Onto brighter things

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

I could list down all the material & branded things that was stolen from me yesterday but what's the used?I'm not the only person in the world who this sort of thing has happened to.So why be all 'woe is me'?Yaya who was at the scene of the crime was very amazed at how strong I was but I guess I got it from my mama(Will I.Am song is very true!).After the whole world came crashing down experience,I called my mum & she managed to make everything okay.She's the firm believer that EVERY problem has a solution.

She always managed to stay positive even in the bleakest of situation & with that attitude & tenacity,she always manage to overcome the curve balls that life has thrown to her countless of time.She's my rock..T_T..That's why I worship the grown that she walks on.Mama means everything to me.Thank you so much for being supportive,for not yelling at me,for telling me calmly what I should do.Thanks so much to Hanna who drove me back all the way to my parents house to get the spare key for the car & BACK!fuuuuh...And Yaya for being there & experiencing the whole 'surreal' experience.

Thanks to Makchak who actually reimbursed the money that was stolen from me that I earned from baking lotsa cookies(there were a few hundreds).Thanks to MakTeh & Maksu for helping me with the alarm & carkeys & now I got a new set of them.phewww.

But the things that I lost that hurt me the most was a picture of my parents when they were young(around 20 years old--yes they've been together since they were 18!) which was inside the purse,countless of phone numbers of friends/relatives in my hp,bussiness cards of many people..even Zizan Nin!cisss..hahaa.My library card which I can still photocopy 90+pages of journal!!!arggh...I guess there's a reason for all of this.Maybe to show me to not be dependent on material things?Maybe I'll be getting a wonderful guy??ahahhhhaaaahahah..

I'm looking forward for the weekend.I just bought a bunch of dvd's today while duplicating the car key.Can you believe it that there's A FIFTH BRING IT ON movie??And that I have ALL OF THEM??hahahaha..LOSER!Yes,I bought the latest Bring it On movie,which is Bring it On:Fight to the Finish & also,Wizards of Waverly Place the movie---I heart Selena Gomez & don't mind she that she dates Taylor Lautner--ooh how hot is he during recent VMA'S???

Oh can you believe Kanye???Poor Taylor she looked so 'blur' & dumbfounded.Beyonce was so nice to give her the chance to continue her speech when Beyonce won Video of the year.Kanye is just too much drama!I lover Taylor's subway performance of You Belong With Me that I download it & she looked so pretty in her red dress,lips & nails!!Red everything!

Leighton Meester is on the Best Dress list during VMA at Popsugar..she looked awesome!I love the West Side Story vid that she did with Cobra Starship for the VMA Side Story.I'm such a big fan of hers that I've download all the tv interviews that she did from Ellen,Letterman to The View.She's so pretty!


bareessence said...

my pleasure dear...
thank God that some of the things are settled...n be positive,there'll always have the brighter side of everything k..