Busy weekend + Ryan Reynolds/ScarJo on SNL

Tuesday, October 06, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Me & my lil' cousins(I'm the eldest cousin on my dad's side of the family..huhu)
*She cooked some of the food for Chu's open house(her sister).

Last Saturday my dad's younger sister had an open house and it started at 11 am(for the family members).Thus,I wasn't able to go to Yaya's house which most of my friends went to..sob sob sob.But nonetheless,it was a very busy day as we had to help Chu(my aunt) with the food and all..hahaha(inside joke).Planned a BBQ thingy with Mak Tam & her family for the upcoming school holiday.At Chu's house the were various types of lauk with rice,soto ayam, lontong,various desserts from pudding,kuih muih and many more.

We were there until 3pm or so and had to go to Dad's friend house in Putra Heights,Uncle Rashidi.Spend like 4 hours there where dad proceeded to embarass me in front of Uncle Rashidi's 2 sons,one who's my age,about the fact that any guy who wishes to be my husband has to go through his 'parang',that I can only get married when I'm 29(which I'm glad but Auntie Yati said I'll be too old by then..haha) and blah blah blah...with Uncle Rashidi adding more things to it.-_-..We ate curry noodles and pudding at their house.

Afterwards went to Summit USJ to buy some stuff..yes,me & my mum in our respective baju kurung,went to Summit,at night..hahaha.Ate McD there...haiyaaaa...I ate a lot that day!!!arggh...I so don't have any will power..:)