Totally teenybopper-ish

Tuesday, September 01, 2009 Unknown 0 Comments

Referring to the title..but who cares!!!hahaha..Look at who's on the cover of TeenVogue October 2009 issue??OMG!!!!Although I'm so not a teen anymore,I still buy TeenVogue from time to time cos' the fashion spread is great...Imagine my surprise when I saw Taylor Lautner on the cover...*swooon*.....Ooh,btw I watched the movie Brothers Bloom recently & it was awesome!I blogged about the trailer months & months ago..The cast is just amazing!!Adrien Brody(totally dapper,love him!),Mark Ruffalo,Rinko Kinkuchi(love her!!!!) & Rachel Weisz...I give it 4 out of 5..The ending was unexpected though...*spoiler*Bloom should have seen that the blood turned brown on Stephen's shirt!!