Gossip Girl 301--lots of spoiler here!

Thursday, September 17, 2009 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

Just watched/downloaded the first episode of Gossip Girl season 3 yesterday & I loved it!!!!!!!Can’t wait for the 2nd episode!!

-Nate & Bree has a Romeo & Juliet thing going on .The song when they were in the helicopter was so damn poyo...hahaha.But I am sooo not feeling Nate’s new hairdo..can you say ewww?Nate turned down that red Ferrari??WTF!!!!!!!!!Give it to me man!hahaha

-Dan & Jenny trying to get used to being rich & Jenny seems to be adjusting very well..haha Dan looked so much more buff than season 2 and that’s a lot of 100 dollar bills in his wallet. He's looking pretty hot!Jenny’s hair is back to being blonde.Heard that she’s trying to become the new queen bee this season..Interesting..

-Chuck & Blair,Chuck & Blair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!woooohoooooooooo.I love Blair’s line... “Now take your American hair & poreless skin & get out!”...hahaha.Actually I find their game pretty cool because A)Chuck already told the girl that he has a girlfriend but she still goes for him,B)Thus,Blair gets to yell at chicks who’s trying to get it on with her boyfriend .

Loved how catty Blair was in giving comments about the girls that they were going to choose for their game...“Adam’s apple?”...hahaha.I love love love X100000 the way Chuck lower his voice to talk to her & the way he looked at her..“I want you to be happy....”AWWWWWWWWW...*Swoon*

Chuck looked so dapper in his suit & with that little flower on the lapel.Plus,he lost a lot of weight & looked waaaay better than season2 & I love his haircut!Blair has chucked her headband in this episode & I love the dress at the Polo match because of the ruffles & color compared to the first one because it was brocade..Hurm,both dresses were from the green color family.haha

-Vanessa & Scott...He just gives me the creeps!Poor Vanessa cos’ she has no idea that he’s getting close to her so that he’ll get to be close to the Humphreys & Lily.Like duh,when he took a long time accepting Rufus’s handshake at the Polo Match.And what’s up with Vanessa’s god awful hair???ewwww.

-Serena & Carter..Carter is looking mighty fine(in real life he is Leighton’s boyfriend after all)!Loved both of Serena’s dress in this episode.Especially the halter one.It was so funny when Blair mentioned about her & Christiano Ronaldo...Her reaction was priceless.That’s so Paris Hilton-ish of her!lolssss.Guess she was trying to get the attention of her MIA father by getting herself into those tabloids.

*Alexandra Richards(her other famous sibling is Theodora Richards!)played herself in this episode..Looked for her in the Polo Match & it has something to do with Blair & Chuck’s game.haha.


Jessica_Lyne said...

yes babe, i share your sentiment!! Chuck looks even better than the previous seasons. he's dripping with hotness..haha. d picture u posted - that's my fave scene from this eppy. Love it!

Liyana said...

thanks jess!!hehe
omg i so love the way Chuck was talking to Blair in that scene & the way he looked at her..adorable & I almost fainted!haha

Anonymous said...

oh no!! spoiler!!!

Liyana said...

sorry kak hana!!or should i call u lecturer hana now??hehe