuan yg baik, surely kite boleh dapat yg baik utk kite!
baik kat sini, bukan jek rupe handsome ek, tapi dalaman pon kena baik jugak. tapi kalo dapat yg handsome and baik dari segi agama n perangai, kire bonus la.

jodoh tu ALLAH yg tentukan, kalo tetibe la..kite dah jadi wanita yg solehah, tapi still dapat lelaki yg x baik jugak, anggap itu ujian ALLAH,mungkin ade hikmah ALLAH jodohkan kite dgn org ckp melalui pengalaman yg keluarga aq hadapi sendiri.camne makcik aq mampu mengubah pakcik aq dari playboy n dari x tau solat n bace al-quran kpd seseorg yg lebih baik dalam segalanye2

yang penting,insyaALLAH kalo kite jaga diri kite, tentu kite boleh dapat lelaki yg baik.kerana tempat yg kite pergi, situ la jodoh kite ade.
ingat lelaki yg baik nie susah nk jmpe mase skrg, jadi kalo kite nk suke kat sape2.. yg penting bukan la rupe atau duitnye..tetapi agama n akhlaknye.

ps: aq pon masih mencari diriku dan jodoh ku.

Liyana said...

yay...he's one of them la...huhu...harap2 la die berubah nanti..byk2 lg his bad boy to the max antics..kang if aq blog..mcm..xelok pulak pd cewek2 yg ske dgn duet die...ooppsss setuju dgn sume yg ko ckp..
semlm time borak dgn napisah,die kate saying tuh mmg ade dlm al-quran tp ayat die laen sket..xsilap la..huhu

napisah said...

"Bad women are for bad men and bad men are for bad women. And good women are for good men and good men are for good women..."
[Noble Quran 24:26]
*this is part of the verse*

Ayat ni Allah turunkan sempena satu peristiwa di mana time tuh puak2 munafik di Madinah fitnah Saiyidatina ‘Aisyah r.a. Mereka kata ‘Aisyah r.a. telah berlaku curang dengan Sofwan bin Mu’attol (seorang sahabat yg baik). Then Allah turunkan ayat nih, utk tegaskan bahawa kalau Saiyidatina ‘Aisyah r.a. betul2 curang dan jahat, takkanlah dia dapat mendampingi Rasulullah s.a.w (manusia yg paling suci) and that he loves her so much!

Kalau suami isteri tu sama pegangan hidup dan level akhlaknya, barulah kehidupan bahagia sebab orang yang berakhlak mulia takkan bahagia di sisi org yang tak berakhlak, vice versa.
Memanglah ada jodoh di antara manusia yg berbeza matlamat dan cara hidupnya. Itu tak dapat dinafikan. Firaun dan Asiah adalah antara contoh pasangan yg berbeza matlamat hidup. Yet, Allah tests His slaves.

Manusia ni berubah2kan, bak kata, sementara kita boleh ubah diri sendiri menjadi yg lebih baik, kita ubahlah mana yang mampu. I totally agree with Yaya, kalau kita nakkan yang terbaik, kita ubahlah diri kita dulu.

p/s: this is as a reminder for myself.

bareessence said...

heh i think my name is mentioned twice or maybe more than that...huhu..

well, maybe aku kolot tp aku tetap berpegang pd kata2 atau ayat2 di atas..

cume mungkin cara kita diuji itu berbeza antara satu dan yang lain...kita diuji pon untk dilihat sejauh mane kekuatan dan kepercayaan kita pada Dia kan...sbb tu ada perempuan baik dijodohkan dengan lelaki yg kurg baek..same juge ada lelaki yang baek tp dikurniakan jodoh dengan perempuan yg kurg baek...alangkah banyak nya ganjaran yg mennti jika salah seorg dari pasangan itu mampu membwa pasangan nye kearah kebaikan???Allah itu maha adil bukan, Dia tahu apa yg dirancang dan Dia tahu apa yg hambaNya mampu tanggung dan buat lantas Dia turunkan segala bentuk dugaan...yang penting jgn kita nafikan hukum dan perintah agama...

p/s:huhuhu..aku pon xbaek, marila same2 kita ke arah kebaikan,aku juga masih mencari dan menanti jodoh yg baek untk membimbing aku ke jalan yg benar....pesanan ini juga untuk diri sendiri...

Liyana said...

napisah:woahh...terima kasih kerana bagi penerangan yang jelas!tabik spring aku d'cni..:)
btul2,kenalah ubah ke arah kebaikan...jangan terbalik pulak kan?

hanna:'alangkah banyak nya ganjaran yg mennti jika salah seorg dari pasangan itu mampu membwa pasangan nye kearah kebaikan???'---bukan ini ke idea safa bile kenalkan aku dengan u-knw-who...adois...aku ni dahlah tak baik sgt..ade ke patot???hahaha

btul...aku pun masih mencari yang terbaik buat diri ini..ececeh2..:)