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Tuesday, August 04, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I haven’t blog in awhile because busy with reality..hahaha.My AE(Academic Exercise/Thesis) is bumming me out because I’m stuck, as in I don’t know what to write anymore & finding credible research & journal for my topic has been uber hard eventhough I spent 2 days at the journal section of the library..sigh.

On a fun note,I did a lot of great things during the H1N1 break..Talking about H1N1,I’m getting pretty paranoid because of the fact that I read in the paper recently of the 6th death involving a young boy whom his parents said had no symptom whatsoever & only had a 1 day old fever & suddenly he died.Super scary man!Now I’m getting extra cautious & bring my sanitizer everywhere & will buy a mask pronto.

Went shopping at Sunway with my brothers & mum last Friday.Got a bottle of Vera Wang Princess thanks to my mum(though she took the satiny body lotion that came with it,which is okay since I’m using a different lotion).Mama bought a Dior perfume..can’t remember the name but it’s in a pastel pink bottle.Met an old friend of my parents,Auntie Zila there with her niece Nadirah.Got my fave cheese croquette & cheese+mushroom sausage at Jusco..got I love the combo of those 2 food.yummah!

Friday was also my parents 23rd wedding anniversary.My dad bought a cake straight after work & ask my mum not to buy it herself.huhuh.23 years of marriage & they were together since they were 18 I think...& they got me a year after they got married(I’m 22!).Hopefully,if all goes well,we’ll make a big one for their 25th wedding anniversary!!

On Saturday was my grandma’s tahlil & Izza & Wan showed up although it was a bit late,there was still yummy food for them.hehe.The other girls was back with their respective families but they came to my house on Sunday.Below are pictures of the preparation during the tahlil.And yes,the house has been red carpeted ever since I was a baby..hahaha.So we always walk on the red carpet everyday!lolsss

A lot of our relatives came & the food was catered & was delicious.Although the caterer serve dessert too,lots of the guests brought kuih like Kak Hani’s friend brought Koci Durian(sedap giler!),some of my mum’s cousin brought karipap,banana cake,more koci.

My cousin Firdaus became an exhibition after the tahlil because my aunts & my mum kept telling people about his accident.Even Izza & Wan came upstairs to see him.

He got hit by a lorry while driving his friend motorcycle,on the way to class at UiTM Segamat.Actually,according to Umi(my aunt & my siblings call her Umi since we were little cos’ our families are very close with each other)he looked much worse before this but still I was shocked when I saw him that morning.He had many,many scary looking stitches, wound & scars & his left foot was cemented.Glad that he’s doing okay though.He’s going to have to eat lots of Ikan Haruan & gamat to heal his wounds & scars.