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Monday, November 23, 2009 Liyana Hanim 5 Comments

Ironically, I was going to do my AE on The Appropriateness of the current literary texts. Because to me, it hasn’t been changed in so many years and a lot of it is not relevant anymore. Suddenly, I found out that next year, a whole new list of literary texts will be used in schools across Malaysia and I have to say all of them looks promising and gives me quite a number of possibility to create exciting lessons for my students next semester, when I do my practicum.

I am a bit jealous over the fact that they have drama now. It would be so much fun for the students because they get to act it out with their classmates and I have to say, the 2 times that I had to act on stage for my course was definitely fun. Thus, I am sure it would be a great experience for the students, especially those in rural areas to branch out and try acting in English for a change. Below is the list of new literary texts for secondary school students across Malaysia. The list of novels however, has yet to be confirmed.

Form 1-3


I wonder by Jeannie Kirby
The River by Valerie Bloom
Mr.Nobody--yes this is an anonymous poem.How cool is that??
Heir Conditioning by M.Shanmughalingan
A fighter’s lines by Marzuki Ali
Leisure by William Henri Davies

Short Stories

Flipping Fantastic by Jane Langford
One is one and All Alone by Nicholas Fisk



Form 4 & 5

In the midst of hardship by Latiff Mohidin
He had such quiet eyes by Bibsy Soenharjo
Nature by H.D Carberry
Are you still playing your flute by Zurinah Hassan

Short Stories

QWERTYUIOP by Vivien Alcock
The Fruitcake Special by Frank Brenman


Gulp and Gasp by John Townsend

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Syud said...

aiyah, no novel now?

but betul ke nk implement nxt year? sebab my sis pnye buku spbt for nxt year still the old ones?

Li said...

yep btul2..sbb kiteorg di brief about it bru2 ni & will teach em dis upcoming sem in school.

Syud said...

oh yeah? but still i wonder nape x bg buku tu awl2 kt budak sbb i thnk they need to read em before (as if!) haha.

pfft. now that we are too used of the old texts that the prospect of using new texts makes me shudder. haiya. kalau nk jadi guru kene la master all the stories aite?

uh uh they should kekalkan 'the pencil'. good story it is. :D

Li said...

haha..maybe dieorg nk mcm--surprise!lolss
novel ade tp xbgtau lg ape.
the phantom still stays.

i'm pretty excited actually because the new texts are better than the old ones--plus ssh the students nk google about it on the net--kene use their brains to answer the q's.

Syud said...

hmm. need to have the books and study it for future use. wehehehe :D