Movie Review 1:Papadom

Saturday, November 28, 2009 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Due to the fact that this semester was pretty hectic for me and because my schedule clash a lot with my friends—when they’re not busy,I am but when I am busy,they’re not—thus,I didn’t get to watch 2 movies that I wanted to watch this semester.They were 500 Days of Summer & Papadom.I blogged about the official trailer of the former,months ago.

Thanks to my brother Haziq,who have amassed a LOT of movies in his hard disk since he bought it this semester,I was able to watch both movie in crystal clear quality.The first one that I watched was Papadom and because of the hype of the movie from various people,I sort of had this expectation of it which I shouldn’t have because truthfully, when I watched it,I was a wee bit disappointed. It was not a great or amazing movie. It was just good or okay-lah.

There were some hilarious parts that involved Farid Kamil and Que Haidar which I never thought they could do because I guess I don’t watch tv that much so I haven’t seen both of them playing any comedic roles.I saw some of my friends as extras in the movie like Akim & Freaky..And I remember that during part 4 of degree(I’m part 8 now),my friend Akim offered me to join as extras for the movie but I decline because me + being in a film just doesn’t seem like a good idea.Funnily,both Akim & Freaky was in the same scene.ahaha.

I thought Afdlin played his role very well and he looked very cute like a teddy bear.haha.I love the Miasara song because the lyric was kooky.Liyana Jasmay to me,hurm,I don’t know why she won the best actress award for that movie because it wasn’t a particularly challenging role like Charlize Theron in Monster which she won an Oscar for.She played a teenage girl in a uni for god’s sake who have a happy life thus,it wasn’t hard since she’s being herself & many other young girls out there.But this is my opinion.If you disagree,it’s okay because everyone is entitled to have an opinion.

Khairiah who plays Mun/Ghost did a great job eventhough technically she’s just a hallucination in Saadom’s head.She did a great job and I’m still waiting for the day where she would get an award for her acting because she has played some tough roles throughout her career but she hasn’t been recognized.