Raya 2009 & old songs from my old laptop!

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The day before Raya & the day before the day before Raya(r u confused??haha) was spent by me & my family buying Raya stuff like clothes,cookies and such. The night before Raya,after having iftar at Mak Lang’s house ,me & my family went to PKNS for some last minute shopping stuff & it was packed like sardines. It was hard to even walk among the throngs of people. Sadly because my old hp has been stolen (along with a lot of other things),I couldn’t take any pictures of the super cute cookies. They were shaped like strawberry ,mushroom, corn and many more cute shapes. Mama bought some cookies along with the mushroom shaped ones in pink because I like em’.Anyway,pretty cookies are for decoration not for eating..hahaha.I kid!

The first day of Raya was spent with relatives from both sides of the family and it involves lots of super delicious but calorific food like beef & chicken rendang,kuah kacang,lemang,ketupat,ayam masak merah,briyani ayam,masak lodeh,various cookies,beehoon & so many more.It was also fun when me & my cousins from my mum’s side(on my dad’s side,I’m the oldest cousin, so I’m closer with the ones on my mum’s side)gossiped and reminiscence about our younger days. Funnily although I lugged around my dad’s huge ass camera,I forgot,or rather all of us forgot to take any pictures. Blame the lemang for making us all feeling very sleepy.Pak Uda(my dad’s younger brother) who came with his family from Terengganu stayed over for a night at our house.

The 2nd day of Raya,my family & I along with my dad’s siblings & their family went to Banting to visit my dad’s late parents relatives there. The last time we went there was years ago back when my paternal grandmother was still alive.I remembered that the relatives there, instead of serving us the normal Raya fare, served us lots of huge prawns that were fried & dipped with sauces. Delicious! Back then my allergies weren’t as severe as they are now. So when we went there this year,they serve us a delicious lunch which consists of prawns ,fishes & some Javanese dishes. I ate the sweet & sour bawal fish( I love a good sweet & sour fish dish!) & a few prawns to avoid scratching myself by night time. There was tempe so I was very happy.haha.

My old Compaq laptop has been fixed & my younger brother will use it for his studies. Thankfully, all of the documents in the laptop are still there! Because before this my dad said that his friend told him the stuff in the hard drive got deleted..I guess he didn’t really know what he was doing. So now in my Vaio,I have 1266 songs because in my old laptop there were 617 songs that I haven’t listened to in 2 years(yes that’s how long the laptop haven’t been fixed!)!My taste in music is pretty eclectic & ran the gamut from pop to rock to alt to classic to just plain weird music.hahaha.

Some of the singers/bands that I have forgotten about & have been hibernating in defunct-now-back-again- laptop are(in alphabetical order since I’m looking at my iTunes):

1)The Afters-Beautiful Love is pretty good.

2)Agnes Monica-I still listened to her songs even when my old laptop went kaput but I forgot about songs like Kau Yang Kucinta,Tanpa Kekasihku & Dan tak mungkin—excellent vocals on all songs.

3)Albert Hammond Jr—Back then(2 years ago)he was engaged to one of The Pierces girls(which made me listen to them 2 years ago too..not anymore..haha) but now of course he’s engaged to Agyness.I love the song In Transit.

4)Architecture in Helsinki—Such a fun group of people making fun music.I love their Scissor Paper Rock & It 5(the part where they shout ‘It’s 5!’..haha) song.

5)Bardot—Oooh,remember the reality tv show that discovered them?As a teen I was obsessed over that show & I love the song Poison,I should’ve never let you go & These Days.

6)Bell X1—I love the song Beautiful Madness & In Every Sunflower.

7)Better than Ezra—Listen to Juicy & you’ll be feeling like catwalking!

8)Billie Holiday—Of course I listened to ‘Someone to watch over me’.

9)Bobby Darin—I love him!!!Especially the song ‘Don’t rain on my parade’ with the opening line---Hey world,here I am!

10)Bone thugs n’ harmony—The song ‘take the lead’makes you wanna dance y’all!haha

11)Butterfly Boucher—How cool is her name right?I love ‘A bitter song’ ,never leave your heart alone & I can’t make me.

12)Citizen Cope-listen to Sideways..amazing guitar!

13)Damien Rice—A guy that I was close with back then recommended me to listen this singer.I love Blowers Daughters..so sad & beautiful..

14)David Sides—I remembered I saw his vid on youtube & was blown away & tried to download all of his works & managed to.

15)Death Cab for cuties—I was influenced by Adam Brody & a super senior of mine.I of course loved the song Soul Meets Body..I still love the song!

16)John Mayer—I remembered my senior,Kak Ana(or now everyone knows her as the famous Ana Rafalli) being obsessed with him & was over the moon when she saw him play in Japan. I totally forgot about the song ‘I’m gonna find another you’ these past 2 years & now I’m listening to it again & again.

17)Michelle Featherstone—That’s why when my friends were listening to her song that had the cute lyrics,I thought her name sounded so familiar.Turns out I had been listening to her years ago & forgot that I love the song We are Man & Wife and Coffee & Cigarettes.

18)Mozella—A senior of mine reviewed one of her songs on her FB recently & I suddenly remembered that I used to listen to her!Checking the long list of old songs on my old laptop,my fave had to be the song Messiah.

19)Paulo Nutini—I love his voice & the songs Last Request,These Streets & Million Faces.

20)Regina Spektor—Of course I have never stopped listening to her since these 5 years cos’ I am one of her biggest fan but I totally forgot that I had songs like ‘Reading time with pickle’(
which I’m listening while blogging this).

21)Ritchie Valens—I remembered watching the movie La Bamba when I was a kid & being so affected by it cos’ he died!I watched the movie a few years ago & I was still sad that both he & Buddy Holly died in that plane crash.I of course,duh,love the song La Bamba & Come on,let’s go.

22)Rosemary Clooney—listen to Mambo Italiano!!

23)Ryan Adams—Yes it’s Ryan,not Brian okay.I love the song Amy & Come pick me up.

24)The Shirelles—Listen to the song One Fine Day & Please Mr.Postman..They’re so much fun!

There’s many more but I’m getting tired of typing,have assignments to complete,have to help my brother convert some video files,have a girly day out/sleepover with the young cousins..huhu..A full week!!!Toodles!!


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