Holy month of Ramadhan

Friday, August 21, 2009 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Before everything else..look at the pic below..yeaysss!!!!!
After 2 years of driving & this semester I got a 'new' car...yep..Haven't drove the Viva at all this whole semester..this is my new ride since middle this year..I love it because I tower over everyone..keh222...

Below are pics of class U8B when they wash my car during their car wash thing to raise funds for their seminar..My class are a mixture of both(B&C) because or else it would clash with my other class.

Yesterday was a day with the girls..I was relieved to be able to tell them about something that's been bugging me & it was great when actually,they've realize it long before I did..wheewww..So I wasn't a crazy person for feeling that way..hahaha..

Anyhoo,gonna miss em'.Finally got to actually talked to Izlin!!omg..haven't talk to you in so long..huhuh...Cos' she's always back from school at night & I see the girls during the afternoon..Glad that you're doing great--have fun being back home in K'tan!!
Hanna & Napisah,have fun in Ipoh!!Selamat berpuasa with your family..Hanna njoy the car waxing kit..hehehe..Jgn habiskan!:P
Hani,see u next week...lolsss

Ooooh,the fasting month is here & I always anticipate having 'sahur' with my family or friends.ALL of my family members are here,even my brother who's studying in Johor.Even my cousin who' studying there went back to his family..Yeay!!Everyone's with their family..I've even planned what I want for sahur with mama just now...Yes,I'm home!!!Woohooo.Selamat Berpuasa to all Muslims!!
Actually,there's more to blog about but I forget what..So many assignments to complete this weekend..T_T..But SIMS 3 is taking over my time..hehe..Got stucked during my Nancy Drew game..more like 'stumped'...so malas to continue!ehehe..Selamat Berpuasa!!


Yaya said...

Gilak gigih dieorg cuci kete!hahaha~

waitz...nape aq xde dlm picture korg 4 org tuh.cis!aq selalu tertinggal~aiyyaaa~

nk join jugakz~huhu

nway selamat berpose Li..jom kite plan buka pose ngan hani mau?

bareessence said...

lyana..welcome to the world without 'P'..ngehehe...

thenx to u too..miss u too..