Rachel Zoe has vertigo, Instyle nov & gg!

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Hello peeps! What have I been to? Aside from completing my last 3 assignments and sort of studying for my 2 final papers which BOTH will be next week, I have insert some family time and some downtime too...

Ooh,as usual I went cuckoo over the recent issue of Instyle(November issue) which had Reese Witherspoon on the front cover.I love the fact that they had an interview with Posh!oooh..But I was disappointed because she said a fashion trend that she doesn’t care for is ballet flats!Yeah,she walks in like 5-inch YSL heels all the time and she said that she finds ballet flats unattractive and unflattering.

Although I love Posh/Victoria Beckham,I have to disagree.I do have a collection of 4-inch heels that I wear for special occasions but I certainly don’t wear them everyday because walking for miles in flats are far more comfortable!hehe.But I love the fact that her favourite tv show is the Gossip Girl!!Heard rumors that she’ll be guest starring in it!woohooo.BTW,TAYLOR LAUTNER(I'm glad that he's with Taylor Swift cos' she's super sweet & talented!) will be featured in the Man of Style section in the December issue of Instyle!!woohoo!!GO AND BUY IT!!I know I will!!;)

Btw,the recent episode of GG was sort of bittersweet because Blair & Chuck are back on track BUT Serena & Blair are enemies..AGAIN!God!And,judging from the promo clips for the next episode,it looks like Serena throw Blair face down on a cake!!OMG!!Got to watch that!

Lately I have been hooked on watching and downloading the second season of The Rachel Zoe Project.I love all the beautiful clothes..:)...As I was watching all the episodes from the second season,in episode 6,Rachel Zoe had vertigo for the first time.And what she went through was EXACTLY like what I did so I was like,yeay,something that I can totally relate and actually post the video here of her being diagnosed and what the doc said because it’s so true.

This is also because when I got diagnosed with vertigo,my friends were like..what?And some people thought I had migraine while some people heard it was Virgo,as in a disease that’s the same name with the zodiac..wtf?So watch the vid below if you don’t understand what a person that has vertigo has to go through.

And when Rachel said that she feels like dying,I laughed out loud because I said those exact words to my cousin who lives with me when I had vertigo and I was like.. “I think I’m dying ” to which she replied..”Jangan merepek”..hahaha.But when you have vertigo and experience it for days,it sure does feel like you’re going to die.

Got to get back to my assignments( 1 down & 3 to go!) & final exams preparation(2 paper!)!Bummer!


Things to ponder

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The more you learn,the more you realize that there is a lot about this world that you do not know about.

The older I get,the lazier I become to socialize with others.I am pretty much a hermit who actually likes to stay at home instead of going out.Yes,weird.But I do go out once in awhile and let my hair down.It is just that this semester has been really important to me.My close friends knows why.:)

I do not know why,but I find it hard to let go of certain things that I should let go off.I wonder how people can divide their respective hearts and fill the spaces or replace it with various significant others.I wish I could do the same.It would be awesome..Maybe?Who knows.

I can sort of see now the direction that I want to take once I graduate.It's a very tall mountain to climb but I know I can do it little by little.I just cannot wait to be able to do so.

A quote that I read in a book recently that made me laugh because it is quite true.Though most guys that I have dated are nice guys,so it's not about them.:

"The ones that are good for us we find dull and boring,like Micheal,for instance,and then we pick assholes,like Russell,the ones who won't cooperate,the ones who offer us the most challenge and get our blood flowing and shit.Those are the motherfuckers we fall in love with." :)

-Robin Stokes in Waiting to Exhale-


Tired & Recent News

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Have you read the recent news or watched the news??A 3 year old died because she was sodomized & raped &beaten up by the boyfriend of her mother,a Somalian,who lives with her.The mother is Muslim.hurmph..The picture of the little girl was gruesome..A mother is suppose to protect and nurture her offspring..sigh.

The whole Pornthip's investigating Teoh's death intrigues me very much because not many people know this, but back when I was 17 years old,back when I was in the science stream,I wanted to go to Matriculation after SPM & then pursue Forensic Science.But that went bust when my Physics SPM results was tragic..Funnily,I didn't fail my Chemistry test.I was good in Biology because it was one of my favorite subject!The point is, Pornthip being here is like an Asian version of a the real-deal CSI..:P

This week was tiring what with 3 quizzes & today was the last class & last presentation.Only 4 assignments left to submit..I'm at home(parents house) & can't wait to snuggle up in my comfy bed and get much needed sleep..after I watch Life in the fab lane,of course!haha.Sadly,while I'm here,Napisah & Mak is in Shah Alam.They got here today..Miss u guys!!:(..Hopefully they'll still be there on Monday!!Wonder when Hanna will be here..Ckp soon2,xmuncul2 pon!hahaha.Okay,relaxation & hibernation time starts in a few hours..:)))))HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh Queen Bee...*spoiler for GG 306 & 307

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This post will be short too since I have to study for another quiz tomorrow & a presentation early in the morning..Man I can't wait for Friday!

The title of this post of course refers to Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl.To the avid gossip girl fans out there,have you guys watched episode 306:All About Eve???You should watch it but for CHAIR(Chuck + Blair) fans,you will be very dissapointed...Like me!sigh...WHY???

I know,nothing is perfect in this world,not ME,not YOU,not THEM.BUT,sometimes watching a couple that is perfect is like an escapism...thus,when Blair was stooopid enough to do what she did to Chuck which really angered me because really,her whole I want to take over NYU stint is reallly getting on my nerves!!!

Why can't you just be happy with the ever accomodating Chuck Bass???WHY ROCK THE BOAT????arggghhh...Now in 307:How to succeed in Bassness,Chuck is all Blair is soo not invited to the opening night of my hot new club...This is depressing me!!


Goodness Gracious!

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Thank God I'm back to normal--health-wise.Since this is the last week for the semester which means,----tomorrow I will be having 2 quizzes and both are important since both have no final paper!On Thursday I have 1 presentation & 1 quiz.Both subject however have finals.On Friday is the submission for 2 assignments which hopefully and judging by the rumours,will be extended till next week..

Anyhoo,I actually have more to blog about--duh!!--but instead I'll just post about THIS which I'm involve in for the 2nd time around!!!So to fellow UiTM-ians & TESLians..show your support!!!Buhbye people!HAVE TO STUDY!!!



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Some things can happen at the worse time possible.2 days before the seminar that my classmates and I,U8C,have been planning for more than 3 months,I got sick.On Wednesday,after watching Monalisa Smile at the fac for my Women Lit class,I went back home and while I was getting in the car,I suddenly felt my head rotating to my left,like I was about to pass out from lack of sleep.So I thought it was nothing,ate a sweet and drove home.At night,I felt really horrible. Whenever I turn my head to the right,it rotates full circle, like the feeling when you’re seasick.

I cannot turn my head to either side and all I could do was stay still and lay down.I asked my cousin why am I feeling this way and she told me maybe because I should sleep.So I slept.And when I woke up in the morning, around 6.30am,it got WORSE.I thought maybe it’s because I haven’t wash my hair, so I shampooed but it was still there. I felt nauseous & vomit the water that I drank. Asked my aunt to bring me to the nearest 24hr clinic and the doctor told me that I have Vertigo, forgot to ask him much & he was very nonchalant & was like, it’ll past in 3 to 4 days..WTF!!I don’t have 3 to 4 days!! I guess because I just felt really nauseous, I just wanted to get out of there & take my meds and go back to bed. The doc gave me an MC and I went home, puking some more when I went back---like I said, it’s like seasick all the time although you’re walking normally.

I can only take the 2 meds that the doc gave,twice in a day.So I slept,hoping against hope that I would recover in time to help my classmates set up for our seminar that night.I had to eat in bed,lying down,using a spoon so that I could take my meds,which required me to eat first.I could not eat sitting down or walked or sit after I ate because that meant I would puke again.blergghh.

Basically all I could do was stay in bed. But still that night,it got worse.I only ate like 1 nasi himpit the WHOLE day from the lontong that my aunt bought.I ate like 2 cornflakes cookies in the evening but ended up puking it again when I went to the bathroom..yes,walking to the loo made me puke too. The next morning,I woke up early in hopes that I would be able to attend the seminar that I helped design the booklet,the montage,and findthe designer for the banner and bunting---but NO.Still could not walk further than the room to the bathroom without having to lay down on the bed to alleviate the nausea.

In the evening,my dad came and my whole family was there too since school was closed. My parents brought me to the family doctor instead because I wanted a second opinion. He explained a lot about my situation.Thank God!Because I was just so confuse over how this could have happened so suddenly, without any warning. He said that now that it has happened---IT WOULD HAPPEN FREQUENTLY.Atleast once in a year.I was like..WHAT??????

He told me that there’s an imbalance happening to my middle ear,which is inside my head,which makes me feel seasick/mabuk + nauseous.All I can do is make sure that I have extra meds with me at all time.Because it could happen anytime.I was like, but all I could do when it happens is to stay in bed.He was like yes,and try to relax.My mum was there beside me & she asked what triggers it to happen,what is something eat I ate and he say no,it just happens.Great.Now I have to live with it!!!!I pray that it won’t happen again during important times because staying in bed while important things are happening or needs to be done is NOT FUN!!!

There,vertigo might seem like a cool word,but it is not cool once it actually happens to you.Not cool at all to feel like everything is spinning at all time and puking even the water that you drink.NOT COOL!!!A senior of mine told me that he has vertigo too & it took him 3 weeks to recover..3 WEEKS!!!I pray it won’t happen during finals!*gulp*...Thanks so much to Hafriz who helped me by playing the montage that I did for the seminar cos’ I can’t be there & also to all my colleagues of U8C PD class for my absence at a crucial time..sigh.Today is the 4 & ½ day that I’m experiencing vertigo and it’s not as bad during the first 2 days...I soo don’t want to go there again..:(


This just makes me freakin angry!

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Let me be clear. I don’t hate Indonesians. I listen to their songs, watch some of their movies and sinetron.I have eaten their cuisine and you get the drift.I haven’t blog about anything political or serious in quite sometime probably because lately my ‘serious’ writing has been channelled towards lots of written assignments(the last semester for TESLians grads are filled with written words that has to be completed) and the fact that I’m blogging about this,at this particular hour when I should be doing the 2 written assignments that I have to send tomorrow,show just how utterly pissed I am with this issue.

Yes,with the never gonna go away issue of some Indonesians hating us the Malaysians.I know there’s millions of people in Indonesia and not everyone of them hates us and that is one of the reason why I have never really truly cared to seriously look into the matter or blog about it.But reading a piece of news in the paper today just made my blood boil!BOILING HOT!

Did you guys know that there is this group of idiots in Indonesia that calls themselves Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat(BENDERA) that is trying to wage a war on Malaysia and their coordinator,Mustar Nona Ventura(like Ace Ventura??lols) said that from Oct9-22,they’ll be bringing their 1300 volunteers and 50 medical staff for the ‘invasion’..Oooh,’invasion’ so Alien-taking-over-the world-like.hahaha.

Hurm...why are they waging a war on us again? Oh yeah, about the whole purported theft of the Indonesian culture because of the stupid Pendet dance—which BTW,was done by the Discovery channel & they’ve APOLOGIZE about it..(eh ambiklah kitaorang ada joget lambak, zapin ,kuda kepang & banyak lagi!) and the abuse of Indonesians working here as domestic maids.I can understand their anger towards the latter, but the former...really??Are you guys that narrow minded or just plain stupid?Plus,the stories about the abused Indonesian maids are like only a handful.It’s not like EVERY Malaysians abuse their maids!!

GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!Plus, how about all those Indonesian maids who sleeps with your husband(it happened to a neighbour of mine) or steal money from their employer(THIS HAPPENS A LOT BUT MOST INDONESIANS ARE OBLIVIOUS ABOUT IT!!).

Yes I know I am being rude and I don’t effing care. We live in ASIA for God’s sake! Whereby the culture of one country has similarities with another! Tagalog has similarities with the Malay language.Malay language has similarities with the Indonesian language.Singapore has NO national language that they can call their own,unless you’re talking about Singlish, but you don’t seem them harping about it.Our food have similarities from other countries as well.But why make a big fuss out of it?

Heck even Italians would not have spaghetti today if they did not adopt the Chinese noodles and turned it into their own. Tomatoes didn’t even grow in Italy back in the god-I –can’t –remember century until it was brought to Italy by the Greeks or some other country, because I read the book a long time ago.

BUT MY POINT IS,don’t be so damn petty about such little things. Instead of bringing 1300 people & 50 medical staff to ‘invade’ Malaysia,why don’t you guys do something worthwhile and instead channel all that manpower in helping the Padang victims in your OWN country—which by the way, Malaysian companies have donated hundreds of thousands to help the victims & our armies are even lending a hand to which their plane were thrown stones at, FOR HELPING..-_- .

Or better,why don’t the people of BENDERA help eradicate the extreme poverty in your country so that a lot of Indonesians don’t have to come here & work here & be more abused by us.Okay?I have much more to blog about but since I have better things to do with my limited time & my anger has subside,it’s better for me to go. Hopefully the educated Indonesians will put some sense into the less educated or maybe uneducated Indonesians that it is better if you help the people of your own country than waging a war with a country over a dance.Like,chill!


P/S:The Higher Education Ministry have to find places in other countries for Malaysian university students that are studying in Indonesia BECAUSE quoting from an article dated 11th October in The Star, ".....Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia Prof Datuk Dr Mohd Noh Dalimin that there were a few universities in Indonesia which wanted to stop accepting Malaysian students following various issues raised by certain parties in the republic."Read the article HERE.


GG 304 & seminar

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I know I so shouldn't be blogging right now..Case in point,I've almost 6 assignments to send next week..as in this Monday...huwaaaa..But,but,but I just want to share this line in the latest episode of Gossip Girl, 304:Dan De Fleurette.I just love Chuck more & more because he's being an amazing boyfriend to Blair..But I heard that in November,there will be an episode whereby a threesome will happen on the show...ooooh that's very disturbing because the hint is that it'll be among the main characters...yikes!!

Oh,before that,today I went to the U8A's seminar,straight after my test,which was relatively quite easy to answer.Thank God because the night before,I watched 8 episodes,straight of When It Is Night,which I've been meaning to watch & thanks to Yaya,who burned it for me..Love you babe!!(xpe la xdpt lunch bersame2 minggu ni..aq pun akan super duper trooper bz..sob sob sob).

The second speaker for the seminar was Azhar Sulaiman & hearing him talk was quite inspiring because he said that to him,he's still not successful.Doesn't matter the fact that he's an architect(he just designed the KRU studios in Cyberjaya),an actor,a host & owns a nasi goreng stall..because he said success to him is having about 5mil or 10mil in the bank..wow!

There was a lot more from his talk because he talked for about 2 hours & there was a session for questions--btw,he loved the movie The Proposal--yeayy!!--because of the fact that Ryan Reynolds played a male secretary in the movie,the whole role-reversal thing which many people overlooked in the movie & just concentrated on the cliches.But if I reveal everything here,then it'll be a long post.

Plus,you guys(TESL students) should have come to the seminar today & support your seniors..Anyway,tomorrow morning,U8B class seminar starts at 8 am at Intec Lecture Hall(oops..wrong info b4 dis'..haha)..so do come..Although MY group,U8C Professional Development seminar--on Etiquette & Self Grooming, will be held next Friday,16th October!!So please come!It'll be at the same place & same time.We have great speakers,great food & busses will be provided at our faculty starting from 7 am people!

I leave you with my fave quote from Gossip Girl 304 episode,Dan De Fleurette... (Oh,I was super excited when Georgina Chapman--pic below was in the episode..even for a few seconds with her oh so posh British accent!!)

Blair: Chuck, NYU is not the Upper East Side. They don't care about Constance, or social hierarchy. They don't care that I'm Blair Waldorf! It's over.

Chuck: How can you do this to me?

Blair: What are you talking about?

Chuck: I'm Chuck Bass. And I told you I love you. You're saying I'm easier to win over than a bunch of pseudo-intellectual homesick malcontents. You really insult me like that?

Blair: That's not how it is.

Chuck: It's exactly how it is. The next time you forget you're Blair Waldorf, remember I'm Chuck Bass. And I love you.T_T

It's great that queen bee has bounced back..although I've to admit it's quite annoying with the whole I need to rule thing..it makes great tv!!

Blair: Oh, you all made it. Excellent. Okay, here's the situation. Each of us attended elite schools, failed to go Ivy and now find ourselves toiling away in a patchouli-scented purgatory. Do we deserve it? No. Do we need to put up with it? Definitely not.
Girl #1: What do you suggest.
Blair: While NYU is my garden I plan to rake, hoe and weed it until it looks exactly the way I want. But I can't do it alone. Now who's with me.
Girl #2: You can count on us!

And this one is effing funny..although it was waay before the scene above..but I love how clueless Dan was..hahah

Nate: I can't believe you didn't get that girl's number.
Dan: How long is Bree in Texas? Because maybe she should edit your English paper.
Nate: Oh, I'm sorry. I just expected more game from the guy who dated Serena van der Woodsen.
Dan: There she is. That's Kate. That's the girl I'm talking about, she's right there.
Nate: [sees it's Olivia Burke] That girl? That's ... a ... sign. That you should go ask her out!





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Although I have bajillion assignments to complete--mostly lots of write up + CALL Courseware to create + U8C Professional Development class Etiquette & Self Grooming Seminar next week...woohoooo...I have like almost 10 things to complete during this 2 week!!crazzy!!BUT,you have to take a break once in a while & this video below, to me,was just so funny(Elijah's laugh alone was funny!) that I just have to blog about it..:)..Enjoy!


This is funny!!!Elijah has a great laugh..hahaha

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Busy weekend + Ryan Reynolds/ScarJo on SNL

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Me & my lil' cousins(I'm the eldest cousin on my dad's side of the family..huhu)
*She cooked some of the food for Chu's open house(her sister).

Last Saturday my dad's younger sister had an open house and it started at 11 am(for the family members).Thus,I wasn't able to go to Yaya's house which most of my friends went to..sob sob sob.But nonetheless,it was a very busy day as we had to help Chu(my aunt) with the food and all..hahaha(inside joke).Planned a BBQ thingy with Mak Tam & her family for the upcoming school holiday.At Chu's house the were various types of lauk with rice,soto ayam, lontong,various desserts from pudding,kuih muih and many more.

We were there until 3pm or so and had to go to Dad's friend house in Putra Heights,Uncle Rashidi.Spend like 4 hours there where dad proceeded to embarass me in front of Uncle Rashidi's 2 sons,one who's my age,about the fact that any guy who wishes to be my husband has to go through his 'parang',that I can only get married when I'm 29(which I'm glad but Auntie Yati said I'll be too old by then..haha) and blah blah blah...with Uncle Rashidi adding more things to it.-_-..We ate curry noodles and pudding at their house.

Afterwards went to Summit USJ to buy some stuff..yes,me & my mum in our respective baju kurung,went to Summit,at night..hahaha.Ate McD there...haiyaaaa...I ate a lot that day!!!arggh...I so don't have any will power..:)


InStyle October 2009

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I know,I know,why would I blog about a magazine issue?But this is just not ANY magazine like Cleo..eeekk..This is InStyle,THE fashion magazine,that I swear I have read since I was 15 years old and it can be proven by the stacks of it that I still keep because I feel so reluctant to throw them out because of the brilliance of each issue.Sigh.If only in some way,in a few years,I can land a job in the magazine...Wouldn’t that be a dream?

The reason I’m dedicating this post for the October issue(with Drew Barrymore on the cover) because there are lots of things that made me so happy reading it.First,they covered the clothes that Leighton & Blake wore in Gossip Girl this season.Guess what?---The red dress that Blair wore at the start of the Freshman episode and the purple dress during the sushi party were both.....from the Victoria Beckham line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG!I love Victoria Beckham,just as much as Christian Siriano does..hahahaha.

Okay maybe not that much but still,that woman can walk in the highest stiletto heels and doesn’t look like she’s about to fall flat on her face.That’s not an easy thing to do!hehe.
And in this issue,they interviewed Penn Badgley(Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl) and the questions revealed a lot about Penn’s personality.I laughed out loud when Penn told that he & Blake was in some shoe shack in Jaipur,India and the guy actually recognize both of them!

The best thing about this issue was----Christina Aguilera’s tower of her house.It is AMAZING!!!Her house used to belong to the Osbournes but she had it renovated and it looked amazing.It was so colourful and beautiful and girly and sexy and....ahhhhhhh.It’s my dream house,albeit less colourful like that.hehe.

Her house was sooo amazing that the moment I saw it in the magazine,I ran straight into my parents bedroom & showed it to them---HER SHOE CLOSET & HER OWN SALON IN HER OWN HOUSE.!!!

Yes,she has her OWN HAIR SALON IN HER OWN HOUSE.hahaha.I’m typing in capital letters because I’m in awe & I would love to have my own hair salon in my own house too and of course,the towering shoe closet.hehehe.My mum was like,if you have the money why not?Sigh...Yes,that’s the big problem..hehehe.


Gossip Girl 302 & 303 recaps +304 spoiler

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Episode 302: The Satan’s Back or The Freshman

No,that’s not the title of the second episode of the 3rd season of Gossip Girl.The Satan refers to of course,Georgina Sparks.Can you say ewww??And don’t they have sun in the States??Michelle/Georgina seriously needs some bronzer or Mystic tan or something.Dan & Vanessa---forgive Georgina???Bad mistake!Serena is a trainwreck just like Chuck says..Good God!I hate,hate,hate the way Georgina is kissing Vanessa’s ass & humiliating Blair like that.Hurmpph!
Nevermind,the Queen Bee will always prevail! And OMG—they played Good Girls Go Bad in this episode!!heeeeeeee..
It was funny when Blair was talking to one of Dan’s friend,the part where Leighton(Blair) was singing in the song,came out!!haha..I hate it even more when Georgina said to Dan that she’s ‘looking’ out for him..like..wtf????How can Blair snubbing Dan back in highschool compare to what Georgina did pretending to be someone else & kissing Dan & blackmailing Serena?

Okay,I’m sorry but couldn’t they find other people to play Bree??The more I see it,Joanna & Chace so does not look good together!

What the f&^% is wrong with Serena???For once Chuck is becoming RESPONSIBLE & MATURE & she just had to be the bitch and ruin it???arggghhh...I really really feel for once that I wish I could slapped Serena during that scene...

The look on Georgina’s face when Blair brought the Christian choir & past everyone pamphlets was just PRICELESS!!!Dan ruin Blair’s moment by defending Satan aka Georgina instead.ewww.C’mon Dan!

Thank god the episode ended on a more sweet note when Blair went to Chuck’s place..and when she ask if he’s okay,and he replied ‘I am now’ and kissed her hand!!awwwwwwwwwwwww

Fashion-wise:I loved Blair red dress + tons of pearls at the start of the episode.The purple dress that she wore for her sushi party was pretty too..I loved her hair when she was wearing the coral ruffled top,pulled back in a headband. Dan of course threw away the headband that she wore with the flowy top, before the party started.hahaha.

Episode 303:The Lost Boy

-Dan & Georgina...ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.Super duper trooper ewwwwww!Blair’s reaction when she caught them in the act,was just so funny.. “I’m wearing gloves but I still want to wash my hands!”.I love it when Blair told Dan that going from Serena to Georgina is definitely a trade down,not up!

-Scott sort of tell the truth to Rufus..Whatever,he’s so not important in GG!

-I loved Serena’s line in this episode.When she told Dan to watch for ice picks under the bed whenever he’s with Georgina.Or when told Blair that she & Chuck “Are the 2 most damaged and self-centered people I know.”... “Well,2 wrongs make a twisted a right”

I loved when she told Georgina off...“Well if you keep pushing her(Blair),she’ll push back .And when she does,I will be right behind her.Now we’ve had enough of you for tonight.” Rawwrrrrr.
-How effing cute is it when Blair & Chuck tried to outbid each other over the pic?They had many great lines in this episode!And the whole Blair hasn’t had sex with Chuck in 5 days thing?lolssss..

Blair:I can’t believe you used sex to distract me---hahaha
It was so cute when Chuck was like.. “She stole my shoes?”

Or when Chuck’s super cute smile/smirk when Blair said “Consider them prisoners of war”(referring to Chuck’s Bottega’s shoes).

Blair is such a good girlfriend to Chuck when she gave him the photo.. “You're enormously stubborn pain in the ass...lolsss or when she said “I believe in you”..T_T

I loved2 the last scene..
B:How can you be so sure?
C:Because you believe in me..T_T

*Blair soo need to lose the whole hair in a bun look,which she wore in various ways throughout the whole episode, because it does not look good on her as it makes her looked older and emphasize her chubby cheeks from the side.I prefer her hair in loose curls or straight.*
*SPOILER*Episode 304: “Dan de fleurette”

Finally, the new member of the GG cast,HILARY DUFF as Olivia, who’s an actress—(aka Dan’s new love interest..hopefully no more Georgina & Dan??) will be in this episode& so will TYRA BANKS--as Ursula,Olivia’s co-star. The BIG question is,will Serena ever go to college because she’s working with Ursula in the episode..But then again,like Chuck said,both of them are rich enough to not have to go to college.What the heck is up with Chuck teaming up with Jenny???Can’t wait to watch it next week!!!!!!!!!!!!