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Some things can happen at the worse time possible.2 days before the seminar that my classmates and I,U8C,have been planning for more than 3 months,I got sick.On Wednesday,after watching Monalisa Smile at the fac for my Women Lit class,I went back home and while I was getting in the car,I suddenly felt my head rotating to my left,like I was about to pass out from lack of sleep.So I thought it was nothing,ate a sweet and drove home.At night,I felt really horrible. Whenever I turn my head to the right,it rotates full circle, like the feeling when you’re seasick.

I cannot turn my head to either side and all I could do was stay still and lay down.I asked my cousin why am I feeling this way and she told me maybe because I should sleep.So I slept.And when I woke up in the morning, around 6.30am,it got WORSE.I thought maybe it’s because I haven’t wash my hair, so I shampooed but it was still there. I felt nauseous & vomit the water that I drank. Asked my aunt to bring me to the nearest 24hr clinic and the doctor told me that I have Vertigo, forgot to ask him much & he was very nonchalant & was like, it’ll past in 3 to 4 days..WTF!!I don’t have 3 to 4 days!! I guess because I just felt really nauseous, I just wanted to get out of there & take my meds and go back to bed. The doc gave me an MC and I went home, puking some more when I went back---like I said, it’s like seasick all the time although you’re walking normally.

I can only take the 2 meds that the doc gave,twice in a day.So I slept,hoping against hope that I would recover in time to help my classmates set up for our seminar that night.I had to eat in bed,lying down,using a spoon so that I could take my meds,which required me to eat first.I could not eat sitting down or walked or sit after I ate because that meant I would puke again.blergghh.

Basically all I could do was stay in bed. But still that night,it got worse.I only ate like 1 nasi himpit the WHOLE day from the lontong that my aunt bought.I ate like 2 cornflakes cookies in the evening but ended up puking it again when I went to the bathroom..yes,walking to the loo made me puke too. The next morning,I woke up early in hopes that I would be able to attend the seminar that I helped design the booklet,the montage,and findthe designer for the banner and bunting---but NO.Still could not walk further than the room to the bathroom without having to lay down on the bed to alleviate the nausea.

In the evening,my dad came and my whole family was there too since school was closed. My parents brought me to the family doctor instead because I wanted a second opinion. He explained a lot about my situation.Thank God!Because I was just so confuse over how this could have happened so suddenly, without any warning. He said that now that it has happened---IT WOULD HAPPEN FREQUENTLY.Atleast once in a year.I was like..WHAT??????

He told me that there’s an imbalance happening to my middle ear,which is inside my head,which makes me feel seasick/mabuk + nauseous.All I can do is make sure that I have extra meds with me at all time.Because it could happen anytime.I was like, but all I could do when it happens is to stay in bed.He was like yes,and try to relax.My mum was there beside me & she asked what triggers it to happen,what is something eat I ate and he say no,it just happens.Great.Now I have to live with it!!!!I pray that it won’t happen again during important times because staying in bed while important things are happening or needs to be done is NOT FUN!!!

There,vertigo might seem like a cool word,but it is not cool once it actually happens to you.Not cool at all to feel like everything is spinning at all time and puking even the water that you drink.NOT COOL!!!A senior of mine told me that he has vertigo too & it took him 3 weeks to recover..3 WEEKS!!!I pray it won’t happen during finals!*gulp*...Thanks so much to Hafriz who helped me by playing the montage that I did for the seminar cos’ I can’t be there & also to all my colleagues of U8C PD class for my absence at a crucial time..sigh.Today is the 4 & ½ day that I’m experiencing vertigo and it’s not as bad during the first 2 days...I soo don’t want to go there again..:(


bareessence said...

lets pray evrything will be fine and u'll getting better day by day k..


Li said...

thanks babe...:)

Take care of yourselve and well as crappy as this sounds right now , it (vertigo-puking-nausea-more puking-the head splitting migraines-puking) will end sooner or later.

Our prayers are with you in this tying times and hope that you will get better.


Take care of yourselve and well as crappy as this sounds right now , it (vertigo-puking-nausea-more puking-the head splitting migraines-puking) will end sooner or later.

Our prayers are with you in this tying times and hope that you will get better.


Yaya said...

giler teruk!I tot, biase2 jek..abis skrg nie ko mmg ade vertigo slalu la??..aish. bayk kn berehat k
nway Li, sowi x dpt teman..this week is a crucial week.xleh kemana2 pon.

btw, miss you beb! xoxo

Yaya said...

giler ingat biase2 jek..abis skrg nie ko mmg ade vertigo setiap mase la??...aish..
byk kn rehat k.

nway Li, sowi x dpt temankn ko, this week is a crucial week.xleh kemana2 pon..hhuhu

miss you babe! xoxo

JLaa KiMStER said...

get well soon! take care :)

Syud said...

poor thing! rehat byk2!!!!!!

Saha said...

First experienced vertigo five years ago. It took me a month to recover. Addicted to caffeine that led to migraine. But then I stopped my daily dose and the world never stopped spinning. Went to brain scan etc but the doc just advised me not to stop taking the drug (caffeine) for fear of recurrence.


Sometimes, rasa mcm drug addict pun ade gak...

Pray for you to get well soon!

Li said...

thanks everybody!!!i'm doing better now..dh buley drive!!!got only 2 more pills to eat..huhu

kak saha..1 month!!!fuyoooo
pak wan(our ex-senior),3 minggu cuti!!giler la...u lg lamer..
doc kat imbalance between my middle ear...BUT,time kite tgk monalisa smile--i minum--NESCAFE!!And i dh months xamek caffeine..ntah2 psl tuh kot trigger vertigo..uwaaa
td jumpe pn.rohaya die pon kate die pernah kene & lame gaks bru okay...i 1st time kene,ni bru hari ke-5..rase sakit kepala jer now..huhuh..

SweetyMya said...

liyana! do take a gud care or urself ya. pray hard. n may Allah bless inshaallah amin~~