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Sunday, September 06, 2009 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

The title of the blog is self explanatory..hahah..Been baking lotsa cookies for Raya orders.Though my mum advised me to not take any orders this raya cos' she wants me to concentrate fully on my studies(yeah right..hehe) but I just can't say no to my close friends & lecturers who ordered it.Some ordered like5 cases of hazelnut choc chip & one ordered 4 cases of walnut choc chip...It's a good thing that I find baking a very therapeutic thing to do..I love measuring the ingredients & then mixing them altogether...

Into the oven
Magic!!Yummy choc chip with hazelnuts!

Last night my dad's siblings & my cousins came for berbuka puasa.It lasted until midnight!I even managed to put my makeup skills to good use on 2 of my lil cousins.The one on the left is Ika(the eldest of 3 sisters),who's 16 years old & studies at Sri Aman while on the right is Syazana(the eldest & only girl with 3 brothers--just like me!) who's 15 & studying at TTDI Jaya.I gave a pair of my Voir wooden heels to Syazana cos' it doesn't fit me.Shared beauty tips with em' & gave my creme caramel recipe that I made for berbuka to Ika.Both of them has their own blogs so I'll link em' up soon & I'm definitely going to edit their grammar..haha.

Mak Tam(Ika's mum) took my choc chip recipe which I only give to family members because it taste EXACTLY like Famous Amos.And mine doesn't taste cloyingly sweet cos' my tooth tend to hurt when I eat Famous Amos due to too much sugar in it.The ingredients are just flour,butter,brown sugar,white sugar,salt,baking soda(not powder!),vanilla essence & egg.BUT the key to make good choc chip cookies that taste exactly like Famous Amos lies on how many parts of each ingredients should we put & which one goes first...That's a secret I never tell..XOXO..:). Only a few more days before Gossip Girl season 3 premiers..Can't wait!


eiqaaa :) said...

hey sister! i found you. ehh,there is my picture in your post! thank youu :)
and thanks for all the tips :DD

perlukan pembantu? sedia bekerja sehingga lewat malam. hubungi saya. hahahahaha.

nnt if aku dpt duit nk order juga tau!

Liyana said...

iqa...give me ur blog link & i'll link u up later!

izza..hahaha..takpe aq maseh bisa...tinggal 2 orders of 6 balang of cookies to bake jer..huuuuu

missyonne said...

tedy nakkk!