Update 2:Super Innara

Wednesday, August 05, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

After the tahlil,my family & I went to my parent’s old high school friends house in USJ(my parents have been together since high school) to meet them since it’s been more than 5 years since they last saw them.Uncle Zam & Auntie Lina( I don’t remember her name..huhu,hope this is right) has a beautiful lil girl name Super Innara.Yes,that’s what she claim her name is when I ask her what is her name.

Me:What’s your name?

Innara: (with a serious face) Super Innara.

Me: (aq salah dgr ker??) What’s your name again?

Innara: (dgn nada ko xpercaya ke name aq?) Super Innara!

Her mum explained to me that she tells everyone that her name is Super Innara,even her teacher at kindergarten,because she said that she’s fast like Superman.Her real name is Innara but it doesn’t has Super in front though.

She can play golf,like really play & she has her own set of golf clubs & everything because Uncle Zam is an avid golfer(my dad used to golf but not anymore).She actually memorized all of the different kind of golf clubs & didn’t stop playing golf again & again (she got 3 hole in one!) when we were there,because she has this mini golf lane thing(sorry,I don’t speak golf!).
She was very friendly towards me & I was really taken by her because I don’t have a sister & always want a mini me!!Her mum even said that after this I can come & babysit her if I want.yeay!!Innara only speaks in English okay..haha.

Uncle Zam’s mum is my dad’s ‘mak angkat’ when my dad was in high school & my dad spend a lot of time at their house that even Uncle Zam’s siblings are close to my dad & my mum. After we went to Uncle Zam’s house,we went to his mum’s house which was nearby too.

There,although at Uncle Zam’s house my dad has told them that I can never get marry early,he proceeded to tell the story to Uncle Zam’s 2 siblings.One of them, Auntie Zila(whom we met yesterday at Sunway) was like, “Kenape pulak!Tak baik la kau ni.Liyana,nanti jumpe auntie,kite borak2”(something along that line la),to which my dad laughs because obviously they’ve known my dad since he was a teenage boy & back then was when he started dating my mum.hehe.

On Sunday morning went to the flea market at the Shah Alam stadium with the family,PKNS to buy durians for the girls who are coming for tea & then Shah Alam Mall(or Plaza Masalam as my friends call it) cos’ my family goes there every week since my brothers have been buying their games cd there for years.Thrifted 2 awesome jackets at the flea market for-----only rm15 for BOTH!!!How effing cheap is that??
Went home,prepared the food for the tea with the girls & packed some of my homemade lasagna for my brother,Haziq who went back to Segamat & send him to Petronas to meet his friend who’s driving them back there.