Grey's is back!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

Below are some pictures from the AAR concert by Digi a few weeks ago...*All pics courtesy of Ella's cam.

Ooh,about the title of this post..I WAS a huge fan of Grey's 2 years ago and I have all 3 seasons on dvd--all when Burke was in it..when Burke left,I sort of left too..Because I love watching the dynamic between Burke & Christina that I will quote their lines..hahaha.Thus,I sort of skipped the 4th season and a lot of the 5th season too..

But the finale from the 5th season blew me over!It was a great finale that had me hanging on for more and I have to say Grey's Anatomy is back with a big bang with the 6th season.A lot of new faces and I am so glad that Christina might get a new dude in the form of the dishy Avery /Jesse Williams(whom I had a crush on since he starred in the Sisterhood 2 movie) if what she has with Owen goes bust..hey,a girl should always have options..ahaha.I kid!!

So people,do watch Grey's season 6--cos' it's awesome!!


Jessica_Lyne said...

jeles tgk pics AAR:) wish i could teleport myself to the concert! hehe

Li said...

ala jess...wish u were there too..but m sure they'll be back next year maybe??

heheheh yeah jess! wish you were here and we can go concert together!!

thanks li for the pics and update. im too lazy to blog about it :p

Li said...

tu la..atleast we went to jason mraz together rite??hehe

welcome izza..thanks to el's camera too...tat was a gr8 night!