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Before everything else,today I went to lunch with Yaya at SACC & you won't believe what happened!Someone STOLE a bag from the Guess store & there wasn't any alarm going off.We were on our way to eat when we saw like 3 security guards in the Guess store.The expression of the salesgirl was EXACTLY like what happened to me 2 weeks ago.DISBELIEF.She promptly close the store because she was the only one there.

Can you believe it that someone had the guts/nerve to walk into the Guess store,took the bag & just walkout eventhough it's like near the entrance & there's security guards there?Sadly there's no CCTV in the Guess store,I think.I pity the girl because she was manning the store alone(I'm sure her partner went out or something) & she'll probably have to payback for the stolen bag.

I guess the girl was probably behind the counter & didn't notice it until it was too late.More and more theft cases are happening in Shah Alam.The police seriously need to buckle up & people should really install CCTV in their stores---TESCO sek 13(not Extra) should take note!

These past few weeks of good eats has resulted in me getting some undesirable reactions from my aunt and friends.No,they won't say that I look like a hippo,though in my mind,I look like a mini hippo.hahaha.It's just that my oval shaped face has become more round these days.Thus,to clarify why this happened,I'll list down the food that I ate for this past 1 week although I can't list what I ate on what day cos' I don't effing remember..:)

Pizzahut=3 slice


McDonalds=big mac set--ughhh the calories!

Baskin Robbins=I went there 3 times this week!!!All because of Cherries Jubilee.

Secret Recipe cakes=Butterscotch(according to my mum it's a new flavor--though I didn't go so I've no idea if the name of the cake is right) & Classic Cheese

Rice=4 times or more in 7 days---arggghhh---blame my mum for making sambal tumis petai,fried fish & yada2.

Open houses(6 in total)=which means lemang,rendang,nasi minyak..blah222

My mum's beef & chicken rendang which finished on Thursday or was it Friday?

Various kuih raya.

But I think the culprit for the recent shift of my face shape is rice & beef rendang.I think up until Thursday,I ate beef rendang EVERYDAY!*GULP*

Talking about food,Big Apple has all new flavors & only 6 or was it 5 doughnuts flavor from the previous old flavor were retained.I bought the cherry one..forgot it's name.

Hey,this is my 403 posts---that's a lot & this blog was set up in 2006 & was abandoned for a year or so..hahaha


.napisah. said...

yana!! hihi selamat hari raya. maaf zahir batin ya. muah!!100x *harap2 ko tak marah sbb aku lambat wish.hehe* muah lagi 100x

beb, ni link ke blog baru aku. haha.

Liyana said...

napisah???sape tuh??hahaha
xpe babe,aq paham ko tgh besh2 bercuti setelah 3 bulan memerah keringat & bersabar nak mamps..hehe

okays nanti aq link!

Yaya said...

mmg agak terkejut..I wonder why shopping mall like that x equip ngan cctv..pelik betul la..patutnye dieorg aware yang we are living in world of crime..aish~

mini hippo?? hahaha~ wat lawak lak minah comel nie blue hippo dah..hahha..xpe2..mari kite berdiet..start esok? arinie kena makan nasi la beb..mak aq wat sambal ikan bilis la pulak..

Napisah-blog mu sgt menghiburkan..siap surat buat abg jimie lagi..haha~

Liyana said...

2la..peliks gils..same la dgn tesco...xde kesedaran sivik langsung..huhuhu

besok??okays!sambal ikan bilis xwajar di ignore!

Anonymous said...

beb.memang flavour baru..ak nk g try nnt..sedap tak????

Liyana said...

byk gils flavor bru yg fancy try satu jer..cherry amende semi glacier dh xde..uwaaaaaaaa