1 Load of BullJit & Karaoke

Tuesday, November 24, 2009 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

PEOPLE,GO & WATCH KARAOKE AT GSC MID VALLEY!!I am one of the many fans of Zahiril Adzim because he's a brilliant actor,articulate blogger and cute to boot..ehehe.Read his entry about it HERE.I'm going to watch the movie with my friends right after Raya Haji so go & watch & support local movies!:)))

I’m soooo excited over the fact that Jit Murad is back on stage!The last time I saw his standup show (Full of Jit) was almost 4 years ago and that was in Actors Studio Bangsar,which doesn’t exist anymore.So it has been a long time coming!!My friends and I laugh out loud so bad during Full Of Jit that Jit Murad notice and came up to us during his show which made us laugh even harder.Heard that Rene Choi (his many impersonation) will make a comeback...wooohooo!

So people,come one and all to watch the brilliant Jit Murad & I had a hella of a good time the last time I saw his show. The proceed from the show will benefit a charity which I forgot it’s name.Price for student is only rm38,which to me is very reasonable considering the fact that Jit doesn’t do his show annually. Bring your student card to PJ Live Arts Box Office counter or buy it at Ticket Charge office in Mid Valley.The link for the details of the show is HERE.

Last Wednesday,I went to Sunway College along with Izza & Moja for the launch of Amir Muhammad's book titled Yasmin Ahmad's Films because Moja's comment on one of the films was in the book.He got the book for free too!!hish..Read Izza's review of the book HERE for details.

Raya Haji or Qurban will be on the 27th and I will be busy helping my mum cook the dishes on Thursday.I want to make pineapple tarts this time because me & my mum will always search for the best one and a lot of them just disappoint us so I thought why not I bake them myself?I’ll put up the recipe and how I made them soon on this blog.


bareessence said...

oh! i really want to watch karaoke. why on earth the movie is available only at gsc mid valley?huhuh. there's no gsc mid valley in ipoh tau..frustrated!

Li said...

huhu..tu la babe...ade reason die...bace la kat blog zahiril..heheh..maybe kuar kat dvd nanti bli la yg ori okay??hehe