Thank god for the weekend!

Friday, August 07, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

The weekend is here & I'm back at home sweet home,my parents house.Though I've many other assignments to complete and a lucrative project on the side to complete..Boring!!!Got good news from my mum which I hope goes well.Lately I've been thinking a lot about a couple of things & it raised a couple of questions on why I've been feeling the way I feel.sigh.It's too complicated to be said here though..:(.Oh,do read Evita Nuh's blog--The Creme De La Crop --I think she's just adorable & so fashionable for a 10 year old girl..

Time and time again I've always wished I had a little sister that I can play dress up with or make her my own real life Barbie(not blond & blue eyes,more like I want to dress her up in pretty clothes!) & share all of my dresses with her...Sometimes it's boring growing up with 3 brothers and being the only girl.That's why I just love little girls..:)..Nevermind,I'll have my own little girl in a few more years..lolsss

Have you guys watched the Alice in Wonderland trailer??It looked so cool!The movie will be out in March 2010.I can't wait for movies of books that I have to come out like Julie & Julia,Eat,Pray & love and the Lovely Bones(all of the books are with Moja because I lend it to any of you that wants to borrow em' better check with Ethos!).The Star newspaper gave Khabir Bhatia's Setem movie 5 out 5 star rating today..Can't wait to watch that movie!

My being at MTV World Stage is a bust!!sigh...Nevermind..There'll be better things to come..Hopefully!But if anyone needs a date to go there,I'm so available..lolsss...

I'm gonna catch some much needed sleep on my super comfy bed...To my friends,always carry your Dettol Sanitizer with you!!H1NI is not a joking matter!