Rachel Zoe has vertigo, Instyle nov & gg!

Thursday, October 29, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Hello peeps! What have I been to? Aside from completing my last 3 assignments and sort of studying for my 2 final papers which BOTH will be next week, I have insert some family time and some downtime too...

Ooh,as usual I went cuckoo over the recent issue of Instyle(November issue) which had Reese Witherspoon on the front cover.I love the fact that they had an interview with Posh!oooh..But I was disappointed because she said a fashion trend that she doesn’t care for is ballet flats!Yeah,she walks in like 5-inch YSL heels all the time and she said that she finds ballet flats unattractive and unflattering.

Although I love Posh/Victoria Beckham,I have to disagree.I do have a collection of 4-inch heels that I wear for special occasions but I certainly don’t wear them everyday because walking for miles in flats are far more comfortable!hehe.But I love the fact that her favourite tv show is the Gossip Girl!!Heard rumors that she’ll be guest starring in it!woohooo.BTW,TAYLOR LAUTNER(I'm glad that he's with Taylor Swift cos' she's super sweet & talented!) will be featured in the Man of Style section in the December issue of Instyle!!woohoo!!GO AND BUY IT!!I know I will!!;)

Btw,the recent episode of GG was sort of bittersweet because Blair & Chuck are back on track BUT Serena & Blair are enemies..AGAIN!God!And,judging from the promo clips for the next episode,it looks like Serena throw Blair face down on a cake!!OMG!!Got to watch that!

Lately I have been hooked on watching and downloading the second season of The Rachel Zoe Project.I love all the beautiful clothes..:)...As I was watching all the episodes from the second season,in episode 6,Rachel Zoe had vertigo for the first time.And what she went through was EXACTLY like what I did so I was like,yeay,something that I can totally relate and actually post the video here of her being diagnosed and what the doc said because it’s so true.

This is also because when I got diagnosed with vertigo,my friends were like..what?And some people thought I had migraine while some people heard it was Virgo,as in a disease that’s the same name with the zodiac..wtf?So watch the vid below if you don’t understand what a person that has vertigo has to go through.

And when Rachel said that she feels like dying,I laughed out loud because I said those exact words to my cousin who lives with me when I had vertigo and I was like.. “I think I’m dying ” to which she replied..”Jangan merepek”..hahaha.But when you have vertigo and experience it for days,it sure does feel like you’re going to die.

Got to get back to my assignments( 1 down & 3 to go!) & final exams preparation(2 paper!)!Bummer!