Oh Queen Bee...*spoiler for GG 306 & 307

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 Unknown 2 Comments

This post will be short too since I have to study for another quiz tomorrow & a presentation early in the morning..Man I can't wait for Friday!

The title of this post of course refers to Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl.To the avid gossip girl fans out there,have you guys watched episode 306:All About Eve???You should watch it but for CHAIR(Chuck + Blair) fans,you will be very dissapointed...Like me!sigh...WHY???

I know,nothing is perfect in this world,not ME,not YOU,not THEM.BUT,sometimes watching a couple that is perfect is like an escapism...thus,when Blair was stooopid enough to do what she did to Chuck which really angered me because really,her whole I want to take over NYU stint is reallly getting on my nerves!!!

Why can't you just be happy with the ever accomodating Chuck Bass???WHY ROCK THE BOAT????arggghhh...Now in 307:How to succeed in Bassness,Chuck is all Blair is soo not invited to the opening night of my hot new club...This is depressing me!!


GoDdEsS M said...

omg that episode was soooo menyakitkan hati, every scene buat sakit hati!!!

Li said...

sgtkan mawar????omg!!!
pening i tgk..
blair used chuck + manipulate vanessa
vanessa used both dan + olivia
nate used serena
carter pulak blah frm serena
and olivia does not look good in the herve leger dress!she looks like she's going to burst out of it!lols