InStyle October 2009

Sunday, October 04, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I know,I know,why would I blog about a magazine issue?But this is just not ANY magazine like Cleo..eeekk..This is InStyle,THE fashion magazine,that I swear I have read since I was 15 years old and it can be proven by the stacks of it that I still keep because I feel so reluctant to throw them out because of the brilliance of each issue.Sigh.If only in some way,in a few years,I can land a job in the magazine...Wouldn’t that be a dream?

The reason I’m dedicating this post for the October issue(with Drew Barrymore on the cover) because there are lots of things that made me so happy reading it.First,they covered the clothes that Leighton & Blake wore in Gossip Girl this season.Guess what?---The red dress that Blair wore at the start of the Freshman episode and the purple dress during the sushi party were both.....from the Victoria Beckham line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG!I love Victoria Beckham,just as much as Christian Siriano does..hahahaha.

Okay maybe not that much but still,that woman can walk in the highest stiletto heels and doesn’t look like she’s about to fall flat on her face.That’s not an easy thing to do!hehe.
And in this issue,they interviewed Penn Badgley(Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl) and the questions revealed a lot about Penn’s personality.I laughed out loud when Penn told that he & Blake was in some shoe shack in Jaipur,India and the guy actually recognize both of them!

The best thing about this issue was----Christina Aguilera’s tower of her house.It is AMAZING!!!Her house used to belong to the Osbournes but she had it renovated and it looked amazing.It was so colourful and beautiful and girly and sexy and....ahhhhhhh.It’s my dream house,albeit less colourful like that.hehe.

Her house was sooo amazing that the moment I saw it in the magazine,I ran straight into my parents bedroom & showed it to them---HER SHOE CLOSET & HER OWN SALON IN HER OWN HOUSE.!!!

Yes,she has her OWN HAIR SALON IN HER OWN HOUSE.hahaha.I’m typing in capital letters because I’m in awe & I would love to have my own hair salon in my own house too and of course,the towering shoe closet.hehehe.My mum was like,if you have the money why not?Sigh...Yes,that’s the big problem..hehehe.