Dorama:Last Friends--Amazingly executed.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

During last week Raya break I watched Last Friends for 1 day & 1/2. Thanks to Yaya who burn it for me.

I loved the series but it's not one of those happy/funny kind of series.It's about Domestic Violence and Gender Confusion.I thought that this drama managed to tackle both issues with grace.The DV part was just very brutal and shocking and you would not have seen it coming.The first time one of the characters was abused,I cried because it was unexpected and it was just so painful to watch.This is a series that should be used in Women Literature(the subject that I'm taking this semester) but I guess because there's 11 episodes so it might be too long.

There's a special episode(most Japanese dorama has a special episode which goes on for about 2 hours) but I've to admit it's the worst Japanese SP I've ever watched & I've watched quite a lot--my fave SP are Hanazakarino,Proposal Daikusen,Nodame Cantabile--4 hours!I won't reveal much about this series because I want you guys to watch it for yourselves.But the DV scenes will shock you.Be warned!


Anonymous said...

da tgk~~

Liyana said...

besh x bg ko??hehe
but the special mmg xbesh..xpyh ade pun xpe..haha
terkezut aq dgn DV die...dgn muke belasah awek xde perasaan langsung..terer giler berlakon..he won lots of awards for it!

Anonymous said...

yup..i also crying when i watched this movie..cayalah pengarah die..hehehe

Liyana said...

mmg time die kene belasah dgn boyfren,i nangis sbb terkejut..huhu
isu2 yg die ketengahkan laen dr drama2 jepun yg laen..huhu