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I know I so shouldn't be blogging right now..Case in point,I've almost 6 assignments to send next in this Monday...huwaaaa..But,but,but I just want to share this line in the latest episode of Gossip Girl, 304:Dan De Fleurette.I just love Chuck more & more because he's being an amazing boyfriend to Blair..But I heard that in November,there will be an episode whereby a threesome will happen on the show...ooooh that's very disturbing because the hint is that it'll be among the main characters...yikes!!

Oh,before that,today I went to the U8A's seminar,straight after my test,which was relatively quite easy to answer.Thank God because the night before,I watched 8 episodes,straight of When It Is Night,which I've been meaning to watch & thanks to Yaya,who burned it for me..Love you babe!!(xpe la xdpt lunch bersame2 minggu pun akan super duper trooper bz..sob sob sob).

The second speaker for the seminar was Azhar Sulaiman & hearing him talk was quite inspiring because he said that to him,he's still not successful.Doesn't matter the fact that he's an architect(he just designed the KRU studios in Cyberjaya),an actor,a host & owns a nasi goreng stall..because he said success to him is having about 5mil or 10mil in the!

There was a lot more from his talk because he talked for about 2 hours & there was a session for questions--btw,he loved the movie The Proposal--yeayy!!--because of the fact that Ryan Reynolds played a male secretary in the movie,the whole role-reversal thing which many people overlooked in the movie & just concentrated on the cliches.But if I reveal everything here,then it'll be a long post.

Plus,you guys(TESL students) should have come to the seminar today & support your seniors..Anyway,tomorrow morning,U8B class seminar starts at 8 am at Intec Lecture Hall(oops..wrong info b4 dis'..haha) do come..Although MY group,U8C Professional Development seminar--on Etiquette & Self Grooming, will be held next Friday,16th October!!So please come!It'll be at the same place & same time.We have great speakers,great food & busses will be provided at our faculty starting from 7 am people!

I leave you with my fave quote from Gossip Girl 304 episode,Dan De Fleurette... (Oh,I was super excited when Georgina Chapman--pic below was in the episode..even for a few seconds with her oh so posh British accent!!)

Blair: Chuck, NYU is not the Upper East Side. They don't care about Constance, or social hierarchy. They don't care that I'm Blair Waldorf! It's over.

Chuck: How can you do this to me?

Blair: What are you talking about?

Chuck: I'm Chuck Bass. And I told you I love you. You're saying I'm easier to win over than a bunch of pseudo-intellectual homesick malcontents. You really insult me like that?

Blair: That's not how it is.

Chuck: It's exactly how it is. The next time you forget you're Blair Waldorf, remember I'm Chuck Bass. And I love you.T_T

It's great that queen bee has bounced back..although I've to admit it's quite annoying with the whole I need to rule makes great tv!!

Blair: Oh, you all made it. Excellent. Okay, here's the situation. Each of us attended elite schools, failed to go Ivy and now find ourselves toiling away in a patchouli-scented purgatory. Do we deserve it? No. Do we need to put up with it? Definitely not.
Girl #1: What do you suggest.
Blair: While NYU is my garden I plan to rake, hoe and weed it until it looks exactly the way I want. But I can't do it alone. Now who's with me.
Girl #2: You can count on us!

And this one is effing funny..although it was waay before the scene above..but I love how clueless Dan was..hahah

Nate: I can't believe you didn't get that girl's number.
Dan: How long is Bree in Texas? Because maybe she should edit your English paper.
Nate: Oh, I'm sorry. I just expected more game from the guy who dated Serena van der Woodsen.
Dan: There she is. That's Kate. That's the girl I'm talking about, she's right there.
Nate: [sees it's Olivia Burke] That girl? That's ... a ... sign. That you should go ask her out!




bareessence said...

chill babe!

all the best,btw..

liyana...ade complete season of gg x? s1,2,3? ade download x? nak copy kalu ade..please...(wink wink)

Liyana said...

hanna,thanks!!aq ade 6 written assignments kene send this week!!!plus seminar part 8 yg klas aq punyer jumaat nih... aq ketua media plak tuh--kiteorg wat banner,bunting,montage,booklet...hectic!!

niza,season 1 & 2 ade...nanti next week aq past kat hafriz ek??