Goodness Gracious!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 Unknown 2 Comments

Thank God I'm back to normal--health-wise.Since this is the last week for the semester which means,----tomorrow I will be having 2 quizzes and both are important since both have no final paper!On Thursday I have 1 presentation & 1 quiz.Both subject however have finals.On Friday is the submission for 2 assignments which hopefully and judging by the rumours,will be extended till next week..

Anyhoo,I actually have more to blog about--duh!!--but instead I'll just post about THIS which I'm involve in for the 2nd time around!!!So to fellow UiTM-ians & your support!!!Buhbye people!HAVE TO STUDY!!!


bareessence said...

alhamdulillah dear!

GoDdEsS M said...

whoa willow!! hehe. cute title. good luck for that dear, and good luck for finals! :)