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Thursday, October 22, 2009 Unknown 3 Comments

Have you read the recent news or watched the news??A 3 year old died because she was sodomized & raped &beaten up by the boyfriend of her mother,a Somalian,who lives with her.The mother is Muslim.hurmph..The picture of the little girl was gruesome..A mother is suppose to protect and nurture her offspring..sigh.

The whole Pornthip's investigating Teoh's death intrigues me very much because not many people know this, but back when I was 17 years old,back when I was in the science stream,I wanted to go to Matriculation after SPM & then pursue Forensic Science.But that went bust when my Physics SPM results was tragic..Funnily,I didn't fail my Chemistry test.I was good in Biology because it was one of my favorite subject!The point is, Pornthip being here is like an Asian version of a the real-deal CSI..:P

This week was tiring what with 3 quizzes & today was the last class & last presentation.Only 4 assignments left to submit..I'm at home(parents house) & can't wait to snuggle up in my comfy bed and get much needed sleep..after I watch Life in the fab lane,of course!haha.Sadly,while I'm here,Napisah & Mak is in Shah Alam.They got here today..Miss u guys!!:(..Hopefully they'll still be there on Monday!!Wonder when Hanna will be here..Ckp soon2,xmuncul2 pon!hahaha.Okay,relaxation & hibernation time starts in a few hours..:)))))HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!


bareessence said...

dear...i've been here for a few days..at my sis'..i noe that u've been very busy lately, dats y xinform..


Its really depressing to read the news these days.

All that is happening, it does make you ponder: What the Fark is going on?

Li said...

hanna..hang mmg nk kena dgn aq!!muahaha
xpe babe..it means that all of u guys r here...cit..

noel:yes very depressing!