Dorama:Last Friends--Amazingly executed.

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During last week Raya break I watched Last Friends for 1 day & 1/2. Thanks to Yaya who burn it for me.

I loved the series but it's not one of those happy/funny kind of series.It's about Domestic Violence and Gender Confusion.I thought that this drama managed to tackle both issues with grace.The DV part was just very brutal and shocking and you would not have seen it coming.The first time one of the characters was abused,I cried because it was unexpected and it was just so painful to watch.This is a series that should be used in Women Literature(the subject that I'm taking this semester) but I guess because there's 11 episodes so it might be too long.

There's a special episode(most Japanese dorama has a special episode which goes on for about 2 hours) but I've to admit it's the worst Japanese SP I've ever watched & I've watched quite a lot--my fave SP are Hanazakarino,Proposal Daikusen,Nodame Cantabile--4 hours!I won't reveal much about this series because I want you guys to watch it for yourselves.But the DV scenes will shock you.Be warned!


Should I buy this??Plz help!!

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People,I need your help.I need your opinion!Should I buy them??If not,I'll buy this other pair of shoe that I saw at the mall..hehe.



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Before everything else,today I went to lunch with Yaya at SACC & you won't believe what happened!Someone STOLE a bag from the Guess store & there wasn't any alarm going off.We were on our way to eat when we saw like 3 security guards in the Guess store.The expression of the salesgirl was EXACTLY like what happened to me 2 weeks ago.DISBELIEF.She promptly close the store because she was the only one there.

Can you believe it that someone had the guts/nerve to walk into the Guess store,took the bag & just walkout eventhough it's like near the entrance & there's security guards there?Sadly there's no CCTV in the Guess store,I think.I pity the girl because she was manning the store alone(I'm sure her partner went out or something) & she'll probably have to payback for the stolen bag.

I guess the girl was probably behind the counter & didn't notice it until it was too late.More and more theft cases are happening in Shah Alam.The police seriously need to buckle up & people should really install CCTV in their stores---TESCO sek 13(not Extra) should take note!

These past few weeks of good eats has resulted in me getting some undesirable reactions from my aunt and friends.No,they won't say that I look like a hippo,though in my mind,I look like a mini hippo.hahaha.It's just that my oval shaped face has become more round these days.Thus,to clarify why this happened,I'll list down the food that I ate for this past 1 week although I can't list what I ate on what day cos' I don't effing remember..:)

Pizzahut=3 slice


McDonalds=big mac set--ughhh the calories!

Baskin Robbins=I went there 3 times this week!!!All because of Cherries Jubilee.

Secret Recipe cakes=Butterscotch(according to my mum it's a new flavor--though I didn't go so I've no idea if the name of the cake is right) & Classic Cheese

Rice=4 times or more in 7 days---arggghhh---blame my mum for making sambal tumis petai,fried fish & yada2.

Open houses(6 in total)=which means lemang,rendang,nasi minyak..blah222

My mum's beef & chicken rendang which finished on Thursday or was it Friday?

Various kuih raya.

But I think the culprit for the recent shift of my face shape is rice & beef rendang.I think up until Thursday,I ate beef rendang EVERYDAY!*GULP*

Talking about food,Big Apple has all new flavors & only 6 or was it 5 doughnuts flavor from the previous old flavor were retained.I bought the cherry one..forgot it's name.

Hey,this is my 403 posts---that's a lot & this blog was set up in 2006 & was abandoned for a year or so..hahaha


A not so short one after all..hahah

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There’s so much that I want to blog about but have no time to do so due to the fact that I procrastinated during the 1 week Raya break & have assignments to complete.Here’s what I’ve been doing:

Ate: Tons of Washington apples—3 or 2 in a day ,crunchy ones,I hate mushy apples ,stir fried Kailan—yum2 ,sambal tumis petai--ate it 3 times this week, thanks to my mum who cooked it, pizza—greasy calorific food at its finest!,rice22—diet is too short to deprive yourself—burn the calories later!

Drank: Green tea(loose),fresh honeydew juice--it takes 1 whole honeydew to yield 2 mugs worth of juice, tea(me loves Earl Grey!), Vico milkshake—taste like liquid candy bar...haha,water2222.

Baked: Baguette—Slather them with roasted garlic butter---wrap 1 whole garlic, don’t peel or cut, with foil & bake at 220 Celsius for 30 minutes, take out,it’ll come out of the skin, mix with butter---eat with freshly baked bread---YUMMAAAHHHHHH!!Ahhh I love starch!!—Atkins is definitely NOT for me..haha.

Watched: Mythbuster(watch the banana peel one..super funny & cool!!), Allure & Who What Wear video podcasts,

Tons of dvd movies—Imagine That(the kid is super cute & annoying), The Proposal(ScarJo is such a lucky woman to have a husband as hot & sensitive—referring to his interview in Instyle June 2009—how do I know this?I never miss an issue of Instyle,ever!), Mad Money, Ramen Girl& etc.

Japanese drama series dvd(thanks to Yay who burned them 4me!)—Last Friends(watch it has a lot of good messages (will blog about it sometime)—the special episode sux though, & Nodame Cantabile—loved the 4 hours special episode!!

Gossip Girl season 3—I hate Georgina & Serena is a mess!! ,& HIMYM season 5--Robyn & Barney, Ted becomes Prof.Mosbey!!!

Bought: New pendrive to replace the stolen one, Sharpie markers in various colors—now the stack of cd’s that I burn for the car every week won’t be nameless, making it hard for me to find what I want to listen to WHILE driving--, brand new makeup everything (cos’ they were in my big makeup bag in my handbag that got stolen!!),a new wallet,some accessories from F21(wish I could spend hundreds!).

Played: Guitar Hero—it’s hard!!I’m lefthanded & still at the Beginner stage..haha,Desperate Housewives—again,although I’ve played it years ago--,Nancy Drew WAC mini-game online—can’t wait for the pc game dvd to come out.Just notice that Nancy Drew games are rated E!!Means that the level of difficulty are waaay higher..Case in point,Ransom of 7 ships was HARD but I manage to solve it!


Raya 2009 & old songs from my old laptop!

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The day before Raya & the day before the day before Raya(r u confused??haha) was spent by me & my family buying Raya stuff like clothes,cookies and such. The night before Raya,after having iftar at Mak Lang’s house ,me & my family went to PKNS for some last minute shopping stuff & it was packed like sardines. It was hard to even walk among the throngs of people. Sadly because my old hp has been stolen (along with a lot of other things),I couldn’t take any pictures of the super cute cookies. They were shaped like strawberry ,mushroom, corn and many more cute shapes. Mama bought some cookies along with the mushroom shaped ones in pink because I like em’.Anyway,pretty cookies are for decoration not for eating..hahaha.I kid!

The first day of Raya was spent with relatives from both sides of the family and it involves lots of super delicious but calorific food like beef & chicken rendang,kuah kacang,lemang,ketupat,ayam masak merah,briyani ayam,masak lodeh,various cookies,beehoon & so many more.It was also fun when me & my cousins from my mum’s side(on my dad’s side,I’m the oldest cousin, so I’m closer with the ones on my mum’s side)gossiped and reminiscence about our younger days. Funnily although I lugged around my dad’s huge ass camera,I forgot,or rather all of us forgot to take any pictures. Blame the lemang for making us all feeling very sleepy.Pak Uda(my dad’s younger brother) who came with his family from Terengganu stayed over for a night at our house.

The 2nd day of Raya,my family & I along with my dad’s siblings & their family went to Banting to visit my dad’s late parents relatives there. The last time we went there was years ago back when my paternal grandmother was still alive.I remembered that the relatives there, instead of serving us the normal Raya fare, served us lots of huge prawns that were fried & dipped with sauces. Delicious! Back then my allergies weren’t as severe as they are now. So when we went there this year,they serve us a delicious lunch which consists of prawns ,fishes & some Javanese dishes. I ate the sweet & sour bawal fish( I love a good sweet & sour fish dish!) & a few prawns to avoid scratching myself by night time. There was tempe so I was very happy.haha.

My old Compaq laptop has been fixed & my younger brother will use it for his studies. Thankfully, all of the documents in the laptop are still there! Because before this my dad said that his friend told him the stuff in the hard drive got deleted..I guess he didn’t really know what he was doing. So now in my Vaio,I have 1266 songs because in my old laptop there were 617 songs that I haven’t listened to in 2 years(yes that’s how long the laptop haven’t been fixed!)!My taste in music is pretty eclectic & ran the gamut from pop to rock to alt to classic to just plain weird music.hahaha.

Some of the singers/bands that I have forgotten about & have been hibernating in defunct-now-back-again- laptop are(in alphabetical order since I’m looking at my iTunes):

1)The Afters-Beautiful Love is pretty good.

2)Agnes Monica-I still listened to her songs even when my old laptop went kaput but I forgot about songs like Kau Yang Kucinta,Tanpa Kekasihku & Dan tak mungkin—excellent vocals on all songs.

3)Albert Hammond Jr—Back then(2 years ago)he was engaged to one of The Pierces girls(which made me listen to them 2 years ago too..not anymore..haha) but now of course he’s engaged to Agyness.I love the song In Transit.

4)Architecture in Helsinki—Such a fun group of people making fun music.I love their Scissor Paper Rock & It 5(the part where they shout ‘It’s 5!’..haha) song.

5)Bardot—Oooh,remember the reality tv show that discovered them?As a teen I was obsessed over that show & I love the song Poison,I should’ve never let you go & These Days.

6)Bell X1—I love the song Beautiful Madness & In Every Sunflower.

7)Better than Ezra—Listen to Juicy & you’ll be feeling like catwalking!

8)Billie Holiday—Of course I listened to ‘Someone to watch over me’.

9)Bobby Darin—I love him!!!Especially the song ‘Don’t rain on my parade’ with the opening line---Hey world,here I am!

10)Bone thugs n’ harmony—The song ‘take the lead’makes you wanna dance y’all!haha

11)Butterfly Boucher—How cool is her name right?I love ‘A bitter song’ ,never leave your heart alone & I can’t make me.

12)Citizen Cope-listen to Sideways..amazing guitar!

13)Damien Rice—A guy that I was close with back then recommended me to listen this singer.I love Blowers sad & beautiful..

14)David Sides—I remembered I saw his vid on youtube & was blown away & tried to download all of his works & managed to.

15)Death Cab for cuties—I was influenced by Adam Brody & a super senior of mine.I of course loved the song Soul Meets Body..I still love the song!

16)John Mayer—I remembered my senior,Kak Ana(or now everyone knows her as the famous Ana Rafalli) being obsessed with him & was over the moon when she saw him play in Japan. I totally forgot about the song ‘I’m gonna find another you’ these past 2 years & now I’m listening to it again & again.

17)Michelle Featherstone—That’s why when my friends were listening to her song that had the cute lyrics,I thought her name sounded so familiar.Turns out I had been listening to her years ago & forgot that I love the song We are Man & Wife and Coffee & Cigarettes.

18)Mozella—A senior of mine reviewed one of her songs on her FB recently & I suddenly remembered that I used to listen to her!Checking the long list of old songs on my old laptop,my fave had to be the song Messiah.

19)Paulo Nutini—I love his voice & the songs Last Request,These Streets & Million Faces.

20)Regina Spektor—Of course I have never stopped listening to her since these 5 years cos’ I am one of her biggest fan but I totally forgot that I had songs like ‘Reading time with pickle’(
which I’m listening while blogging this).

21)Ritchie Valens—I remembered watching the movie La Bamba when I was a kid & being so affected by it cos’ he died!I watched the movie a few years ago & I was still sad that both he & Buddy Holly died in that plane crash.I of course,duh,love the song La Bamba & Come on,let’s go.

22)Rosemary Clooney—listen to Mambo Italiano!!

23)Ryan Adams—Yes it’s Ryan,not Brian okay.I love the song Amy & Come pick me up.

24)The Shirelles—Listen to the song One Fine Day & Please Mr.Postman..They’re so much fun!

There’s many more but I’m getting tired of typing,have assignments to complete,have to help my brother convert some video files,have a girly day out/sleepover with the young cousins..huhu..A full week!!!Toodles!!


Gossip Girl 301--lots of spoiler here!

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Just watched/downloaded the first episode of Gossip Girl season 3 yesterday & I loved it!!!!!!!Can’t wait for the 2nd episode!!

-Nate & Bree has a Romeo & Juliet thing going on .The song when they were in the helicopter was so damn poyo...hahaha.But I am sooo not feeling Nate’s new hairdo..can you say ewww?Nate turned down that red Ferrari??WTF!!!!!!!!!Give it to me man!hahaha

-Dan & Jenny trying to get used to being rich & Jenny seems to be adjusting very well..haha Dan looked so much more buff than season 2 and that’s a lot of 100 dollar bills in his wallet. He's looking pretty hot!Jenny’s hair is back to being blonde.Heard that she’s trying to become the new queen bee this season..Interesting..

-Chuck & Blair,Chuck & Blair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!woooohoooooooooo.I love Blair’s line... “Now take your American hair & poreless skin & get out!”...hahaha.Actually I find their game pretty cool because A)Chuck already told the girl that he has a girlfriend but she still goes for him,B)Thus,Blair gets to yell at chicks who’s trying to get it on with her boyfriend .

Loved how catty Blair was in giving comments about the girls that they were going to choose for their game...“Adam’s apple?”...hahaha.I love love love X100000 the way Chuck lower his voice to talk to her & the way he looked at her..“I want you to be happy....”AWWWWWWWWW...*Swoon*

Chuck looked so dapper in his suit & with that little flower on the lapel.Plus,he lost a lot of weight & looked waaaay better than season2 & I love his haircut!Blair has chucked her headband in this episode & I love the dress at the Polo match because of the ruffles & color compared to the first one because it was brocade..Hurm,both dresses were from the green color family.haha

-Vanessa & Scott...He just gives me the creeps!Poor Vanessa cos’ she has no idea that he’s getting close to her so that he’ll get to be close to the Humphreys & Lily.Like duh,when he took a long time accepting Rufus’s handshake at the Polo Match.And what’s up with Vanessa’s god awful hair???ewwww.

-Serena & Carter..Carter is looking mighty fine(in real life he is Leighton’s boyfriend after all)!Loved both of Serena’s dress in this episode.Especially the halter one.It was so funny when Blair mentioned about her & Christiano Ronaldo...Her reaction was priceless.That’s so Paris Hilton-ish of her!lolssss.Guess she was trying to get the attention of her MIA father by getting herself into those tabloids.

*Alexandra Richards(her other famous sibling is Theodora Richards!)played herself in this episode..Looked for her in the Polo Match & it has something to do with Blair & Chuck’s game.haha.


Onto brighter things

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I could list down all the material & branded things that was stolen from me yesterday but what's the used?I'm not the only person in the world who this sort of thing has happened to.So why be all 'woe is me'?Yaya who was at the scene of the crime was very amazed at how strong I was but I guess I got it from my mama(Will I.Am song is very true!).After the whole world came crashing down experience,I called my mum & she managed to make everything okay.She's the firm believer that EVERY problem has a solution.

She always managed to stay positive even in the bleakest of situation & with that attitude & tenacity,she always manage to overcome the curve balls that life has thrown to her countless of time.She's my rock..T_T..That's why I worship the grown that she walks on.Mama means everything to me.Thank you so much for being supportive,for not yelling at me,for telling me calmly what I should do.Thanks so much to Hanna who drove me back all the way to my parents house to get the spare key for the car & BACK!fuuuuh...And Yaya for being there & experiencing the whole 'surreal' experience.

Thanks to Makchak who actually reimbursed the money that was stolen from me that I earned from baking lotsa cookies(there were a few hundreds).Thanks to MakTeh & Maksu for helping me with the alarm & carkeys & now I got a new set of them.phewww.

But the things that I lost that hurt me the most was a picture of my parents when they were young(around 20 years old--yes they've been together since they were 18!) which was inside the purse,countless of phone numbers of friends/relatives in my hp,bussiness cards of many people..even Zizan Nin!cisss..hahaa.My library card which I can still photocopy 90+pages of journal!!!arggh...I guess there's a reason for all of this.Maybe to show me to not be dependent on material things?Maybe I'll be getting a wonderful guy??ahahhhhaaaahahah..

I'm looking forward for the weekend.I just bought a bunch of dvd's today while duplicating the car key.Can you believe it that there's A FIFTH BRING IT ON movie??And that I have ALL OF THEM??hahahaha..LOSER!Yes,I bought the latest Bring it On movie,which is Bring it On:Fight to the Finish & also,Wizards of Waverly Place the movie---I heart Selena Gomez & don't mind she that she dates Taylor Lautner--ooh how hot is he during recent VMA'S???

Oh can you believe Kanye???Poor Taylor she looked so 'blur' & dumbfounded.Beyonce was so nice to give her the chance to continue her speech when Beyonce won Video of the year.Kanye is just too much drama!I lover Taylor's subway performance of You Belong With Me that I download it & she looked so pretty in her red dress,lips & nails!!Red everything!

Leighton Meester is on the Best Dress list during VMA at Popsugar..she looked awesome!I love the West Side Story vid that she did with Cobra Starship for the VMA Side Story.I'm such a big fan of hers that I've download all the tv interviews that she did from Ellen,Letterman to The View.She's so pretty!



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That's how I feel right now...Numb...After what happened today,I don't know what to feel anymore.Today has got to be the shittiest day ever in my entire 22 years of living.



Busy bee!(a long post)

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Fuuh been busy baking the last 7 orders of cookies!Finnito!!yeay..Back to assignments(which is quite a lot) and at the end of this week I'll be shopping for raya clothes/shoes with mama & the lil' brothers...yeay!!!

This will be a LONG post before taking a short hiatus from this blog to concentrate on the many things in my life..hehe.

Last Wednesday was sort of funny because I went through lots of medical things.Like checking my blood pressure,my BMI,blood & even peeing in the cup thing—urine test.It all started with this pain that I got on the right side of my abdomen. Sort of like a shooting kind of pain and it was akin to having a mini period cramp but the funny thing was it wasn’t the time of the month.

So I texted my mum & asked her what could it be & she thought I better go & see the doc since it could be appendicitis. In my head I was like noooooooooooooo..I’ve never been admitted to the hospital and doesn’t want to!The worse ‘disease’ that has happened to me was Chicken Pox & my seafood allergy.

But my class was from 9.30-2pm straight.So I had to wait before I could go to see the doc.When I went to the loo between classes,Ms.Sally called me & asked me to donate some money for the asasians thing that they did with IJN(Institut Jantung Negara).Got a button & signed on the banner with a pretty pink marker.Then there was these 2 nurses there who could take your blood pressure & check your BMI.So after my last class,me &my classmates went to check our blood pressure & BMI.

Thankfully mine were normal.It was 118/84.Didn’t remember what both were but other than that it was the lowest in the chart.While my BMI was NORMAL!Yeay!But I still think I could use to lose a few more kilos.My height is 169cm...Because all this while I thought I was 165(I haven’t measure my height in a loongggggggg time).

After the whole blood pressure/BMI thing,had a 2 hour meeting for our Professional Development class seminar & after that I went to see the doc.Sigh.I just love nice people.People who are nice to others just make me go all warm and fuzzy.The doctor & nurse in room M9 at PK was very nice to me even when I was her 2nd last patient & they smiled a lot.

The doc poked at my stomach & afterwards she asked me to go to the lab to take my blood sample & urine sample. Waited a bit & I was the only person at PK then because it was 5-ish.There was this cute little girl in a peach dress,who was running around wearing a mask with her mother, one of the nurse, who also smiled at me when I smile at them.See?It doesn’t hurt to smile at others!

The doc called me back after they run the test on my samples & both were normal.pheewww.She said that maybe I ate something spicy yesterday(to which I couldn’t remember) or I didn’t take my sahur(which I did).So she gave me 2 kind of medicine,tablet & syrup.She smiled at me & I wish her Selamat Berbuka.Took the medicine from the a bit bored/grouchy looking miss manning the counter & when I wished her Selamat Berbuka,she smiled!Yeay,I made her mood better.:)

As I walked away,I remembered what I had for sahur..hehehe.Mc D fries mixed with a heck load of black pepper & dipped with chilli sauce & a Big & Tasty burger filled with chilli sauce too.Oopps. Of course I had to text my mother & told her the result but I was kinda scared that she would nag at me since only 2 days ago she told me NOT TO EAT SPICY FOOD SO MUCH.ahakzzz.I can’t help it though.I like spicy food & can’t stand bland food.eyucksss.

Afterwards,I went back to the girls place & of course I got ridicule by them for it.Siapa makan cili,dialah terasa pedas.Pedasss!hahaa.Hanna cooked chicken soup for iftar.My friends are a simple lot as they don’t need to have iftar at a 5 star hotel buffet or fancy pants places.

Besides, cooking for your friends is much better because you put your love & effort into it & your friends get to taste the fruits of your labour.Hani’s tomyam was also served along with sambal ubi kentang & ikan bilis(I ate it cos’ it wasn’t that spicy!ehehe).Toodles!!

P/S:I watched The Ugly Truth(cinema) & I Hate Valentine’s Day(dvd).Both are okay.The former was sort of an eye opener because some of the things that was said in the movie about the difference between men & women are very true although some of them are way gross & too much information.Colin is super HOT!!!Oh,I so agree with the bit about ponytail thing because I actually loathe putting my hair in a ponytail unless I really have to..haha

I thought the movie I Hate Valentine’s Day was okay but I still prefer My Big Fat Greek Wedding which also starred both Nia Vardalos & John Corbett.Nia lost a LOT of weight in this movie compared to MBFGW!There were many funny parts but I guess in a way it was predictable though the whole 5 dates theory is pretty cool!



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I would gladly spend all of my raya clothes money on this pair of shoe...GLADLY!BUT....ferthere's none in my size!!!&^%$@#&*&!!
I'm a size 8 & am a HUGE shoe freak...Like my parents told my relatives..I'm a mini Imelda Marcos in the making...hehe..
RM420 for a pair of shoe as lustful as this.It's Christian Louboutin man--though I've no effing idea if it's ori or not but they claim you'll get a Christian Louboutin dustbag&shoebox!!!!!There's 3 pairs of different sizes each so you guys out there who's not a size 8(damn u big feet!!),go & get it HERE.I'll get my shoe fix at Wondershoe instead..sigh...:(



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Being bombarded with assignments that has to be completed before Raya is putting a bit of a damper on my mood but fret not,there is some major shopping to do for Raya in a few more days.I'm proud to say that this will be 2 year in a row that I am buying my own baju raya using the money that I got from the cookies that I bake.Oh,I feel like such a grown up...hahaha.

Only like 6 orders of cookies to go that will be bake by me during the weekend.Yes,I only bake during the weekend back when I'm at my parents house.Weekdays are for boring/fun/sleepy-ish classes..ahakzzz.

Currently I can't stop listening to the song Good Girls Go Bad...The lyrics are effing funny but true though since I've met a fair share of bad boys but they haven't succeeded in changing me to become as bad as they are.To give them credit,they were good TO me, just the fact that the choices that they make in life is not something that I agree or want to be a part of.Kinda like why Lauren had to leave Jason because of his extreme alcohol abuse.Other than that,they make great date partners.

I love,love,love Leighton's voice in it & she looked super hot in the video..what an inspiration!!haha.Listened to the song like 4 time straight in the car(burned into a cd) just to listen to her part in the song.:)It's so heroin chic voice(the drug).BUT,being a big fan of hers,I've downloaded her other songs like Body Control,Birthday,Again2 & Inside the black & I have to honestly say,it doesn't sound too good...I think she better stick to acting...ooops.I still love you though!


Cookies& little cousins

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The title of the blog is self explanatory..hahah..Been baking lotsa cookies for Raya orders.Though my mum advised me to not take any orders this raya cos' she wants me to concentrate fully on my studies(yeah right..hehe) but I just can't say no to my close friends & lecturers who ordered it.Some ordered like5 cases of hazelnut choc chip & one ordered 4 cases of walnut choc chip...It's a good thing that I find baking a very therapeutic thing to do..I love measuring the ingredients & then mixing them altogether...

Into the oven
Magic!!Yummy choc chip with hazelnuts!

Last night my dad's siblings & my cousins came for berbuka puasa.It lasted until midnight!I even managed to put my makeup skills to good use on 2 of my lil cousins.The one on the left is Ika(the eldest of 3 sisters),who's 16 years old & studies at Sri Aman while on the right is Syazana(the eldest & only girl with 3 brothers--just like me!) who's 15 & studying at TTDI Jaya.I gave a pair of my Voir wooden heels to Syazana cos' it doesn't fit me.Shared beauty tips with em' & gave my creme caramel recipe that I made for berbuka to Ika.Both of them has their own blogs so I'll link em' up soon & I'm definitely going to edit their grammar..haha.

Mak Tam(Ika's mum) took my choc chip recipe which I only give to family members because it taste EXACTLY like Famous Amos.And mine doesn't taste cloyingly sweet cos' my tooth tend to hurt when I eat Famous Amos due to too much sugar in it.The ingredients are just flour,butter,brown sugar,white sugar,salt,baking soda(not powder!),vanilla essence & egg.BUT the key to make good choc chip cookies that taste exactly like Famous Amos lies on how many parts of each ingredients should we put & which one goes first...That's a secret I never tell..XOXO..:). Only a few more days before Gossip Girl season 3 premiers..Can't wait!


Lack of knowledge

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Since this is my blog, I can still blog in English and sometimes when I feel like it,I can blog in my mother tongue, the Malay language.

Ever since I drove the Unser,I tend to wash it when it's really dirty..Thankfully it's black..if it was the white Viva...I would look like such a dirty girl for not being able to wash her car once in awhile...So today after almost 2 weeks of not washing my car(the last time was the U8B car wash thing),I washed it about an hour ago...It's definitely a workout since the car is like 2 &1/2 times the size of the Viva that I used to drive...I remembered Mr.Suthagar's reaction when he saw me going to my car(I always seem to park my car next to his..haha).."Why are you driving such a big car?"...I was like..."Because my dad gave it to me?"...:P

I deleted this part of the post because I think it made me sound like a conceited git which I'm not..ahaha..You know how you say something that you don't mean & you hear it with your own ears& can't believe that,that actually came out?Well that's how I feel after I realize today what I wrote yesterday.

I would like to share with you this newspaper article that I told to my friends a few weeks ago because I thought it shows how lack of knowledge is definitely embarassing when your line of work requires you to be well informed.But heck,to me,what this certain clueless reporter doesn't know is about general knowledge,something that I,a degree student who have yet to graduate(I'll be graduating in 2010..insyallah)even knows!Though she doesn’t represent all reporters in our country, it did indeed embarrassed the tv station that she’s employed with.tsk2...How embarrassing...Do your homework please!
Taken from The Star online(the purple words are my reaction)
Saturday August 15, 2009

Which party is Karpal from?

KUALA LUMPUR: There was a sense of disbelief in the High Court here yesterday when a reporter from Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) said she was not sure which party Karpal Singh belonged to.
Eliani Mazlan, 26, who took the stand on the third day of Karpal Singh’s sedition trial was being cross-examined by Jagdeep Singh Deo.

Jagdeep: Do you know which party is Karpal Singh from?
Eliani: I am not sure.-----How can you not know??You're a reporter!

Karpal who was also present, could not help smiling in amusement when she said that.
Karpal was alleged to have uttered seditious words against the Sultan of Perak at his legal firm Messrs Karpal Singh & Co in Jalan Pudu Lama on Feb 6.
He is charged under Section 4 (1) (b) of the Sedition Act 1948.
Earlier, Jagdeep asked Eliani if she knew who Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was, to which she replied he was PKR’s president.

Jagdeep then asked if she knew that PKR was part of Pakatan Rakyat, to which she said she was not sure.---OH MY GOD!

She also remained silent when asked if she had heard of Pakatan Rakyat.
Eliani was only two months into her job when she went to cover the press conference in February where Karpal is said to have uttered seditious words.

To a statement by Jagdeep that Karpal was a person of principle who held a different view on party hopping from his other colleagues in Pakatan, the reporter again replied that she was not sure.
Referring to the full transcript of the press conference, Jagdeep asked Eliana if she was sure that Karpal had really said he would sue the Sultan.

Jagdeep: At page four, paragraph two of the video transcript, Karpal said “In fact, I’ve stated very clearly that we will sue the Sultan together with the new state government as defendants if they persist.” Are you sure Karpal said he would sue the Sultan? What does it say?
Eliani: We.
Jagdeep: It is not I.
Eliani: But it could mean himself.
Jagdeep: We could mean I? Is that what you are trying to say? What was said in the transcript?
Eliani: We.
Jagdeep: So you agree that we is not I?
Eliani: Yes.
Jagdeep: You agree that your understanding is completely a misunderstanding?
Eliani: I am not sure.-_-
Jagdeep also relentlessly questioned the witness about the “gaps” in the video footage of Karpal’s media conference which was tendered in court on Thursday.
Judicial Commissioner Azman Abdullah ticked Jagdeep off for his intimidating style of questioning and reminded him not to shout at the witness.
“But My Lord, I have yet to shout at her,” replied Jagdeep, drawing laughter from those present.---LOLSS
The trial resumes on Tuesday.
What do you think???The article speaks for itself...tsk2...


Pemandu tak berhemah

Thursday, September 03, 2009 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Haaa,aku tahu bila kawan2 rapat aku nampak je tajuk entri nih,mesti berpusu2 nak baca.keh2...Sebab mereka tahu macam mana perangai aku bila menanggani pemandu tak berhemah ni.Tak padan dengan diri seorang perempuan,aku jadi raksasa bertanduk bila kena dengan pemandu tak berhemah atau jika mereka ‘cross my path’..memang kena la!Jangan ingat perempuan separa ayu(aku mengaku aku taklah seayu...sape2lah lagi ayu dari aku..hahaha) tak reti naik darah...:P..

Aku bukanlah hari2 menjadi raksasa bertanduk.Hanya ketika memandu dan itu pun kadang2....Tapi aku jadi raksasa bertanduk ketika memandu disebabkan oleh pemandu2 yang tak berhemah.Bukan sengaja aku tengah memandu pastuh aku kata,'eh nak jadi raksasa bertanduk la hari ni'.hahaha.

Bak kata ayah aku,walaupun kita pemandu berhemah di jalan raya,kadang2 itu tak mencukupi & perlu sentiasa dalam keadaan sentiasa berjaga/’aware’/’alert’--bagi aku ini bermaksud menggunakan kuasa hon Unser yang power bila nak ‘alert’ kan pemandu2 yang tak ‘alert’.Sebab walaupun kita berhemah di jalan raya,orang2 yang tak berhemah boleh merosakkan mood pemanduan kita atau lebih teruk merosakkan kereta kita.

Kalau nak blog pasal benda ni memang berkajang2..jadi dalam entri ni,untuk jadikan ia lebih menarik,aku akan kategorikan pemandu2 tak berhemah yang telah menaikkan darah aku & membuat aku bertukar menjadi raksasa bertanduk.

1)Pemandu yang tak bagi signal

Memang,memang aku ada kuasa psikik la nak tau kan kau nak masuk ke tak ke simpang ni.hish.Nih aku nak tanya,kurang ke minyak jika kasi signal?Hilang ke kredibiliti jika kau kasi signal?Tak paham aku.Yang kelakarnya,aku pernah keluar dengan seorang lelaki yang dari shah alam ke sunway time kiteorang keluar,langsung tak kasi signal.ish2..Tak cool la!Tak susah kasi signal kan..Susah sangat ke?

Ini juga sering berlaku di roundabout.Memang mangkuk pinggan sudu piring semua lah!Apalagi,aku pun menggunakan kuasa hon yang sangat kuat kepada mereka yang tak bagi signal tuh atau pandang dia dengan muka bengis.Muka bengis aku sangat bengis okay...haha.

2) Pemandu yang main tukar2 lane ikut suka hati dia

Nih lagi satu.Aku boleh,BOLEHLA terima orang tukar2 lane jika kereta2 semua jarak2 sangat jauh dari satu sama lain(Nampak sangat aku pun pernah buat..keh2)..terutama kat lebuhraya,jadi takde la kebarangkalian berlanggar. Tapi jika dekat 3-4 inci...yang kau main tukar2 lane & TAK BAGI SIGNAL tu memang cari nahas la!Sebab hampir kena kereta aku.Memang la kena hon bapak kuat & berkali2.Padan muke!

3)Pemandu yang ikut bontot kereta

Yang ini memang buat aku menyirap.Lebih2 lagi sebab yang bawak kereta macam kura2 kat depan aku,jadi aku tak boleh nak buat apalah(jika jalan hanya ada 1 lane),yang kau kat belakang cucuk2 aku buat apa?Bengom btul la!Mungkin jugak sebab kereta Unser yang aku pakai nih besau jadi orang tak nampak ada kereta yang lembab gila di depan aku..Tu boleh la dimaafkan.

4)Pemandu yang makan jalan

Kalau pemandu macam ini memandu di jalan Puncak Alam,memang habis la.Kau tahu tak jalan Puncak Alam macam mana?Takde pembahagi jalan okay.Aku dah biasa ulang alik.Jadi takde istilah ‘termakan jalan’ dekat jalanraya Puncak Alam.Kalau jadi,memang nak kena langgar dengan lori2 yang lalu lalang kat situ.

Pemandu yang makan jalan ni sering berlaku di kawasan Lembah Klang.Aku tak tahu la dia tengah mabuk ke ngantuk ker ape ke.Tapi masalahnya,ia boleh menyebabkan KEMALANGAN!Ini lah yang menyebabkan kereta kawan adik aku remuk sebab pemandu yang tak peka ketika memandu.ish2

Sebenarnya banyak lagi tapi penat pulak menaip..nak tido sebab semalam sibuk study, rupa2nya test besok bukan hari ini...adoisss...


Totally teenybopper-ish

Tuesday, September 01, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Referring to the title..but who cares!!!hahaha..Look at who's on the cover of TeenVogue October 2009 issue??OMG!!!!Although I'm so not a teen anymore,I still buy TeenVogue from time to time cos' the fashion spread is great...Imagine my surprise when I saw Taylor Lautner on the cover...*swooon*.....Ooh,btw I watched the movie Brothers Bloom recently & it was awesome!I blogged about the trailer months & months ago..The cast is just amazing!!Adrien Brody(totally dapper,love him!),Mark Ruffalo,Rinko Kinkuchi(love her!!!!) & Rachel Weisz...I give it 4 out of 5..The ending was unexpected though...*spoiler*Bloom should have seen that the blood turned brown on Stephen's shirt!!