Sunday, August 09, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Yesterday was a not so productive day for me...stayed at home & laze around my parents house & only came out of the house at night for awhile.I just like being a hermit sometime(not a recluse Yat!!)..It's nice to be able to sit on my bed and watch Gilmore Girls reruns on dvd for the bazillion time & also I gave The Sims 3 another try on my Vaio because a friend talked to me about it.

I slept yesterday at 4 am!yes...haih..Blame it for sleeping for more than 12 hours the day before and because I was so engrossed in reading this biography written by Ekaterina Gordeeva about her late husband & their relationship title My Sergei:A Love Story.I bought the book months ago but since I buy books like 7 or 10 at a time,it'll take awhile for me to finish reading all of them.
I know that a new book by Sophie Kinsella,'Twenties Girl' has come out even days before it did here in our country but I was hoping more for her to continue the Shopaholic series actually cos' I so want to read about how she's going to raise her baby..It will make for a really funny read!

You know what,the more I watch How I Met Your Mother episodes over and over again from season1-4,I realize that the sitcom taught me a lot of things..I love all the theories that Barney spews on the show...Although he's disgusting.he's my favorite character because he's so damn funny & unapologetic for being a man-whore.It's my Friends replacement although I still watch Friends reruns since my aunt has each season of the show.

Today however,as I was sleeping peacefully,my cousin whom I haven't met in years(cos' she lives in Terengganu& now she's old enough to go to uni),called me.Of course I was all like can you call me back later..:P.It was 9.30am for god's sake & it's a Sunday morning kot!!!Who the heck bangun awl2????Anyhoo,my mum woke me up soon after cos' we're going out & of COURSE I was up in a jiff because of any reason to shop!hahaha.

I texted my cousin & we met her after flea market-ing at Amcorp Mall..I saw the purffect typewriter for Izza which got her uber excited..lolss.I bought(well my mum bought for me..kah22..) a pretty top/minidress that's uber cheerful & covered in sunflowers!!!!Yes sunflowers!!How much more cheerful can you get???I can't wait to wear em'..weeeee!Gonna go now!!!byessssss