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Sunday, September 13, 2009 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Fuuh been busy baking the last 7 orders of cookies!Finnito!!yeay..Back to assignments(which is quite a lot) and at the end of this week I'll be shopping for raya clothes/shoes with mama & the lil' brothers...yeay!!!

This will be a LONG post before taking a short hiatus from this blog to concentrate on the many things in my life..hehe.

Last Wednesday was sort of funny because I went through lots of medical things.Like checking my blood pressure,my BMI,blood & even peeing in the cup thing—urine test.It all started with this pain that I got on the right side of my abdomen. Sort of like a shooting kind of pain and it was akin to having a mini period cramp but the funny thing was it wasn’t the time of the month.

So I texted my mum & asked her what could it be & she thought I better go & see the doc since it could be appendicitis. In my head I was like noooooooooooooo..I’ve never been admitted to the hospital and doesn’t want to!The worse ‘disease’ that has happened to me was Chicken Pox & my seafood allergy.

But my class was from 9.30-2pm straight.So I had to wait before I could go to see the doc.When I went to the loo between classes,Ms.Sally called me & asked me to donate some money for the asasians thing that they did with IJN(Institut Jantung Negara).Got a button & signed on the banner with a pretty pink marker.Then there was these 2 nurses there who could take your blood pressure & check your BMI.So after my last class,me &my classmates went to check our blood pressure & BMI.

Thankfully mine were normal.It was 118/84.Didn’t remember what both were but other than that it was the lowest in the chart.While my BMI was NORMAL!Yeay!But I still think I could use to lose a few more kilos.My height is 169cm...Because all this while I thought I was 165(I haven’t measure my height in a loongggggggg time).

After the whole blood pressure/BMI thing,had a 2 hour meeting for our Professional Development class seminar & after that I went to see the doc.Sigh.I just love nice people.People who are nice to others just make me go all warm and fuzzy.The doctor & nurse in room M9 at PK was very nice to me even when I was her 2nd last patient & they smiled a lot.

The doc poked at my stomach & afterwards she asked me to go to the lab to take my blood sample & urine sample. Waited a bit & I was the only person at PK then because it was 5-ish.There was this cute little girl in a peach dress,who was running around wearing a mask with her mother, one of the nurse, who also smiled at me when I smile at them.See?It doesn’t hurt to smile at others!

The doc called me back after they run the test on my samples & both were normal.pheewww.She said that maybe I ate something spicy yesterday(to which I couldn’t remember) or I didn’t take my sahur(which I did).So she gave me 2 kind of medicine,tablet & syrup.She smiled at me & I wish her Selamat Berbuka.Took the medicine from the a bit bored/grouchy looking miss manning the counter & when I wished her Selamat Berbuka,she smiled!Yeay,I made her mood better.:)

As I walked away,I remembered what I had for sahur..hehehe.Mc D fries mixed with a heck load of black pepper & dipped with chilli sauce & a Big & Tasty burger filled with chilli sauce too.Oopps. Of course I had to text my mother & told her the result but I was kinda scared that she would nag at me since only 2 days ago she told me NOT TO EAT SPICY FOOD SO MUCH.ahakzzz.I can’t help it though.I like spicy food & can’t stand bland food.eyucksss.

Afterwards,I went back to the girls place & of course I got ridicule by them for it.Siapa makan cili,dialah terasa pedas.Pedasss!hahaa.Hanna cooked chicken soup for iftar.My friends are a simple lot as they don’t need to have iftar at a 5 star hotel buffet or fancy pants places.

Besides, cooking for your friends is much better because you put your love & effort into it & your friends get to taste the fruits of your labour.Hani’s tomyam was also served along with sambal ubi kentang & ikan bilis(I ate it cos’ it wasn’t that spicy!ehehe).Toodles!!

P/S:I watched The Ugly Truth(cinema) & I Hate Valentine’s Day(dvd).Both are okay.The former was sort of an eye opener because some of the things that was said in the movie about the difference between men & women are very true although some of them are way gross & too much information.Colin is super HOT!!!Oh,I so agree with the bit about ponytail thing because I actually loathe putting my hair in a ponytail unless I really have to..haha

I thought the movie I Hate Valentine’s Day was okay but I still prefer My Big Fat Greek Wedding which also starred both Nia Vardalos & John Corbett.Nia lost a LOT of weight in this movie compared to MBFGW!There were many funny parts but I guess in a way it was predictable though the whole 5 dates theory is pretty cool!


Yaya said...

yeah..yeah agree..nk buke pose x semesti nye kat tempat2 yg besh kan..agak menyesal bile bukak pose kat tempat mahal dowh.. :(

see ya tomolo Li! :))

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