Movie Review 2:500 days of summer

Saturday, November 28, 2009 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

We have been fed with endless romantic comedy movies or as they call it,romcom,for so long. Movies that ends with a happy ending. Boy meets girl, they go through some trouble but ultimately, they end up happily ever after. But 500 days of summer is not that kind of movie. I love the fact that the movie shows the gritty side of love. The painful side of it that is rarely shown in a movie. I have to admit that I have been in Tom’s situation and Summer’s situation too. Everyone in the world has probably been in the shoes of one or the other main characters.

The moment the disclaimer was shown at the start of the movie, the one that said Jenny Beckman is a bitch, I know this was going to be a good movie. I don’t know if this part was shown in theatres in Malaysia because I watched the movie courtesy of my brother who downloaded it. And then the song Us by Regina Spektor, one of my favourite singer ever, was used at the start of the movie and I was sold.haha.

The movie just reminded me that fact that you can treat the one that you love/like as nice as you can,do all the right things but if things aren’t meant to be,it just won’t.But it might take a while for us to realize it because we’ll be fixating on the fact that what did we do wrong that,that person changed their mind, like what Tom was so broken over, over what Summer did to him.It was not his fault.Like Summer said to him,she can’t promise that her feelings will not change.

I have been there when you replay all the great things that the person did in your heart and it only makes it worse .Because like what Tom’s lil sis said,maybe he didn’t see the bad things that Summer did because he just ‘remembered the good stuff’.Because we want to believe in the good of that said person and that we weren’t wrong in falling for them in the first place.I can talk on and on about this movie but I do not want to ruin it for others who have yet to watched it.It’s a great movie and everyone should watch it.


Jessica_Lyne said...

I've been hearing good things about this movie and after reading this, i'm so gonna download it. I'm pretty sure i'm gonna cry over this one, stories abt falling out of love always gets me. But it's also good cuz it keeps us grounded:) 5 stars for the review Li:)

Li said...

yes babe,it's a very very good movie..should download & keep it..:)
awww..thanks so much!
watching the movie made me able to relate to Tom although I haven't met a guy as mean as Summer was..hahaa