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Saturday, November 28, 2009 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Selamat Hari Raya Haji to all my Muslim readers & friends!

As you probably know,I love to cook/bake and eat.Thus,I’ll never be Kate Moss thin.ahaha.Although I love to cook/bake,I haven’t had the time to do much of it lately,especially this semester.But recently,I made a few things that I thought it’d be great to share with you guys here.

Below are the picture of a sort-of a rocky road brownies recipe that I tried.It wasn’t a great recipe because what came out,although I measure everything right and etc,it was a little bit dry.I think I’ll go with Martha Stewart’s recipe the next time because hers never fails!

I cook pasta a few times in a month because my brothers love em’.And it is really easy to make & is not expensive at all.I think the priciest ingredient would be the spices or like lucky old me,if you have parents who loves to garden,fresh basil/rosemary/oregano awaits you to pluck them for free!hehehe.I found a way to make the bolognaise sauce easier & saves time because let’s face it,time is of the ESSENCE after all..:)..

What I do is I cut the tomatoes(about 9 or 10 medium size ones) into quarters,rip a bunch of fresh basil leaves(dry ones will do too,about 1 big tablespoon),a few cloves of garlic,a pinch of salt & some sugar & BLEND them ALL together in the food processor/blender.Instead of tediously blanching the tomatoes in hot water,peeling the skins & chopping them into cubes which takes time!

Below are the pictures of my attempt in baking pineapple tarts for the first time.My parents,avid pineapple tarts fan,loved them!Yeay!!!The recipe was a success that my aunt who came for lunch during Raya Haji,took home 1 whole ‘balang’.hehe.

Ooh,a day before Raya Haji me & my siblings & mum,went out to shop and I manage to buy 2 bags that I love.It's hard for me to find a replacement for this bag
that was stolen a week before Raya from me,with all the contents in the inside too which cost me a lot of money!!!haih..Moving on..I bought 2 bags below.Both bags got my mum fashion approval & she paid for them..Thanks mama!!Both were very reasonably price & got a discount for one of em' which is always a plus!

I love Moxx!I always wear this Paris t-shirt that I bought from them months ago & funnily,I saw a shop selling an imitation version of it because the drawings are in a different & gaudy color & there's no drawings in the back,like the original one.A t-shirt at Moxx is about rm59.90.I'm so glad that I can throw away the old bag of mine that I have been using & it's torn in places & is so uglyyy..hahaha.I've been using one of the bags while the other gorgeous black leather & vintage looking one is still in the plastic wrap & paperbag because it's just too precious & I'll use it after I 'break in' the other one.


Yaya said...

beb!!!! rindu kamu, everything look nice.
aq x sempat tangkap macau egg tarts aq..huhu!!!

Li said...

rindu kamu juga!!
nanti kasi recipe tau!hehe