This just makes me freakin angry!

Monday, October 12, 2009 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

Let me be clear. I don’t hate Indonesians. I listen to their songs, watch some of their movies and sinetron.I have eaten their cuisine and you get the drift.I haven’t blog about anything political or serious in quite sometime probably because lately my ‘serious’ writing has been channelled towards lots of written assignments(the last semester for TESLians grads are filled with written words that has to be completed) and the fact that I’m blogging about this,at this particular hour when I should be doing the 2 written assignments that I have to send tomorrow,show just how utterly pissed I am with this issue.

Yes,with the never gonna go away issue of some Indonesians hating us the Malaysians.I know there’s millions of people in Indonesia and not everyone of them hates us and that is one of the reason why I have never really truly cared to seriously look into the matter or blog about it.But reading a piece of news in the paper today just made my blood boil!BOILING HOT!

Did you guys know that there is this group of idiots in Indonesia that calls themselves Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat(BENDERA) that is trying to wage a war on Malaysia and their coordinator,Mustar Nona Ventura(like Ace Ventura??lols) said that from Oct9-22,they’ll be bringing their 1300 volunteers and 50 medical staff for the ‘invasion’..Oooh,’invasion’ so Alien-taking-over-the world-like.hahaha.

Hurm...why are they waging a war on us again? Oh yeah, about the whole purported theft of the Indonesian culture because of the stupid Pendet dance—which BTW,was done by the Discovery channel & they’ve APOLOGIZE about it..(eh ambiklah kitaorang ada joget lambak, zapin ,kuda kepang & banyak lagi!) and the abuse of Indonesians working here as domestic maids.I can understand their anger towards the latter, but the former...really??Are you guys that narrow minded or just plain stupid?Plus,the stories about the abused Indonesian maids are like only a handful.It’s not like EVERY Malaysians abuse their maids!!

GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!Plus, how about all those Indonesian maids who sleeps with your husband(it happened to a neighbour of mine) or steal money from their employer(THIS HAPPENS A LOT BUT MOST INDONESIANS ARE OBLIVIOUS ABOUT IT!!).

Yes I know I am being rude and I don’t effing care. We live in ASIA for God’s sake! Whereby the culture of one country has similarities with another! Tagalog has similarities with the Malay language.Malay language has similarities with the Indonesian language.Singapore has NO national language that they can call their own,unless you’re talking about Singlish, but you don’t seem them harping about it.Our food have similarities from other countries as well.But why make a big fuss out of it?

Heck even Italians would not have spaghetti today if they did not adopt the Chinese noodles and turned it into their own. Tomatoes didn’t even grow in Italy back in the god-I –can’t –remember century until it was brought to Italy by the Greeks or some other country, because I read the book a long time ago.

BUT MY POINT IS,don’t be so damn petty about such little things. Instead of bringing 1300 people & 50 medical staff to ‘invade’ Malaysia,why don’t you guys do something worthwhile and instead channel all that manpower in helping the Padang victims in your OWN country—which by the way, Malaysian companies have donated hundreds of thousands to help the victims & our armies are even lending a hand to which their plane were thrown stones at, FOR HELPING..-_- .

Or better,why don’t the people of BENDERA help eradicate the extreme poverty in your country so that a lot of Indonesians don’t have to come here & work here & be more abused by us.Okay?I have much more to blog about but since I have better things to do with my limited time & my anger has subside,it’s better for me to go. Hopefully the educated Indonesians will put some sense into the less educated or maybe uneducated Indonesians that it is better if you help the people of your own country than waging a war with a country over a dance.Like,chill!


P/S:The Higher Education Ministry have to find places in other countries for Malaysian university students that are studying in Indonesia BECAUSE quoting from an article dated 11th October in The Star, ".....Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia Prof Datuk Dr Mohd Noh Dalimin that there were a few universities in Indonesia which wanted to stop accepting Malaysian students following various issues raised by certain parties in the republic."Read the article HERE.


bareessence said...

thank God nothing happened,yet..
i am mad reading all those news about this BENDERA and their intention towards us..malaysian should be aware about this thingy yet some of us still don't have the attitude and spirits of being one...the people rather enjoying themeselves arguing and blaming one another on who is more powerful and have the power towards the land, and not to be well prepared in facing this kind of threat..

Zen said...

my guess is that their media are the ones pouring gasoline over the semi-blind population.

I wouldn't be an issue if their media didn't encourage contempt among the citizens.

what a bunch of dickwads...

Li said...

hanna & zen..yep..what made me even more pissed of is that some uni's there are not accepting malaysian students wtf???