A not so short one after all..hahah

Saturday, September 26, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

There’s so much that I want to blog about but have no time to do so due to the fact that I procrastinated during the 1 week Raya break & have assignments to complete.Here’s what I’ve been doing:

Ate: Tons of Washington apples—3 or 2 in a day ,crunchy ones,I hate mushy apples ,stir fried Kailan—yum2 ,sambal tumis petai--ate it 3 times this week, thanks to my mum who cooked it, pizza—greasy calorific food at its finest!,rice22—diet schmiet..life is too short to deprive yourself—burn the calories later!

Drank: Green tea(loose),fresh honeydew juice--it takes 1 whole honeydew to yield 2 mugs worth of juice, tea(me loves Earl Grey!), Vico milkshake—taste like liquid candy bar...haha,water2222.

Baked: Baguette—Slather them with roasted garlic butter---wrap 1 whole garlic, don’t peel or cut, with foil & bake at 220 Celsius for 30 minutes, take out,it’ll come out of the skin, mix with butter---eat with freshly baked bread---YUMMAAAHHHHHH!!Ahhh I love starch!!—Atkins is definitely NOT for me..haha.

Watched: Mythbuster(watch the banana peel one..super funny & cool!!), Allure & Who What Wear video podcasts,

Tons of dvd movies—Imagine That(the kid is super cute & annoying), The Proposal(ScarJo is such a lucky woman to have a husband as hot & sensitive—referring to his interview in Instyle June 2009—how do I know this?I never miss an issue of Instyle,ever!), Mad Money, Ramen Girl& etc.

Japanese drama series dvd(thanks to Yay who burned them 4me!)—Last Friends(watch it people..it has a lot of good messages (will blog about it sometime)—the special episode sux though, & Nodame Cantabile—loved the 4 hours special episode!!

Gossip Girl season 3—I hate Georgina & Serena is a mess!! ,& HIMYM season 5--Robyn & Barney, Ted becomes Prof.Mosbey!!!

Bought: New pendrive to replace the stolen one, Sharpie markers in various colors—now the stack of cd’s that I burn for the car every week won’t be nameless, making it hard for me to find what I want to listen to WHILE driving--, brand new makeup everything (cos’ they were in my big makeup bag in my handbag that got stolen!!),a new wallet,some accessories from F21(wish I could spend hundreds!).

Played: Guitar Hero—it’s hard!!I’m lefthanded & still at the Beginner stage..haha,Desperate Housewives—again,although I’ve played it years ago--,Nancy Drew WAC mini-game online—can’t wait for the pc game dvd to come out.Just notice that Nancy Drew games are rated E now..cool!!Means that the level of difficulty are waaay higher..Case in point,Ransom of 7 ships was HARD but I manage to solve it!