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Wednesday, August 26, 2009 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Back to blogging in English.:)

I watched The Ghost of Girlfriends Past recently & although a review said that the movie, ‘wasn’t as deep as McConaughey’s dimple’,the movie actually reminded me of something that I’ve been meaning to blog about a long time ago.

Oh,the point that I’m making is that,I used to know a guy who was sort of like Connor Mead and he became that way because someone that he loved hurt him badly and thus,like Connor,he didn’t want it to happen ever again & in turn,although he doesn’t know it(I hope he does now),he denies himself the opportunity to let true love in because he has ‘The Fear’.

Yes,’The Fear’.The fear is mind numbing & it can overwhelm someone & back then I thought that this was just a bunch of BS.That if you love someone or if you truly like someone,there’s nothing stopping you from eventually committing to that person,or so I thought.
But watching it play out on actually rangs true. I’ve been on the receiving end of the fear and when I think about it,it’s understandable to the guy who had ‘the fear’ thought sadly, it doesn’t make the situation or the guy sounds any better of a person.

In the movie,Connor mentioned or was it one of the ghosts?,that he left Jenny after wooing her for weeks the moment that she managed to make him fall in love with her because he knows that she has a power over him & because he doesn’t EVER want to feel the pain of the fact that she can leave him, cheat on him or die and he’d be an emotional basket-case .Yes,I’m talking like a shrink now.

But it’s TRUE.I’ve seen it unfolds in front of me in real-life.I thought the movie was okay.I’d give it a solid B.Oh,here’s a trailer of a movie that I can’t wait to’s how Woodstock came about & funnily the director is Ang Lee!No joke.The movie is Taking Woodstock.

This is also a movie that I’d love to watch,St.Trinians cos’ it looks like a hell of a good time with a bunch of weirdly fun characters.

New York,I Love You looks to be awesome..akin to the in the making star studded Valentine Day.

And lastly,Whip It.Woohoo!!It’s the chick from Juno,Ellen Page & this movie is directed by Drew her!

BTW, recently I bought this magazine called Nylon & I’ve to say I love it. The layout is just beautiful & I’ve to say this magazine will be another one that I’ll buy every month along with InStyle.I’m sorry to say but none of our country’s own fashion magazine can compare to any of them.They suck!I so need to change a few years time..who knows?:)

I bought the September issue of InStyle(Jennifer Lopez is on the cover!Hawtness)yesterday after 'berbuka' with acad,moja,azri & fira.It was rm21.90 instead of the usual rm17.90..hmmm..Maybe because it's the 15th anniversary issue..They had this page in the magazine with all the front covers throughout the 15 years they've been published & I remembered some of the covers,dating back to when I was 15 years old because that was the age that I started buying InStyle..:)


btw aku dh tgk st.trinians dgn mak kat oz. mmg best. u should watch it. altho jalan cerita mcm ntah pape sket. tp ok la. easy watching. and nylon tu ilin subscribe dia punya online mag. sbb nk beli agak mahal kan. huhu

Liyana said...

seriyes korg dh tgk??apsal itunes bru ltk trailer die??maybe bru nk tayangkan kat US kot..huhuh

ilin mmg fashionista!