Tuesday, September 08, 2009 Liyana Hanim 6 Comments

I would gladly spend all of my raya clothes money on this pair of shoe...GLADLY!BUT....ferthere's none in my size!!!&^%$@#&*&!!
I'm a size 8 & am a HUGE shoe freak...Like my parents told my relatives..I'm a mini Imelda Marcos in the making...hehe..
RM420 for a pair of shoe as lustful as this.It's Christian Louboutin man--though I've no effing idea if it's ori or not but they claim you'll get a Christian Louboutin dustbag&shoebox!!!!!There's 3 pairs of different sizes each so you guys out there who's not a size 8(damn u big feet!!),go & get it HERE.I'll get my shoe fix at Wondershoe instead..sigh...:(


Hafriz said...

ingatkan psl ape tadi

Moja Amin™ said...

ma kaih. aku dah masuk blog tu. banyak gila macam CL!!!!!

And they are all sexyyyyy! Liyana, get one of those CLs biar pirate pon tak pe!!
i love the blood red base heels liddat!

kalo ko pakai liyana..... fuuuuuuhh!

Liyana said...

amboi hafriz,hang bila tajuk blog aq kontroversi bru nk kasi komen ek???ish22

Liyana said...

mojajajaja...i've bought their shoes like months ago kot!!saje je xlink kat cni sbb nanti habisla kasot2 yg aq nk!huwaaaa

i've bought 3 pairs,they COD with me & they gave me a free gift & i've their hp num..if aq nk kasot,msg jer!hehe

frm d 3 shoes tat i bought frm em',one of em' is the one tat u said like the ones Katy Perry wore in Thinking of you vid tuh...huhu

maybe I'll buy a pair but I dunno which one yet..the last time i did,although i used the money tat i got from translation,my mum bising2 cos' i spend like 300+ on shoes...hehehehehe

Yaya said...

Hafriz ngek!!! hahahah~

weh Li, ko bukan shoe freak a..oki la tuh..molek nie baru shoe freak..saiz 10 beb! mak aq mengeluh kalo nk belikan kasut haha~

anwarjauhari said...

huhu..aku pakai selipar jepun je raya...