Gossip Girl 302 & 303 recaps +304 spoiler

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Episode 302: The Satan’s Back or The Freshman

No,that’s not the title of the second episode of the 3rd season of Gossip Girl.The Satan refers to of course,Georgina Sparks.Can you say ewww??And don’t they have sun in the States??Michelle/Georgina seriously needs some bronzer or Mystic tan or something.Dan & Vanessa---forgive Georgina???Bad mistake!Serena is a trainwreck just like Chuck says..Good God!I hate,hate,hate the way Georgina is kissing Vanessa’s ass & humiliating Blair like that.Hurmpph!
Nevermind,the Queen Bee will always prevail! And OMG—they played Good Girls Go Bad in this episode!!heeeeeeee..
It was funny when Blair was talking to one of Dan’s friend,the part where Leighton(Blair) was singing in the song,came out!!haha..I hate it even more when Georgina said to Dan that she’s ‘looking’ out for him..like..wtf????How can Blair snubbing Dan back in highschool compare to what Georgina did pretending to be someone else & kissing Dan & blackmailing Serena?

Okay,I’m sorry but couldn’t they find other people to play Bree??The more I see it,Joanna & Chace so does not look good together!

What the f&^% is wrong with Serena???For once Chuck is becoming RESPONSIBLE & MATURE & she just had to be the bitch and ruin it???arggghhh...I really really feel for once that I wish I could slapped Serena during that scene...

The look on Georgina’s face when Blair brought the Christian choir & past everyone pamphlets was just PRICELESS!!!Dan ruin Blair’s moment by defending Satan aka Georgina instead.ewww.C’mon Dan!

Thank god the episode ended on a more sweet note when Blair went to Chuck’s place..and when she ask if he’s okay,and he replied ‘I am now’ and kissed her hand!!awwwwwwwwwwwww

Fashion-wise:I loved Blair red dress + tons of pearls at the start of the episode.The purple dress that she wore for her sushi party was pretty too..I loved her hair when she was wearing the coral ruffled top,pulled back in a headband. Dan of course threw away the headband that she wore with the flowy top, before the party started.hahaha.

Episode 303:The Lost Boy

-Dan & Georgina...ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.Super duper trooper ewwwwww!Blair’s reaction when she caught them in the act,was just so funny.. “I’m wearing gloves but I still want to wash my hands!”.I love it when Blair told Dan that going from Serena to Georgina is definitely a trade down,not up!

-Scott sort of tell the truth to Rufus..Whatever,he’s so not important in GG!

-I loved Serena’s line in this episode.When she told Dan to watch for ice picks under the bed whenever he’s with Georgina.Or when told Blair that she & Chuck “Are the 2 most damaged and self-centered people I know.”... “Well,2 wrongs make a twisted a right”

I loved when she told Georgina off...“Well if you keep pushing her(Blair),she’ll push back .And when she does,I will be right behind her.Now we’ve had enough of you for tonight.” Rawwrrrrr.
-How effing cute is it when Blair & Chuck tried to outbid each other over the pic?They had many great lines in this episode!And the whole Blair hasn’t had sex with Chuck in 5 days thing?lolssss..

Blair:I can’t believe you used sex to distract me---hahaha
It was so cute when Chuck was like.. “She stole my shoes?”

Or when Chuck’s super cute smile/smirk when Blair said “Consider them prisoners of war”(referring to Chuck’s Bottega’s shoes).

Blair is such a good girlfriend to Chuck when she gave him the photo.. “You're enormously stubborn pain in the ass...lolsss or when she said “I believe in you”..T_T

I loved2 the last scene..
B:How can you be so sure?
C:Because you believe in me..T_T

*Blair soo need to lose the whole hair in a bun look,which she wore in various ways throughout the whole episode, because it does not look good on her as it makes her looked older and emphasize her chubby cheeks from the side.I prefer her hair in loose curls or straight.*
*SPOILER*Episode 304: “Dan de fleurette”

Finally, the new member of the GG cast,HILARY DUFF as Olivia, who’s an actress—(aka Dan’s new love interest..hopefully no more Georgina & Dan??) will be in this episode& so will TYRA BANKS--as Ursula,Olivia’s co-star. The BIG question is,will Serena ever go to college because she’s working with Ursula in the episode..But then again,like Chuck said,both of them are rich enough to not have to go to college.What the heck is up with Chuck teaming up with Jenny???Can’t wait to watch it next week!!!!!!!!!!!!


Izlin said...

hahahah.. i think we both have the sameeeee lines of opinions. i love all the favourite lines you highlighted and the comments on those scenes.

keep up the good job liyana! :D

Liyana said...

ye ker babe??hehe
i sgt2222 xske georgina!!!
kill her off the show plzzzzz
bree sgt buhsan & serena semakin pulih la kot...hahaha
baek gaks die kasi d pic to blair kn??
can't wait for the 4th episode!!

Jessica_Lyne said...

as usual, u n ur fab review! lurves it! :) As a Chair fan, I'm loving every blair n chuck moments. yes, Bree is a yawnfest! get a proper girl for nate already. I'm looking 4ward to d next eppy as well, Tyra is fun when she's crazy :D

Liyana said...

thanks jess!!
omg...i lurve their moments..so uber sweet,cute & funny!!
bree is a yawnfest kn??haihhh
tyra's hair looks so crazy...lolss

Izlin said...

Ursula people..ursula. nanti kena address her as U ke? hehe. not funny, i know. -.-'

Liyana said...

agaks r kelakar ape..U???good god!